[Love in the Time of Seið] Playing with 3 or 4 players

Have anybody played Love in the Time of Seið with 3 or 4 players?

What do you need to change to make it work?


  • 4 players work. Assign the first four characters. Place the fifth at an empty seat. Take turns sitting in the fifth seat whenever that character is in the scene. Also set scenes from that character's POV.

    If I had a choice I would put the King in the fifth seat, but that is just instinct, I haven't tried to play this way with all characters yet.
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    I've played with four several times. The missing character needs to remain present in the fiction - in one game we left out the Knight (the best choice, I think) and learned in play that he had already been killed and buried in the Seiðkona's swamp. Since the five characters are tightly tied together, the one you leave out will be the focus of other player's questions and will have some of his own that need to be answered.

    Three players seems more impractical - you are removing 40% of the game's relationships and potential for conflict. If you do it, I'd probably make it a King - Earl - Seiðkona triangle with the Princess, at least, still alive as an NPC.
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