Does anyone remember this?

I hate to post a post like this, but I'm trying to find an image someone posted here a couple years ago, and the search engine is totally failing me. It was a painting of an immense (I mean IMMENSE) city cut into rock around the edges of a bottomless pit. I'm pretty sure that in the same thread (possibly the same post) was an image of Brueghel's "Tower of Babel." We were talking about awesome cities for fantasy campaigns or something, I don't remember. Can anyone help?


  • Is this what you're talking about?

    I saved it because, clearly, it HAS to be an RPG setting.
  • Whoa. That isn't it, but it is also awesome. It's possibly more immense than the one I was talking about, but doesn't inspire the same feeling of irrational terror.
  • Are you thinking of this blog post?
  • I used that first one for a Fate 2.0 campaign.

    We didn't get very far but it was cool while it lasted. A Machiavellian political fantasy of class struggle between those at the top of the city and those at its base. I was basically reskinning elements from parts of an old Cyberpunk campaign that I loved.
  • This is the main image dump thread that I remember. I particularly remember nerdraging out at the person who said one of the pictures was of a "sexy Dorothy", GRR THAT IS A SEXY MISS ALMIRA GULCH RAAAA
  • Sorry to post this and then vanish -- had internet issues.

    As I recently discussed in another thread, there’s something really disturbing about really huge architectural constructs, things that are way too massive for humans to have built in one or even several generations. Once a piece of architecture becomes timeless and unnatural, it hits right at the “civilization is the work of the devil” meme that’s pretty powerful. Lovecraft certainly understood that. Also, you can see its power in Brueghel’s painting of the Tower of Babel…
    That's definitely the post I'm thinking of. Unfortunately, none of those are the image I'm thinking of, which I'm now thinking was an instance of creative memory. Ah well.
  • Didn't Jason's "let's build a medieval town" thread on Henford lead to some crazy images being posted? Can't remember if they were in that thread or in another one linked to it... Marshall, I think I remember the image, but no idea where it appeared beyond this vague association.
  • There was a series of really cool images about a proposed model city being built in Russia in domed over strip mine...Those were pretty cool, but more of the "neat future city" variety not of the Sinister Scary pit to the Abyss variety.
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