[How to Host a Dungeon] Adventurers trashed my dungeon!

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I've been having a bit of fun with Tony Dowler's 'How to Host a Dungeon' but I'm wondering if I'm misunderstanding the rules for adventurers - so far, the first time adventurers entered the dungeon they pretty much wiped out three-quarters of the population, then died and dropped their loot on the one surviving breeder group - which gave that group so much loot the Age of Villainy kicked off immediately.

Then, end of the first year of the Age of Villainy the compulsory adventuring group cleaned out everybody left, although they died at the hands of the Liche Lord when the two groups wiped each other out.

It was okay, but a little anticlimactic. Can I check the adventurer encounter rules with anyone who's played the game before?

As I understand it, when Adventurers encounter an enemy group, the group rolls 1d6 + their population vs. 1d6 + the number of adventurers in the party. Is this right so far?

What happens when they encounter a 'wandering monsters' - they kill it, but lose an adventurer in the process in a 1 for 1 exchange?

How about Villains acting like wandering monsters? For example, I had the adventurers fight (and defeat for no losses) the Liche Lord's minions, then face the Liche himself as a 4-strength wandering monster (Liche + 3 Undead Legions) , wiping them both out. Is that right? I found the interaction of minions with undead legions confusing, since one group behave like wandering monsters and the other don't.

Help much appreciated!


  • I can't help much with your specifics, but I can confirm that sometimes adventurer groups are extremely lethal. This matches my experiences playing dungeon crawl games pretty well.
  • Yep, it does seem pretty authentic. However, having invested in some nice monster group dynamics it feels a bit blah to see them all wiped away in one go.

    I may experiment with 1d3 or 1d4 to determine the Adventurer party strength, to keep things a little longer-lived.
  • That seems pretty much par for any adventuring party I've ever sent down a dungeon. It's about killing things and taking their stuff.
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  • I think I have since realised my misapprehension. I've been thinking while playing the game about using the dungeon for a game of Old School Hack - but then the adventurers arrived and wiped out all the cool factions and tensions.

    However, as Steve and Mike have said, that pretty much fits the common dynamic of dungeon bashes - one group of 5 or 6 individuals has an overwhelming impact upon what's going on and wipes out whole factions, and 'How to Host a Dungeon' reflects that pretty well.

    I since found a note towards the end of the pdf advising quitting at the end of the Age of Monsters or early into the Age of Villainy if you intend using the dungeon in an RPG - which is bang on. I tried lowering the adventurer party size from 1d6 to 1d4 and that worked pretty well, as now my dungeon has some history of adventurers coming in trying to loot stuff and bring their surface world issues into things, but not so much that the dungeon is 'played out', but even then I decided to stop 3 years into the Age of Villainy as my Liche Lord was facing a slow but steady defeat to the predations of pesky adventurers.
  • Yes, I find that if you want to use the dungeon, you need to stop before you send any adventurers.
  • Sorry guys. I got my threads mixed up. I thought I was posting in a different thread about drawing dungeons. Duh!
  • No worries - it was good advice anyway!
  • Hi Adrian! Yes adventurers occaisonally run randomly rampant through the dungeon. I've played many games in a row where the adventurers couldn't gain a foothold, and some where they routinely wipe out the entire dungeon. The suggestion about switching to 1d4 for adventure parties is a good house rule if you're worried about that effect. Also, with How to Host a Dungeon, you should always feel free to house rule and fudge stuff to fit your aspirations with the dungeon. Just don't do it so much, that it spoils the fun!

    I hope that helps.
  • Yeah it does thanks Tony. Just due to the nature of my game adventurers tended to have an easy time I think - not too many wandering monsters and smaller monster groups to whittle them down before they hit the villain and the bigger monster groups I think.

    It's a very fun game, surprisingly absorbing!
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