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I'm planning on running a Dogs in the Vineyard hack to play a game based off of an aspect of Patrick Rothfuss' uneven-but-entertaining series, The Kingkiller Chronicle (The Name of the Wind, Wise Man's Fear, third untitled unreleased book). You should maybe Google it if you have no idea what I'm talking about and want to check out this thread.

So there was once this badass order called the Amyr. They did what had to be done. They burned villages, killed priests, and boiled kittens if it served the greater good (in this case, the Greater Good, a specific philosophy (I think)). Once an Amyr knight was inducted into the Order and got his tattoos (they have wicked tattoos on their hands), his word was law. If an Amyr wanted to rape and pillage and destroy, they didn't have to justify their actions. It was trusted that whatever an Amyr knight did was in the interest of the Greater Good. Kind of (read: exactly) like The Order Set Apart to the Preservation of the Faith of the King of Life (I think I got the name right, going from memory here).

Anyway, at the time the story of the novels takes place, the Amyr have all but disappeared. The historical records about them are uneven, contradictory, and hard to come by. Almost as if they were pruning themselves from history! The novels have a big bad band of bad guys, who pretty much everyone is afraid of, from the wisest king to the fiercest warrior to the mightiest Faen creature (well, save one Faenling perhaps). The Amyr are not afraid of these guys; the big bad guys are afraid of the Amyr.

So this is the thread where I'll talk about it, before and after. Right now, we're at the before stage! So, Dogs veterans, would you be so kind as to give me your advice? What needs hacking, and what doesn't (generally speaking). Can I just use the book as written and write a cheat sheet of useful information about the Amyr-analogue I'm interested in presenting? They have magic, I think, so the supernatural scale is fine as written. I dunno. Shoot me some advice! If you would be so kind.

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  • Will people in the villages know who the Amyr are? Will they still believe that they hold power/authority? A sword is not quite the equalizer that a gun is, is that where magic comes in? Perhaps you would need to make it clear that swords are very, very limited artifacts which are either unbelievably expensive or illegal for all but the richest and most powerful.
  • So, there are two things that I think need specific hacking: the details of escalation, and the details of ceremony/ceremonial fallout.

    In the case of the first, I generally treat the escalation scale as "words > physical but not fighting > bare fists > weapons", which would work here. Part of what sets guns apart in that version is that they come with that pesky 1d4. That may or may not be appropriate to transfer to swords. But the point is, when the killin' tools come out, people die.

    In the case of the second, there's a specific list of elements of ceremony and what they push the fallout dice up to. Adjust as need be, sit back and enjoy the scenery. I don't know the setting of the books, so I can't suggest things there, but I can say you need to adapt that scale.

    (Though, you make me want to read the books now. A friend loaned me The Name of the Wind a while ago and I've not read it yet. I should.)

  • And also! The most important part of Dogs, the town creation system. How do you make an engine for fucked-up situations in this setting?

  • Fast responses:

    I'll set it at a time when the Amyr are still known. I think that the government (in the form of a monolithic Empire) oppresses the people and causes widespread harm, and the Amyr act from the shadows to combat this. The people know of them, they trust them as symbols of the Greater Good, but they aren't common or organized under any national banner. The towns themselves don't send people to become Amyr--people are sought out in secret and trained as knights.

    Weapons in general will be hard to come by I think. Something like a knife will be relatively common, but it will be more like a woodsman's knife than a dagger. Maybe if one has a license to hunt they can own a short bow, but other than that the populace is supposed to be completely unarmed. Crossbows are wildly illegal and so on and so forth. Magic is seen with equal parts awe and terror, and the laws regarding it are twisted and uncertain. In one town a man could be lynched for being too good at playing a lute, while in another town perhaps they permit minor tricks like magical fire or light. I think there will be an Imperial Magistrate to take the place of the Steward in Dogs. He's supposed to keep the town safe, but the Empire is corrupt and many Magistrate are corrupt along with it. This is where the Amyr come in.

    I'll respond more later. Thoughts? Also, thanks for your replies!
  • What is the demonic influence/demons analogue in this world?

    What is it that wants people to "do evil" that the Amyr will be rooting around for?
  • How do the Amyr define the Greater Good ? If that's defined by the setting, could you throw a short list of Do's and Dont's ?
  • I could, but I'd have to make it up (which is fine, I just don't have time at the moment). They aren't particularly well-explored in the novels yet. This is mostly going to be an Amyr-inspired game--probably equal parts Amyr, Warhammer Witchhunters, and my own ideas.
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