Columbus Story-gamers Unite!

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Okay. Central Ohio meetup thread. Here it is.

I live in Westerville, on the North side of Columbus. I'd love to get together with some folks, do a game night, meet face-to-face, all that good stuff.

Who else is in the area?


  • I am just inside the 270 loop (my backyard used to open on 270 until they put the sound wall in) east of Dublin.

    Meeting folks, some face-to-face, whatever would be cool.

    Would have to check with my lovely gamer bride, but would likely be willing/able to host a small gathering at some point.
  • Well, David, it looks like it's just you and I.

    Shall we hook up via email?
  • I am going to be away from my computer(s) more than normal the next couple of days, but drop me an e-mail at {my color} at wendtonline dot net and we can see what we can work out.
  • I just got my copy of Spirit of Century.

    I would be interested in trying out the Fast Play/Pick-Up Rules at some point between now and the New Year.
  • I would love to drive down on a weekend.

    I'm up in Toledo but would go that far to play.

    And if more= merrier I might wrangle a friend or two to do a mini fest love the game morning.
  • I'm in. That makes three, which is enough for a game, although one or two more might be better. I don't know the Spirit rules, although I've read Fate.

    What timeframe works for you guys?
  • My lovely (gamer) bride and I could do something on any weekend not related to Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's.
  • Ditto, any weekend, after this, should be ok, with a weeks notice.
  • What about Saturday, 12/9/06 as a possible date? Does four players sound good, or should thor bring somebody with him?
  • Pete said he would be up for it.
  • I think four is fine, but five is equally good. To me, more than that starts to get a tad unwieldly.

    I'm checking on the date, but off the top of my head, December 9th sounds good to me.
  • I am told I have potential Mother-In-Law visit from out of state that day. Is there another weekend that would work?
  • I ordered a copy today. I am so excited.

    Most non-thanksgiving weekends are available.
  • Posted By: BlueI am told I have potential Mother-In-Law visit from out of state that day. Is there another weekend that would work?
    Sure. That was just a starting point, I don't think I have anything ruled out excepting this coming Saturday. I think Saturday's are better since people will be driving in. So we've got:

    11/18 - I'm tied up
    11/25 - Thanksgiving weekend
    12/2 -
    12/9 - David is busy
    12/16 -
    12/23 - Part of Christmas Weekend.

    I'd lean toward the 16th, but not all that strongly. What about you guys? Would a Friday night or Sunday be better?
  • Friday night is hard for me, I work till 5 or 6 then drive down. Sunday reasonably early would be great.
  • All things considered, I think Saturdays generally would work best for us.

    I think I lean slightly toward the 16th as well for various reasons.
  • Well, then, let's shoot for Saturday the 16th. I'll run the date past my wife, although I don't anticipate there being a problem.

    Should we handle anything (chargen or whatever) beforehand? I assume from the phrase 'pick-up rules' that it isn't necessary...
  • I really want to try to run it completely pick-up, so don't plan on any char gen before hand.

    Unless someone else really wants to run, I will have a sketch of a plot put together but will also plan on throwing it out when the character concepts don't fit it. ;)

    We will need to finalize such things as location and time etc.
  • Well, that date seems to be good.

    Do we have everything we need to play? Do we need any Fudge dice or anything? thor, how long is the drive for you? (David and I are both on the North side of town)

    David do you want to host? I can maybe supply a place to play if needed. We might be able to use one of the conference rooms at my office.
  • I know this is likely a black-mark against my gamer-hood but I don't actually own Fudge dice....

    I am checking on hosting possibilities on my end.
  • And the hosting answer is: Yes, we can host in our home.
  • 16th it is.
  • Awesome! I'll see if I can dig up some Fudge Dice in the meantime.
  • Ditto, and hopefully my copy will be here by then.

    What time should we be there, Where is there, and can I bring anything else?

    If you would like to email me the address is thorhansen at gmail
  • My copy arrived yesterday. I will also try to score some dice.
  • Still working on the when - currently all planning braincells are turned toward Thanksgiving and preparing for the locusts who are descending on our home to consume mass quantities with us.

    Our home address is 2120 Rosalie Circle, Columbus, OH 43235.

    Tentatively, I want to suggest an early afternoon start time. Something post-lunch, but that could easily carry-over into dinner of some sort.
  • I just checked the Soldiery, Ravenstone Games, and Comic Town. None of them had Fudge Dice. We could probably use some homemade ones, or use the alternate +d6-d6 variant...
  • Or we could use 1,6 = + 2,5 = - 3,4 = 0 whic would be the same as fudge dice faces. That said I will look up here.
  • We got a time yet?
  • Lets say 2pm? Gives us four hours or so of play time before dinner would play into it?

    Does that work?
  • Just checking - are we still on for Saturday?
  • Yea as far as I know. We can be down there at 2.
  • 2pm this Saturday. Works for me! Anyone have any luck with dice, or should I 'baby's first' a couple d6s?
  • I've had no luck with dice.
  • Okay. I'll customize a set today so we have them for the game.
  • Done. We've got a set of 4df for the game tomorrow. See you all at 2 tomorrow! Can't wait!
  • Excellent!
  • I want to thank Blue and Stacy for letting strangers into their home. I had an excellent time.

    Gorilla Khan is once more defeated; when will he learn that good allways triumphs?
  • Thank you all for your time! We enjoyed the session and socializing a great deal!!

    For those playing the home game, I was right in my guess that my boss was announcing he was leaving. He did so this morning. Now I get to see where things fall....
  • Best of luck.

    Remember it will be a headache but less so than training a new boss.

    I was talking to Peter yesterday and pointed out that your son was the worst case of player deprotagonization I have come across in many a moon.

    I was thinking of having a get together up in Toledo next time, would it be possible to get a babysitter for the day?
  • We certainly can get a babysitter for the day. And would appreciate the excuse to do so as well.
  • Love to! It'll take some finagling for time and such, but we should be able to make it work.

    Thanks for hosting and running, David. I had a blast.
  • I too had a blast. I look forward to a Toledo get together.

    In the meantime, Jamey, would you be interested in doing something more regular if we can work schedules out? I don't really have anything in mind, just curious.
  • So, next week is my anniversary, and that means it's out, but what weekends work for you in January?
  • I'm up for it David. Scheduling might be difficult, but we should be able to work something out.
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    Happy Anniversary.

    This weekend is out for us as well (travelling East for the Holiday).

    The rest of January looks reasonable, pending identification of an available Baby Sitter.
  • So I was talking to peter last night and He wanted to know if I was going to GM the next session. Am I? If so can we do a long form character creation on the net. I don't think I want to do it here but maybe by email y'know.

    I would be delighted to GM but would equally enjoy the return of Bill Balthasr Human Cannible (that's Connonball). Whatever we decide I would like to flesh things out a bit more for all of the characters so that we can push the aspectization.
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    My personal preference would be that we default to whomever hosts picks and runs the game.

    And yes, I think long form char gen by e-mail makes perfect sense to me.

    (I will pass this along to the Lady Stacy for her insights as well.)

    From the Lovely Stacy:
    Seems reasonable that the host gets to run, so long as I'm never in
    charge. ;)

    I'd certainly be willing to round out the new, transgendered Splat.
  • I will be delited to run, My E-mail is thorhansen(at)gmail feel free to write me.

    Would anyone be opposed to adding players?

    The dates Jan 13-14 and 20-21 work good for me.

    Peter had a bit of a disconect with his character and may create a new one.

    If anyone else would like to participate let me know.
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