[Playground] News – What’s cool on the RPG sky?

edited February 2011 in Stuff to Watch

I’m (yet again) compiling a news section for the new European Larp/RPG magazine Playground (http://playgroundmagazine.net).

After the Nordic Knudepunkt festival I have tons of material for Larp-related items, but my tabletop section is kind of lacking. Therefore I turn to the good folks of Story Games, who always seem to be in the know.
The profile of the magazine is “weird, art, sexy”, but I’m looking for any kind of newsworthy items, especially stuff from the past two/next six months.

You can reach me here or at ole.peder.giaever[]gmail.com, and there’s the tips mail at tips[]playgroundmagazine.net

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Ole Peder Giæver
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