Out, out brief candle - The end of Incarnadine Press

All good things must come to an end. Over the next few weeks, Incarnadine Press will be shutting down operations. My life has changed considerably in the last six months, and I have found myself unable to devote any time to game publishing. I believe that when the party's over, somebody ought to turn out the lights.

Incarnadine products will be coming down from IPR and the Un-store. I have a few physical copies of Serial Homicide Unit remaining. If anyone's interested in those, please contact me, either via e-mail, or my blog.

Kat and I still intend on running the Indie Games Explosion at Dreamation 2011.

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed With Great Power... and Serial Homicide Unit (and Discernment and War Stories, too) over the years. I'm glad we could help you have a bit of fun.

Good gaming!


  • That's too bad. Some of those games sounded good!
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    With Great Power helped bring me 2 successful campaigns full of fun. WGP also changed what I thought was possible out of RPGs. I include it among Dogs in the Vineyard and a very short list of games that helped re-spark my interest in gaming after several year hiatus.

    Thanks so much Mike and Kat!

    Also, I know Mike and Kat are very familiar with print on demand services, open gaming, public domain, and other ways to keep a work alive after they go out of publishing. I'm sure they have or will consider all their options and if they have questions will ask. My hopes is we will respect whatever decision they make and not use this thread as a way to pressure them one way or the other.

    Again, Mike and Kat, you guys are awesome and are on my top 10 list of people who've revolutionized how I view RPGs.

    Best and thanks!

  • Michael, are you guys considering having a third party publishing your games?

    I know there are a couple cool companies that are re-publishing or concurrently publishing titles from this community... as well as arrangements where friends publish one another's games.

    Cool if you aren't, but I'm just curious if that's something you're considering.
  • This news saddens me greatly.
  • Michael, thanks for providing some great games. I love Serial Homicide. Thankfully, we will all benefit from your and Kat's friendship and stewardship of IGE, but it's a sad day that brings us news of Incarnadine Press' closing.
  • Heya, in this day and age I'm hoping that maybe we can help support your magnum opus, With Great Power...

    Like, dump all the game sheet PDFs on a public share (or I could even host them on S-G from a subdir), and perhaps just "let the PDF ride" on some site you prefer: IPR, Lulu, etc. That way you can dissassemble your site, leave no expenses, but still leave room to allow for checks to come in the mail. That kind of beer/dinner money is a pleasant flow that needs not be cut off, even as you disengage with the product.

    Just a thought.

  • With Great Power...is a great game. Still needs better sheets, though. :D Maybe someday I'll get off my ass and do them.
  • Man! That's sad to hear, but I also hope this is a good change for you guys! I wish you both well!

    If any of you haven't play Serial Homicide Unit, I highly recommend it! Or if in Oakland, I'll play it with you. Michael and Kat, that goes for you doubly!
  • I hope, for you, that this is a good thing. All the best to you and Kat whatever you're doing next!
  • Sad to see you go. I realised that I don't have SHU and ordered it as soon as I heard.
  • ::raises a glass::
  • Thanks, all, for your kind words. Our life is changing for the better, but positive obligations in other aspects of my life have led me to neglect my "game publisher" priorities. I have always tried to hold myself to a standard of doing things well, or not doing them at all. The fact is that I haven't been doing Incarnadine Press well for a while now, and it doesn't look like it's going to improve any time soon. So it's time to close up.

    If things change in the future, who knows? But for now, Incarnadine is a dangling plot thread that needs to be tied off. As for the various "sunset strategies" discussed, I've considered them (even test-drove some), and none of them are a good fit for me.

    Hope to see a bunch of you at Dreamation. Announcements about IGE registration to come in a few weeks!
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    Best wishes, Michael.

    Everyone, please don't "request" that a publisher keep things going in some online only or long tail fashion. Having made a similar decision to Michael's in the past, it was exceptionally frustrating and stress-causing to hear people say things like "Oh, just keep it going, it's easy! Please do it for us!"

    No, it's not quite that easy, and there are any number of reasons not to do it (receiving emails, dealing with taxes, etc.). But, more importantly, stop telling someone in an already stressful situation how they could easily continue ... to have more stress.
  • This makes me sad; WGP is one of my favorite indie games of all time. But I'm happy that this is ultimately a good thing for you. Best of luck.
  • sad face. congrats on all the positive non-game things, tho!
  • Thanks also for the Manifesto on Mastery.
  • Thanks for the heads up so I can grab copies now that the last minute is arriving. Good luck to you in your future endeavors!
  • You guys opened up my mind about games in a lot of ways at an important time. Sad to see the publishing go, really happy to see you're still involved in IGE.
  • Something Paul Tevis told me when he stopped podcasting: Eras are meant to end so new ones can begin.

    Good luck on your awesome future, Michael.

    - Ryan
  • This is a big thanks going out to both you and Kat!
    Thank you!

    - Nate
  • Please, don't let your work become permanently unavailable because you're quitting your publishing operations. Entrust someone else with the duty of somehow "keeping" the games available (for sale, or whatever) or even digitally release them for free (which makes some people you don't know, somewhere, able to keep the works archived and downloadable after you shut down your server).
  • @Michael For the benefit of others it would be very helpful to know the reasoning behind you woudn't keep the PDFs on sale at IPR and rpgnow.com and let them paypal you the money every month.
  • Um, he already did that?:
    Posted By: Michael S. MillerOur life is changing for the better, but positive obligations in other aspects of my life have led me to neglect my "game publisher" priorities. I have always tried to hold myself to a standard of doing things well, or not doing them at all. The fact is that I haven't been doing Incarnadine Press well for a while now, and it doesn't look like it's going to improve any time soon.
  • Michael,

    I will always love With Great Power.

    Thanks buddy.
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    Everyone Suggesting To Michael that He Do His Duty and Not Deprive You and Your Potential Future Self Who Might Potentially In the Future Want to Buy One of the Games that Have Been Out for Years but You've Never Bought Them and So Now Think "OH Shit, In Two Years There is Some Infinitesimal Chance That I Might Want to Buy It So Michael Should Either Abandon his IP or Have to Continue Dealing with Management Despite the Fact that He Does Not Want To Because My Maybe/Possibly/Someday (but probably not, just look at how people freaked out over Dust Devils and Nine Worlds going out of print and then didn't even bother to ever buy the ones that Matt did leave up at IPR because it was more about feeling like we could buy anything anytime we wanted as is our capitalist right than actually wanting to buy the games) Wants are More Important than Some Idiot Designer Sim's Real Life, Because Don't we Worship the Designer and Must Not Gods Act as Magical Slaves with Vast Comic Powers to All Those Who Worship Them,

    Michael doesn't have time to deal with that shit right now, and he doesn't want to abandon his IP or his creation.

    So instead he's taking it down for now. This happens all the time.

    Not a big deal, really, so lets not get all demand filled.
  • (FYI, I bought Dust Devils because it was going out of print--this action can actually produce a final pop of sales, making sure that stock doesn't languish in a basement box or some-such. WGP will likely be bought by me, too, due (foremost) to its praise and (secondarily) to its eminent disappearance. Why don't I have it yet? Same general reason I don't have three motorcycles: limited funds, even more limited play opportunities, and I've got maybe 30 products I own but haven't play outside of cons/demos.)

    Sorry to see you go, but thanks for playing, Michael.
  • Good luck and thanks for the games!
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    I'll charitably assume those comments weren't addressed to me because, of course, I read what Michael said and, of course, I don't feel a sense of entitlement over his work. I was after his insight into why he does not want to keep the books available, other than "I don't want to," which is of course a good reason by itself. Other publishers in a similar position might find the info useful.
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