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  • On my latest episode of The Stories We Tell, I talk to Willem Larsen about language revitalization, and how games can help us save endangered languages.
  • If anyone wants to give my FATE-powered Occult Highwayman one-shot a whirl, grab it here.
  • Some interesting thoughts on the lightsaber duels in the SW prequels.
  • Google Breadcrumb is a device for building learning applications for your Android Smartphone in the form of choose your own adventures.
  • Another month means another month of posting means another month of plugging Hell Yeah, Gamemasters. Visit the site and click on the submit button to submit your own cherished gamemasters and gamemaster tips and secrets to the site. We post every week, usually on Tuesdays.

    Hey, it's Tuesday now! Why not click?
  • D&D 4E character building to become cross platform web app on November 16th..

    Will support Darksun and Essentials. But unfortunately now when you stop paying, you lose complete access to the character builder (previously after your subscription lapsed you could still make characters with the old content).
  • [DDI - 1]

    I have mixed feelings about this, but mostly it's yet another case of Wizards of the Coast botching their PR. (Plus it makes me want to work on my own fantasy RPG even more.)

    But ironically it might get me to subscribe, on account of it having convinced the friend whose account I was sharing (and a fair number of other people) to unsubscribe.
  • I got bored, I made a prototype for a noob-friendly Pathfinder sheet. It's a work in progress.

    In case anyone ever wanted to introduce a new player to Pathfinder (why on earth would you do that?) and remembered D&D character sheets look like tax forms.
  • [D&D sheet 1]
    Posted By: TeataineI got bored, I made a prototype for anoob-friendly Pathfinder sheet.
    That has a great old-school feel to it, while being somewhat...cute, oddly enough. I like. Now if only these games could be as simple-looking and user-friendly as this sheet, I would never want anything else from my dungeon delving. (Well...maybe I exaggerate, but it is still pretty nice. I'm just getting tired of all these darned talents and encounter powers, that I want to go back to basic stats, skills, stuff, and spells!)
  • RPG Maker VX is out now, or at least has been for a bit:

    So, I had been following this series since like 12 years ago, I even had the original RPG Maker 95/98 (plus Strategy RPG Maker, 2D Shooting Maker, and one or two others).

    At a glance, you make classic Final Fantasy-esque console RPGs with battles and crap.

    But dig deeper, and it's a graphical story creation engine: I haven't DLed the VX version yet so I can't confirm, but way back when the RPG Maker 95/2000 series came on CD with a bunch of ASCII-made sample RPGs, including:

    * A school horror story with very little combat, and wandering/action interspersed with pictures, live action movie clips, etc.
    * A story where you're a kid, and you find the magical land of cute Totoro-like cat people, with zero combat.
    * A short classic RPG, with less focus on wandering/slaying and more on choosing/keeping companions around.

    Unfortunately, it seems that they never carried those sample games through later versions of the product, which is a shame because it could really do a ton.

    Anyway, if you like that kind of thing, check it out!

  • image

    "The 59-year-old teacher at Ogi Elementary School in Iruma, Saitama Prefecture, apparently had three dice, one with sides marked with the words “hug” and ” forgiven,” another marked with “kiss,” “snot” and “forgiven” among others, and the third marked with “snot” and “forgiven.” Students who forgot to bring something to class were forced to roll one of the dice. The teacher has apparently admitted to kissing one boy and acting as if he would put snot on one girl. He nicknamed the dice the “sexual harassment dice.”'

  • [Creepy sex dice] My first thought was "who determines which die will be rolled?" which means that I am broken.
  • [somewhat-creepy sex dice - numero dos] Those dice are excellent! Boy, if only my 11th grade English teacher had 'em.
  • [Creepy Dice 3, as they don't really involve sex, but they definitely are creepy]

    Damn, I spent like 10 minutes looking for those when I heard of them in the initial articles. I first thought they were manufactured from somewhere.

    I love how the top one, the one with D on its side, says "Smell shoes". It doesn't clearly indicate if the teacher is supposed to smell the student's shoes, the student smells the teacher's shoes, their own shoes, or what.


    This is why the rulebook needs examples of play.
  • 10/10/10 Burning Con keynote celebrating 5 years of Burning Wheel!


    More here...
  • Fantasy map of online RPG communities, by Russell Morrissey. It's easier for you to just click on it than for me to explain it. The fake countries are sized proportional to the number of members in these online communities.

    Here's Russell's description:
    Scale: 1 hex = 1000 members. This map measures online forums (messageboards) and is not representative of market share, sales figures, shoe size, or anything else. Please also note that it represents RPG forums - I don't intend to spread into video games, board games, card games and the like because at that point I may as well just try to map the whole internet! Finally, I probably won't be adding many sites which would only be 1-2 hexes (1000-2500 members), as there are hundreds and hundreds of them.
    The Forge is represented as eight hexes of dead-tree forest on an island shared with RPGSite (which appears to be a cactus forest) and (which appears to be broken lands), near "The Indie Wastes." Editorializing much? Still, it's funny.

    Story Games is a lone island of three rich forest hexes in the Sea of Lost Souls--pretty far from The Forge, actually.
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    [D&D sheet 2]
    That's pretty neat, arranging everything around the base stats like that. Looks like you still need to fill out the tax form to make your character in the first place, but then for play that arranges things pretty nicely...I've been playing for years now and I still have trouble finding my AC when asked.

    Therefore, hopefully constructive criticism: full AC could use a larger more-attention getting box, to put it on closer footing with your base attack bonus. Weapon damage is another "look up all the time" stat too - maybe only have two weapons so you can have bigger boxes for damage?

    Something I write on my sheet is what page to look up every skill and spell, since they're all practically their own goddamn minigames. Think you have space for that by the skills?

    Is there going to be a second page for spellcasters, or do you just assume noobs won't play spellcasters?

    And you'd introduce noobs to pathfinder because...noobs don't usually get to choose what game they're introduced to, they have to play what their friends are playing.

    Keep me posted on new drafts - I'd like to use it even though I'm not a noob. jdfristrom at gmail dot com.
  • [RPG Map 1]

    The tongue in cheek references to board games and video games is quite funny, with RPG Geek attached as a wee little sliver to the BGG "shoals."
  • [Pathfinder/D&D sheet 3]

    Gregor, that sheet looks awesome! It makes me want to play Pathfinder.

    Also, "Creepy Sex Dice" would be a great pretentious indie swine game mechanic. Someone get on that.
  • Yo, hey, how come you aren't watching Terriers, the greatest show on television?

    I know you're not watching it, because nobody is watching it.

    But it is the best.
  • [Terriers 2] My wife and I are watching it, primarily because of Michael Raymond-James (we loved him on True Blood), but Donal Logue has surprised the heck out of us by being a great actor. I also like Laura Allen a lot, but then I liked The 4400 too. So, you know.

    Anyway, yeah. Terriers. Cool, understated, unfolding plot, deserves not to be canned.
  • [Terriers 3] If you like Donal Logue in this, you owe it to yourself to catch up on Life, too. He came in in the second season and was just as much a problem there, too.
  • More proof that the country has gone to hell: Caprica is cancelled.

    That's some BULLshit, right there. Smartest scifi on TV, felled because there's not enough "pew-pew!"
  • Stephen Fry gets quoted out of context, misinterpreted, flees the internet, then blogs all about it.
  • Posted By: droogAfrican-American Community Calls For New Black Nerd Archetype
    LOL, but such people already exist even outside of irony (but yeah, one in how many?): One of my heroes is Donald Glover, and it pains me that he is not going to be the next Spider-Man.

    Actually, this post was intended for more people to look up Donald Glover, and watch Community as well as his DerrickComedy stuff.

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    [LED d20 1]

    If you don't visit the link, you must at least see this:


    you are not hardcore until this guy has been your DM.

    It's also hilarious that one of the listed Product Features is Players: It is up to your GM whether you can use it in your game. What, this thing comes with rules?
  • [LED d20+2]
    Since it's an article on Thinkgeek I'd like to think they're being ironic. But yeah, you know some people play that way.
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    I'm blogging again: What the future of SD

    Ignore the date stamp. That's just when I uploaded the original draft. I published the thing the day before yesterday. No idea how to fix it :)


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    I'd been waiting for a good day to watch Ink. Seeing that they were about to take it off Netflix streaming on the 10th, I watched it last night. While it struck me as a weird amalgam of a variety of movies (Night Watch, Mirror Mask, Neverwhere, etc.), I had a good time watching it. It really makes me want to run a game based off of it (either Wraith or Don't Rest Your Head).

    [edit] I love that anything the dream people affect in the real world goes back to the way it was a couple seconds later.

    [edit 2] Upon further reflection, I only recall one scene that contained exposition. Much of the world and story was implied and simply told to me. I love that.
  • Ink 1

    I liked the demographics of the good guys vs the bad guys. Very funny stuff.
  • [Ink 2]

    I love Ink.

    I mean, there's a fair dose of... generic urban fantasy thrown in there. But, beyond the over-eager genre trappings, there's a really awesome story and some incredibly well handled moments.
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    Eero talks to Dorp TV at Essen!

    DORP TV, SPIEL 2010 in Essen, The Forge
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    A fellow on Kickstarter is trying to make an animated film of Neil Gaiman's The Price. Check out the trailer. Its quite good.
  • [RPG Map 2]

    I like the way that is near Antarctica.
  • Have Haikubes been mentioned here?

    haikubes details
  • [Black Nerds 3]
    Posted By: droogAfrican-American Community Calls For New Black Nerd Archetype
    Haven't you watched Scrubs? They're called blerds.
  • James Ward talks about various incarnations of Metamorphosis Alpha and Gamma World.

    Most interesting to me are his side comments about Gary Gygax's GMing style.
  • [Haikubes 1]

    Why didn't I know about these things when we were producing The Bones? Gah!
  • If there's stuff you want on lulu, today only there is a site-wide 20.10% off sale for Veterans Day (US).
  • The Leverage Roleplaying Game went live Wednesday at DriveThruRPG. Full-on high-stakes caper action, Cortex Plus style.
  • Please consider responding to my Happiness in RPGs inquiry.

  • Monster Licenses -- just a meme site, a way to make $5 each, or viral marketing for something?
  • [Happiness in RPGs numero uno] - Paul, can I try and answer it here? I'm not a member of Can ya start up a new thread?
  • Two new role-playing poems: The personal and disturbing "Snow", and the light-hearted "Good night, darlings". Read them at Nørwegian Style.
  • Posted By: Robert BohlD&D Gamma Worldonline character generator
    This is much, much fun. I've taken to randomly hitting f5 here at work. Makes me giggle.
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