[INGENERO] Spiffy draft and playtesters wanted (still)

edited April 2011 in Game Design Help
Hi, I was looking for playtesters for my game, or general feedback. My initial doco was hard to read, so I have started on this spiffy version, which also includes mods based on my own playtesting. The spiffy version covers the intro to the game (including grandiose claims), the setup, and how to approach story phase - all parts of the original doco that people had problems with. The old doco is still required for challenge phase. The new version looks spiffier if you download it - google docs isnt the best viewer.

Is it undestandable now?
Is it spiffy enough?
Would you want to playtest this game?

spiffy version covering up to story phase

old but complete version required for challenge phase and GM rules


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