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The title says it all.
I just played the Last Frontier playset yesterday after hanging some drywall, and it was a lot of fun.
I've been trying to hash out some kind of mechanics to properly capture the awesome that is Dwarf Fortress, and now I'm working on a playset for Fiasco.
I'll post my first draft, when it's finished.


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    That is a fantastic idea.
  • Don't forget to include artifacts with images of images of images of images of images of their own creation boosting their value to astronomical amounts or panic levers that flood the world with lava.
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    Included references to flooding the world with lava, already ^_^
    And I've gone back and added a panic lever and a piece of dwarven "meta-art", as requested. Good calls.

    1 family
    1 siblings
    2 grandparent/grandchild
    3 a local and his or her immigrant cousin
    4 parent/adopted child
    5 as good as family
    6 uncle/niece or nephew

    2 work
    1 master/apprentice
    2 on the same mining crew
    3 fellow tradesdwarfs
    4 doctor/patient
    5 farmhands
    6 fishin'/huntin' buddies

    3 friendship
    1 drinking buddies
    2 blood-sworn
    3 a life was saved
    4 traveling companions
    5 you helped me build it
    6 you took it away from me

    4 around the fortress
    1 seen him at a party
    2 he goes on shift when I punch out
    3 nobles (one of you is captain of the guard, the philosopher, the mayor, the baron, the Hammerer...)
    4 fortress guards
    5 did a project for him (engraved a mural, built something, crafted something)
    6 you talked at the trade depot while the diplomats did their thing

    5 romance
    1 Not. Interested.
    2 current spouses
    3 former spouses
    4 just a one-time thing
    5 human-lover
    6 elf-lover

    6 crime
    1 coin-clipper and forger
    2 illegal import/export operation
    3 lawbreaker/arresting officer
    4 Hammerer and Hammeree
    5 goblin and dwarf
    6 so, who killed him, and who just dumped the body?

    1 to get out
    1 …of this dank, awful Fortress
    2 … of my guild
    3 … of my marriage
    4 … of paying my debts
    5 … of the Guard
    6 … of a trade agreement

    2 to get even
    1 they'll all pay!
    2 with my wife or husband
    3 with the one who did this to me
    4 with the nobles
    5 with the Guard
    6 with the one who took the Artifact (see notes)

    3 to get rich
    1 killing-for-hire
    2 robbing a trade caravan
    3 on that next, big strike
    4 fencing an Artifact
    5 taking all the credit
    6 getting around the import/export bans

    4 to get respect
    1 by building It
    2 by being a war hero
    3 by getting rid of the bastard
    4 by crafting an Artifact
    5 from your family, by proving you can hack it
    6 from the nobles, so they'll recognize your greatness

    5 to get the truth
    1 about who scrapped your project
    2 about what happened to the dead guy
    3 about what lurks beneath...
    4 about who the father is
    5 about where the stolen plans might be
    6 about who pulled the lever without authorization

    6 to build it
    1 bigger and more epic than anyone else
    2 where everyone can see it
    3 and use lava in its construction
    4 from the bones of your victims
    5 when you know you really shouldn't
    6 rigged to bust wide open

    1 the forges
    1 in the heart of the fortress
    2 in the open air of the mountains
    3 what the humans call a forge, anyway
    4 at the edge of the magma pit
    5 at the old site, where It happened
    6 the one with the goblin chained to it

    2 the workshops
    1 the kitchens
    2 a guild-hall
    3 one that's been Claimed (see notes)
    4 one that needs a little air ventilation
    5 one that is water-powered
    6 one that lacks raw materials

    3 underground
    1 in a deep, dark tunnel, far from home
    2 in sight of a goblin fortress
    3 where fell beasts stalk the gloom
    4 where unseen waters flow
    5 at the edge of the magma
    6 at the mushroom farm

    4 the out-of-doors
    1 in a forest
    2 in elf territory
    3 on a mountain top
    4 on the road to the Fortress
    5 at the surface-farm
    6 on a magma-scarred plain full of bones

    5 water
    1 a river raging across the lowlands
    2 a dribbling mountain cleft
    3 a lake in the valley
    4 a marsh in sight of the Fortress
    5 on a freezing glacial sheet
    6 in a dried out creekbed, far from home

    6 a nearby human town
    1 in the marketplace
    2 in a tavern
    3 in a dim alleyway
    4 at the gate of the lord's motte-and-bailey
    5 at the temple
    6 in the shantytown just outside the walls

    1 foul
    1 a purring maggot, waiting to be milked
    2 a skull-grail with suspicious-looking features
    3 a rotting dwarf-corpse
    4 a bar of soap that looks and smells a little odd
    5 manacles with red and green blood-stains on them
    6 a pool of blood in an unexpected place

    2 animals
    1 an ox or bull
    2 a horse, accustomed to the yoke
    3 an unruly camel
    4 a rhesus macaque with sticky fingers
    5 a beak-dog, with a goblin-sized saddle (see notes)
    6 a guard dog with a taste for blood

    3 weapons
    1 a massive ax that smells of sap and sawdust
    2 a short, tapered sword, suitable for thrusting
    3 a crossbow, complete with quiver and a handful of bolts
    4 a lever that will unleash hell
    5 a pitted, battered mining pick
    6 a bloody scourge that smells of goblins

    4 valuables
    1 a gold ring, set with jewels
    2 a tankard of really hard booze
    3 an Artifact; what does it look like?
    4 a goblin-bone tiara, with a scene of battle engraved upon it
    5 a tapestry, depicting an image of an artist carving a mural of the tapestry being made
    6 a ruby the size of your fist

    5 information
    1 the Fortress trap schematics
    2 a mural, depicting a curious, unknown event
    3 a trade agreement between races
    4 the will and testament of a very wealthy noble
    5 a rumor of some wondrous, buried treasure
    6 you know who did it

    6 sentimental
    1 a dwarf-babe, swaddled and hairy
    2 a stone mural, in memory of some tragedy
    3 a tiny toy forge, complete with thimble-sized hammer
    4 a dog or cat, tailing after its master
    5 a dwarf-child, raised by goblins
    6 a tomb, built for a dwarf who still lives
  • I sense the need for a custom Tilt and Aftermath.
  • Oh, absolutely!
    To work! ^__^
  • I'll play this once you convert it to ASCII.
  • Nice! I think it needs an adamantium vein somewhere in there, though. "Mine it! Mine to the very end!" "No, you fool! You'll let the demons out!" "Preposterous superstition!"
  • Ben - agreed ^_^
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    It is awesome! But it needs more references to beer. After all, they need it to get through their working day.
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    This is super appropriate since I've lost more fortresses to dwarf-caused lava floods or demon invasions than anything else.
  • I think, somewhere in there, needs to be a reference to being "Legendary". To get respect?
  • Need:To Be Legendary is totally great.
  • How come none of your objects menace with spikes of anything?
  • Need: The Fiasco Wiki.


  • ?!??
    Google is no helps. Can David helps?
  • Are you still working on this? I am organizing a Fiasco game night, and one player expressed some interest in the Dwarf Fortress playset. I expect others present might also be interested in it.

    To facilitate playing it, I plugged the text you have into the Fiasco template and generated a PDF version of the Dwarf Fortress playset.
  • What, no elephants?

  • Nice typesetting, Nick. Missing an INSTA-Setup, though. And the main body type is... well, "unfortunate" is a term that springs to mind. "Eye-bleeding on-screen" also tends to want to tip off the tongue.
  • I just plugged what was there into the Fiasco Indesign template. All I did was find a screenshot from Dwarf Fortress and some funny reviewer's quotes and put them in the PDF.

    No Insta-Setup was provided by Zac, so no Insta-Setup in the playset.

    The InDesign template gave me some issues with the fonts. The font used is as close as my computer could get: the same font as the other playsets, but at a slightly lighter weight.
  • This looks amazing. Thanks, Nick! Well done, indeed ^_^
    As a side note, I think Insta-Setups came after my time, or at least escaped my notice.
    Nevertheless... brilliant!
  • The Dwarf Fortress playset got played tonight. Only one player of the five had played, and only one other was familiar with the game. But they seemed to have a lot of fun with exagerrated dwarven steretypes.

    I wish I could tell you more, but I was busy playing another playset (and trying to sell out my incompetent lawyer to the Mormon mafia before Jack Ruby drowned me in a motel ice machine.)
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