[Leverage] Playing a more serious crime story, ala Stark

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I've been reading the Leverage pdf for the last week or so, and we just got our shipment in from Alliance, and I've been thinking that it might just be the game I've been looking for to run a serious heist game. I was just wondering if anybody else had the same thought, or if anybody had any suggestions on hacks to make it run more smoothly.


  • I think if any changes were really necessary, I'd consider using stress tracks along the lines of what Rob Donoghue has to say here here to darken things a little, increase the amount of consequences, and possibly having the basic die for the GM be a d8 instead of a d6 (again, an idea from Rob).

    Together, those seem like they should help put things on a slightly more serious tone, especially once you make sure your players buy in.
  • Those are good suggestions, although the game runs fine without any changes.
  • While I haven't had a chance to run Leverage yet (Next week! Very excited!) I do think the system doesn't lend itself to dark and gritty. YMMV, of course, and these are off-the-cuff impressions, but I rather read your question and thought "But why would you do that?"

    That said, we're currently designing a game much along these lines, and have a mechanic awfully similar to the stress track design of Rob's. I think something like that really helps if you're going to run Leverage as a straight-up Heist. Also, I imagine that judicious use of timed actions would be essential.
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