Hearth & Hunt, a New Game to Play in Prison [Storystory]

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Hi folks,

I made a game, strongly inspired by Archipelago II.

Complete Black-And-White Version (3 MB)

Colour Book (7 MB) * Colour Storyteller Cards (13 MB) * Colour Element Cards (14 MB)

My original inspiration was the recent court decision against Dungeons & Dragons in prisons. I thought about creating a game that would be much easier to play in prisons and much harder for the prison to make a case against than they had against Dungeons & Dragons.

To that end, I wanted it:

* To be simple to play and set up.
* To introduce some story gaming and role-playing gaming devices to those unfamiliar with them.
* To not look like a role-playing game.
* To have elements that the players can add to or change, or create on the spot if the originals are lost or confiscated.
* To have some moral or thought-provoking aspect.
* To be transportable and easy to play anywhere.
* To be non-hierarchical.

I think of this game as a beginner's or warm-up game, with many other more complicated but less structured games using a similar system. I just haven't written any others using this system.

I would be very interested to know if I have succeeded in my goals.

The game comes in two forms -- a black and white version and a colour version. This is the first time I've released an image-heavy game, so please tell me if the file sizes are obnoxiously large or there are other problems.

Complete Black-And-White Version (3 MB)

Colour Book (7 MB) * Storyteller Cards (13 MB) * Element Cards (14 MB)


  • Hey, this looks pretty interesting. Nice graphics, too.

    And I love the inspiration :) "We're not gang members! See? No dungeon master!"
  • Thanks Matthijs -- I drew heavily on Archipelago II and I was worried you'd feel robbed.
  • I love being robbed. (And I steal all the time, too.)
  • That's a very respectable undertaking, Chris. I look forward to reading this in the next few days, then giving you an informed response.

    (And i love stealing from Archipelago, Too!)
  • Man, those phrase / motions are hella tight! Or mightily dank. Or lovely.
    Thank you.
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