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So a while back, I wrote a ... call it a hack of Ghost/Echo, although it was more directly inspired by Otherkind. It was called La Familia, and it was sposta be about powerful factions knuckling under a despot.

I tried reading Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser again, and this time I realized how much awesome it contains. It occurred to me that something in the Otherkind design tree would be an excellent rule set to attach to the whole Nehwon setting. Does this excite anyone else?


  • Does it excite me? It probably would, sometime ago. I kinda got over Otherkind Dice a while ago, because of Moves. Moves are kinda like Otherkind Dice applied and sharpened, you know what you're risking, and after you roll you either get all the bad stuff, some of the bad or some of the good or all of the good and none of the bad. Except Moves can do just so much more.

    But if you're just asking how I would feel about a Sword & Sorcery Ghost/Echo hack? Bring it on!
  • Thanks, dude!
    I hear Joe Swanson of Family Guy saying that last sentence, "Bring it oooon!" Done and done ^_^
    Personally, I feel a little constrained by Moves - in that I have to look at the situation and try to figure out how to get a list of static(?) options to fit the circumstances.
  • I'm excited about anything Nehwon, and I haven't tried straight otherkind yet, but I do feel like the constraints of moves are a really useful way to insure that stuff is interesting and consequential, whereas wide open setting of dangers might leave me going uhhhhh. But I'm sure more creative and interesting people don't have that issue :)
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