[Whatdoyouknow] Maracon XXVI is in two weeks

What a fortuitous coincidence: This thread inspired me to think about the many fine games I've played at Maracon in Oulu, Finland, and now I just found out that Maracon is happening again in two weeks (just like it tends to do every spring and every fall). The event is the sixteenth of its nature, and will feature the best sessions of the year in the evergreen parts of Europe. Not much for sales, but I'll cover my gas costs by taking the retail selection of the Arkenstone store with me anyway.

My own specific plan in between coachabitating with friends and eating the cheapest pizza in Finland (Oulu is nationally known for its Turkish pizza) is to run another episode of my long-suffering Dead of Night pick-up campaign "Hair": the tragic story of the American serial killer, endlessly questing for his place on the trails of the great continent. Anybody and everybody is welcome to participate as Mike Montgren slashes his way through San Francisco, hair glistening with morning dew, all the gore in service of biting social criticism of yet another American regional community. This is a campaign I only play at Maracon on occasion, so it's been averaging a session every 1-2 years ever since DoN came out.

Actually, now that I think about it, I'll have to get a PDF of Dead of Night from somewhere, I think I sold my personal copy at some point when the game was out of print and the masses clamored for more. Can't quite remember all the rules details without rereading the text. I did order more retail copies from Andrew just a couple days back, but those are coming from the USA and will be a while in transit.

And yes, I'll be quite surprised if this is of any relevance whatsoever to anybody on this forum. Maracon is probably the most hyperborean game convention on the whole continent. Just felt like sharing.
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