Darn! I read a good post here and now I can't find it...

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And this is going to be vague I'm afraid. I stumbled across a post where one of the replies mentioned a possible game design that involved the players answering questions as they played. It seemed that the implication was that the GM could 'seed' the game by setting these questions in advance, but the questions seemed pretty generic to all settings. Not much to go on I know!

It may have been an old post that came up in a search but I've a feeling it was fairly recent.

Can anyone help?


  • This is, essentially, how character creation works in Dread. The host comes up with questionnaires for each character, which the other players fill out at the beginning of play. The host seeds the questions, but the players incorporate elements that interest them in their responses.
  • Bliss Stage does this explicitly. Before play begins, the players choose three questions to focus the game around. When a character dies, you can choose to answer a question or declare that the question will never be fully answered. I don't know of a game that uses a fixed list of setting questions.
  • Archipelago? Sign in Stranger? (though I'm not sure if either of those has a GM)
  • I was working with this concept in my Brigaki Djili game...where the players basically took on the roles of oracles illuminating the specific events around a specific story, while the GM takes on a specific role as a questioner who comes to the Oracles seeking answers. In this concept, the GM is only allowed to ask questions and not interfere in the story generation process at all.
  • Thanks for the ideas everyone. I found the post I was looking for. It was this.

    I probably confused things by misremembering that is was all about questions, when in fact I was interested in the seeding of a game using stock phrases which are mechanical advantageous to the one who speaks them. That is super cool I think - I'm really into the way that allows me (as a rather lazy GM) to come up with lines that guide a story's plot and atmosphere but delegate the details to the other players! Terrible aren't I.
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