[B/X DnD] What should happen next?

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Hey all,

I'm running some old-school Red Box D&D tonight. Last session, two characters traveled out to Fort Chesterfield, where Lord Chesterfield's mercenaries were being mauled in the night by a monster. These two intrepid heroes went into a cave and found an ogre and a goblin, killed them both, and found a tunnel leading further down into the earth.

I haven't really had a lot of time to plan stuff. I was going to use some Purple Worm God ideas, and whatever else comes to me.

But hey, you're here reading this. What do YOU think should be waiting down that tunnel?


  • I think there should be a shrine to an under-god, covered with human blood (dried) and bones.
  • Ohhh random table rolls!!!!!

  • But WHICH random tables?
  • Judges Guild Ravaged Ruins tables!

  • or the Cheap and Cheesy Fantasy Adventure Generator

  • I like it!
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    I have a very similar location preped for my D&D sandbox, and I also have no idea what's in there.

    Here's a few possible answers:
    *A giant, intelligent spider, who sings lullabies and enchants men with its voice, leading them to ruin.
    *A ghost of a princess, murdered bellow the Keep in ages lost to memory, and her loyal army of skeleton "lovers".
    *A vast dark beast, half simian, half reptilian, made of shadow, who had been sleeping in some dark cave and was awakened by the hubbub in the castle above.
    *An golem, lost, decaying, "mad", its magical runes of instruction worn out and jumbled by the wear and tear of age, its imprisoned soul driven to a desperate, voiceless marauding, inspired by something not quite anger and not quite horror.

    Your game being B/X you can stat those up with no trouble, I guess.
  • Those are good, I'm 'a steal 'em.
    Except for the skeletons. Dalamyr the 5th level Cleric of Wisdom will just eat them for breakfast and use their bones for toothpicks. Wait, then what part does he eat...
  • Let him eat those skeletons then, and see if their wight lords are as easy to chew? Three ancient lords and generals and brothers, with arms and armor of now green bronze. I'm sure it was they who killed the princess so that no one else could have her.
  • An ancient crashed UFO, filled with mummified alien corpses...
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