The Twelve Games of Epimas

On the twelfth day of Epimas, my true love gave to me . . .

Twelve futures shock:ing,
Eleven monsters haunting,
Ten sheets for stabbing,
Nine slaves rebeling,
Eight temps time traveling,
Seven worlds apocalypsing,
Six minions laboring,
1,001 Nights,
Four retired spies,
Three vampire victims,
Two giant robots,
And a dog in the vineyard!

Whose true love will you be?

Presenting 2010's Epimas Celebration: Buy a bundle of gaming PDFs for a friend or family member at a delightfully slim price,* and receive that same bundle for yourself, for free.

Featuring twelve games by eleven different designers:

1,001 Nights by Meguey Baker
Annalise by Nathan D. Paolette
Apocalypse World by D. Vincent Baker
Bliss Stage by Ben Lehman
Blowback by Elizabeth Shoemaker Sampat
Dogs in the Vineyard by D. Vincent Baker
Dread House by Emily Care Boss & Epidiah Ravachol
Mist-Robed Gate by Shreyas Sampat
My Life with Master by Paul Czege
Shock: (with Human Contact Preview) by Joshua A.C. Newman
Steal Away Jordan by Julia Bond Ellingboe
Time & Temp by Epidiah Ravachol

* Specific bundles of three games for $15, specific bundles of six games for $25, or the whole show for a mere $40.


  • Hmmm. Is there a reasoning behind the specific bundles? There's one game that I was, just yesterday, thinking to myself about picking up, and another game that I've been interested in for a while, but they only appear together at the "full bundle" level, and $40 is a bit steep for two pdfs I want + extras, even considering the "gift to someone else as well" factor.
  • The specific bundles are largely there to reduce the amount of work that needs to be done on the fulfillment end. Epiclaus pays his elves a living wage (with comprehensive health benefits) and therefore is a bit more understaffed than a certain neighbor of his at the north pole.
  • Holy... epimas!

    This might be just what I was waiting for. Checking it out now...
  • More merriment for the Epimas observers among us.

    You can now add PDFs of Pantheon Press's Fortune's Fool and its introductory adventure "Pinocchio: Golem Gone Wild" to any bundle for $5.

    Details found here.
  • This is just adorable. The language-play, I mean. I probably said this last year already, but I'm jealous for a holiday named after myself.
  • Eeroween or All Eero's Eve have a ring to them.
  • I like Eeroween, and that'll leave me a whole year to talk the marketing department around into making it a sale of some sort. Difficult, having a hardline leftist marketing department - not recommended to just everybody.
  • So can we split our bundles among different recipients? Or is it all for one?
  • edited December 2010
    I do not wish to be a humbug, but that might be too much of a logistics problem, unfortunately.
  • ok I just ordered one but seem to have missed the part where we put in our recipient? was I supposed to put that in the special instructions maybe?
  • I bought a bundle! Woohoo, I love Epimas!!!
  • edited December 2010
    Posted By: someladyok I just ordered one but seem to have missed the part where we put in our recipient? was I supposed to put that in the special instructions maybe?
    Yes, I'm going to go back and make sure that's much clearer on the website. I think I say something about the comment section, which is rather unclear. But you can either whisper or e-mail me the recipient and I'll make sure it gets done.
  • Oh, hey, I see a few more games have been added, as well a the RPGirl zine! Makes the deal even more interesting...
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