I'm going to run FreeMarket in a ~5h con slot

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What should I do with those five hours to maximize the fun and cool factors?


  • So, the tension of FreeMarket in a con slot is as follows: doing a demo conflict and then character creation can easily take 2+ hours, especially since there are a lot of confusing concepts to explain. But, picking out what you find cool about the setting, and then jamming a bunch of people's ideas together to make a MRCZ is half the fun.

    -Definitely do a demo conflict BEFORE character generation/divvying, so people have some idea what they're choosing.

    -I'd say definitely bring pre-gens, but make sure there are enough to give the players a pretty open choice about what part of the setting/system they want to interface with. One thing you might try would be to make a bunch of stat blocks and let people create backgrounds/personalities for them. E.g. you might make a character with a strong Ephemera skill and interface/tech to support it, but not define what sort of ephemera the character specializes in - the player could make him anything from a chef to an ad exec. That way you could try to cram character/mrcz generation into the first half hour or so.

    -Then, follow the instructions for running your first session in the rulebook. They work great and should fit just fine in a con slot.
  • Thanks, Sam. What kind of example conflicts do people think we should run - maybe just the pumpkin thing from the book? Teaching the conflict rules isn't necessarily too hard, but trying to explain how to connect that back into the fiction seems like it will take some doing... kind of like Conflicts in Mouse Guard, come to think of it.
  • Yeah, 5 hours is plenty of time to make characters and run a full session.

    We definitely recommend the demo challenge, too!

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