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I'm currently working on a project for an upcoming convention. It's going to be a large (~30 players) series of GM-less games, divided into IAWA-like chapters. The setting is a generic fantasy setting, full of commonly-shared stereotypes

PC creation was blatantly stolen from AW: players tick different option from a template, based on the culture that PC hails from. One of these choices is a single sentence describing that PC's special power - something that carries no mechanical weight, but should help the player narrate how his character goes about dealing with obstacles. Ideally, powers should sound exciting, broad in application and easy to visualize.

I've stumbled upon a block while trying to write the character template for the Wizard Culture. PCs from other cultures can choose all sorts of magic, from flame breath to healing and alchemy, but I want the Wizard powers to be different. The wizard culture is made of amoral scholars, dedicated to the pursuit of power and knowledge at all costs. I want them to have immense and downright freaky powers that define who they are; I don't want them to toss fireballs around.

The three powers I could think of so far were "I control the flow of time, speeding and slowing it as I see fit", "my illusions are so elaborate, that reality itself cannot tell the difference", and "I have an eye in every nook, a mouth in every cranny". I'm only proud of the first one, and I still need 2-3 more.

So I ask you, kind SGers, to please help me come up with a few more memorable wizard powers. Game balance is not an issue.


  • "The touch of my magic is so intoxicating people who've felt it never leave my side." Basically magic as a suger drug with addicted followers who do anything for the next fix. The wizard needs immense willpower not to use his pleasure spells on himself all day instead of pursuing other goals or eating, sleeping and washing.

    "I sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. I call the thunder and it hearkens."
  • "I see the connections in all things, from cause to effect to Fate and back again."

    "I call Demons to serve at my side, though at a cost."

    "Free will is an illusion"

    "There are infinite planes touching our own and with circles, I can merge them together for a time."

    Hope this helps!
  • "I know your secrets"

    "This body serves well enough, but I have others"

    "I can discern the time or the manner of your death, but not both"

    "Death holds no fear for me, and will often do me a favor when I ask"
  • "My song echoes into the world and make it shivers as I will"

    "I see the strings that make things happen. I can pull them - or cut them"

    "Everything talk. Rocks, doors, dreams, stars. I can talk to them, ask them to do things"

    "When I touch things they become alive and do my bidding"

    "There is no magic. It's just the way the world works. Can't you see it ?"
  • "I burn shit and control your mind. I am a bad motherfucker."
  • Excellent, juicy stuff so far!
    Some of which I can't use due to overlap, some are definitely going into the game, and some I'm stealing for the other character templates.

    I am going to keep mining you for more neat wizard powers, so please keep them coming.
  • "Whatever I touch withers and I rejuvenate."

    "I can touch you on the inside."

    "The restless dead speak to me and empower me through their wrath."

    "Wealth has a tide and I know it's ebb and flow."

    "I can become your greatest fear"

    "I can become what you want me to be. You become my puppet."

    "Everything is conscious and aware. It just doesn't give a damn about us, unless you know what it really wants. And I do."
  • "I like turtles."
  • Posted By: Jared A. Sorensen"I like turtles."
    Are you a wizard?

    Just a few off the top of my head.
    "I know what you really want and point you to it, no mater what or where it is."
    "I eat ash, breathe smoke and steal warmth from the world."
    "I take and grant life of those under my influence with a flick of my wrist."
    "I topple towers, sunder citadels, ruin walls, where I walk, trees take root and spring to the skies."
  • Posted By: Jared A. Sorensen"I like turtles."
    "Cowabunga! I love being a TURTLE!"
  • I inhale men and keep them in my belly. I rarely exhale, but when I do my sweet breath is accompanied by showers of bones.
  • I am the best dressed at any occasion. Even when I'm naked. If you were the best dressed before, when I walk in the room you are now ugly and stupid, and whatever I am wearing is the best, the new standard.
  • Posted By: Jared A. Sorensen"I like turtles."
    Isn't that power more fitting for the Zombie civilization?

    Anyway, thanks to all of you. I think I have enough to work with now.
  • "I went to community college for a second career and learned THIS!"
  • "When I jump in a river, I don't get wet—the water gets wizard."
  • For me the key part of a true wizard is the scale of mistakes,,, if a wizard makes an error, the effect should be wild, primal and nearly earth-shattering, like a dragon running free in a city, a rainstorm whirling into an out-of-control hurricane, or people and buildings suddenly leaping in and out of the time stream.

    And the wizard's reaction should be a completely understated "damnit."
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    Posted By: elkinAnyway, thanks to all of you. I think I have enough to work with now.
    Too late, we're on a roll!

    "I have collected the cast-off scraps of others' research and learned the secrets of every mage's weakness."

    "Power enters me in a trickle each second. I release it in vast floods. I have saved it for years, you see."

    "I siphon life from the unworthy living and feed it to the worthy injured."

    "I am cursed to see my wishes fulfilled."
  • "You are the dream I see when I sleep. I am the nightmare you see when you awaken."
  • I have more power in the smallest bone of my smallest finger than you and your army can comprehend.
    Now, help me look for my finger!
  • Posted By: johnI have more power in the smallest bone of my smallest finger than you and your army can comprehend.
    Now, help me look for my finger!
    Shouldn't that be "Now PULL MY FINGER!"?
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