Asynchronous Play or! Skype games on GMT or!! Gamers in Ghana

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So, this is sort of a tripartite question. I am most interested in a good answer to the last part, but I suspect it's not forthcoming, so parts 1 and 2 are the fallbacks...

Anyway. I've been awarded a Fulbright to go teach in Ghana for a semester. Yay! But that means leaving behind my awesome indie gaming friends here for 6 months. Boo.

1. I've browsed the PBeM threads, but they seem to mostly peter out after a few posts. Any new and interesting advice folks have on running games asynchronously? I'm not leaving the planet, so anything that reasonably regular but reasonably slow internet access would work for would be welcome. Unfortunately, I tend not to be a huge fan of "world-building" style games, which seem to be the ones that work best for that sort of thing.

2. Even better, anyone out there on GMT who would be interested in a Skype game (or chat)? The 6 hour time difference to Charm City would make Skype hard with my current group, even assuming my connection ends up being high-speed enough to support it.

3. Even even better, there don't happen to be any story gamers in the Accra area? Long shot, but hey.
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