[Fiasco] trying to run a game with my parents

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[edited for despair] Nobody in this house knows how to have any fun. Harrumph.


  • Ha ha. RPing with parents FAIL.

    Although props for the effort.
  • Yeah, good effort.
    I often wonder what it would take to get my grandparents to play pretend.
    What would role playing games look like if they burst forth in the 40's or 50's?
  • I'm going to guess that the missing ingredient was bourbon.

    I remember when I was maybe 10 years old trying to share my love of D&D with my dad. He was very patient as I "helped" him make "his" group of characters and then tried to walk him through a dungeon adventure. I seem to recall it all devolving into a lot of lonely fun where I played both the characters and the GM in the back of a hot car in Panama City, Florida. Good times!
  • Were there more details in that first post before the EDIT?

    I'd like to hear more!

    (Although Fiasco is probably the last game I would try to play with parents/family, unless everyone was really excited about the idea of playing it before we even started.)
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    Thanks for the props, everybody. Oy.
    Steve, you may be onto something, but something tells me we'd have ended up needing a really, REALLY simple game for RP+Bourbon, like Best Friends.
    REALLY simple.

    Yes, I deleted some details.
    I was working on a playtest doc for Dwarf Fortress, and, jazzed up by a great facebook conversation about a friend's new design, I decided I would ask my parents to try it out.
    More details here, but I will also add that my parents are Democrats, from northern Delaware; my dad is a clinical psychologist, and my mom is an ex-ER nurse who now works for an insurance company. They have endured Hero Quest (the board-game) and even Magic: the Gathering on my behalf, in the past, but something with no physical props might be a tad too outre.

    As for choosing Fiasco, I figured it was the simplest, most straightforward RPG I had on hand. Oh, well!
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