[someone else's hack] Ghost/Echo - FlashbEcho

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Ghost/Echo with a flashback mechanic, basically.
My friend George (and friends) were inspired by these two lines:

[under When You Roll Dice] "When you're especially well-prepared for the action at hand, roll an extra die." Okay, it's two lines in the original doc. Anyway.

The hack is this:
Part 1 - bonus dice
Whenever you commit to an action, and are faced with a danger beyond the Standard Danger, you get a poker chip. You may spend these immediately, or hold onto them.
If you spend one poker chip, you may narrate a flashback involving yourself, for the purpose of explaining why you're particularly well-suited to handle whatever thing you're about to do. If you do so, and it's a reasonable argument (GM is encouraged to be generous), you get a bonus die.
If you spend three chips, you may narrate a flashback involving yourself, and the thing you're good at is a permanent thing - you mark it down on your character sheet/card. You get a bonus die whenever that power or talent you possess is relevant to the action.

We briefly quibbled over whether you could spend chips you'd just earned, and decided to allow it.

Part 2 - danger dice
Instead of assigning dice as you wish, you must have at least one red, one green, one blue, and one yellow d6 on hand. The blue die is always your Goal Die; the red is always your Standard Danger; green is GM-authored Danger; yellow is player-authored Danger.
Your bonus dice may be swapped in to replace any other dice, one for one.

Part 3 - helping and sharing
You can give other people bonus dice that you'd have for the action, if you want. Teamwork is encouraged.
You can spend one poker chip to establish a fact about an NPC. -- this bit we played a bit fast and loose, and not very often.

AP is gonna be in the Bite Sized Jan-2011 thread.


  • How did part 2 work out? Limiting how much you can assign dice seems like a bad idea, and will drive towards building up abilities. Is this the intent?
  • Part 2 was good - compared to regular G/E, it saved a bit of time. Having some options, via the bonus dice, is good, but it's a bit of a hassle to assign four dice, every time.
    Honestly, though, the GM was so central to the process - reminding us each time how resolution worked, bringing out half-cards and writing down dangers (the better to keep them "on the table") - that the dice colors became associated with the different dangers and such, but the job of assigning them really was a group effort.

    It seems like the drive was towards using lots of flashbacks - you could get a one-off justification for an ability for one chip, or a permanent ability for three. Not that many permanent abilities were actually achieved, and in one of my two cases when I wrote something down, it was because the GM misunderstood me and chagred me three chips for a "temporary" ability - not quite sure why I went along with this without intending to (I guess I didn't miss the chips), although I didn't mind getting the extra ability.
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