Fastaval goers, anyone hanging out AFTER the con?

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Hey all

I'm making a trip to Denmark to continue my mask improvisation journey (the stuff described in the last chapter of Impro). It overlaps with Fastaval entirely, preventing me from attending - so near, yet so far.

It struck me that some visitors may be sticking around after the end of the con, as Denmark is a cool place to visit. And some locals may not be entirely burned out by that stage! I'd love to meet up with you if so; I think there could be some cool impro-freeform conversations fuelled by how we spent our week. I'm around on 29th April and bits of the days before and after, too.



  • Hi Alex

    As for the locals, it depends on where in Denmark you will be. In Copenhagen, there's usually a meet-up or two where people gather to chat, drink a few beers and address common post-Fastaval blues.

  • Hi Kristoffer

    I'll be in Nykøbing for the most part, but was planning to head to Copenhagen on Friday in the absence of any other info (I'm flying from there on the Saturday). So thanks, that's a useful tip!

    Assuming I was welcome, is there anything I could do to keep abreast of what was brewing in the capital?

  • Unfortunately for outsiders, these things tend to get organized by call-outs on Facebook and the like. So you really need to have a heads-up from someone with access to the social media rumour mill.
  • Do make Alex welcome, if you can. He's an occasional member of our gaming group and knows much more about improvisation than I do.

    The mask workshop sounds fascinating. I'd love to go.
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    Posted By: GrahamDo make Alex welcome, if you can. He's an occasional member of our gaming group and knows much more about improvisation than I do.
    Allright, I get the message. :-)

    In fact, a group of some of the most interesting Danish/Swedish avant garde LARP designers have just announced a release party for their upcoming game on April 30.
  • Graham is too kind. I wouldn't be doing improvisation now if he hadn't recommended me a course! I'm the Luca Brasi to his Don - I'm getting my hands dirty right now, but he's more than paid his dues.

    I won't be around the pm of the 30th - what I'll do is poke this thread in the middle of next week, and if serendipity smiles and something compatible comes up, maybe I'll hear about it :)

    Graham, on masks:
    Steve Jarand, who is the current bearer of the Johnstone mask tradition, is all about Europe this Spring.
    My friends Amanda and Jude are hosting workshops in Bristol (May) and London (June) where I'll also be. Steve is a great teacher, and you'd be welcome to stay at mine for the London one.
  • That's probably a good plan. And you could take note that two bars in the city centre, Ørsted Ølbar and Plan B, are particularly popular meeting places for the Danish Fastaval crowd.
  • Heya

    Impro was intense and Nykobing was hot and lovely and ripe for skinnydipping and forest walks, so I never made it outta there. Good times.

    Hope y'all had fun at Fastaval!
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