Hard-copy of Amber RPG

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In short, anybody got one they're willing to trade?
Or failing that, anyone got any ideas how I get a good hard-copy from a PDF bought from, say, DriverThru RPG?


  • Whereabouts are you located?
  • If you bought a legit PDf of the game, you could take the PDF down to Kinko's or Office Depot or wherever and have them print it out nicely for you and bind it into a book. I have a couple PDf games printed as spiral bound books at Office Depot, and they worked very nicely.

    (I have a copy of Amber DRPG, but I doubt my wife would be willing to part with it.)
  • Interesting... I'm in the UK and not sure what our equivalent of Office Depot would be. Anyone know?

    Also, is printing a legitimately purchased PDF in itself legal?
  • I'm pretty sure it is, yes.
  • Cool. I Googled and found the UK website pdf.fileprint.org. No idea what the quality is like though.
  • If you own a pdf, check where you bought it or with the publisher/creator of the pdf. If you just bought a license to the text it may specify that you can't reproduce it in any way without special permission, but if you bought the file (or whatever the legalese for ownership is these days), you can generally print yourself a copy just fine.
  • What have you to trade ? I might part with mine
  • Most PDF copies purchased through DriveThruRPG.com or RPGnow.com will have a digital watermark in the lower left corner of each page that'll have your name and a purchase ID code, which at least in the US is enough for most print shops to know its a legit copy and ok to print. Not sure what the situation is in the UK, but that's at least a starting point.

    I'm pretty sure my PDF copy of Amber from RPGnow.com included that code.
  • Oooh trade potential! I have the following for trade. Suggest any combo if you're interested...

    Golden Heroes RPG (boxed)
    Glorantha Classics Volume 1: Pavis & The Big Rubble
    Runequest: Griffin Island (hardback)
    Marvel Super Heroes (boxed)
    Danger International
    Shadowrun (2nd ed. I think)
    Chill RPG (hardback)
    Gary Gygax's Dangerous Journeys (Mythus Prime & Mythus Bestiary)
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