[Fastaval] Otto Nominees

Following up from this thread, here are the nominees for the Otto Awards at Fastaval 2011:

Best Scenario
Is awarded to the scenario that is universally noteworthy and which creates the best point of departure for a prime roleplaying experience on Fastaval. The scenario is reviewed on its wholeness with a distinct emphasis on the harmonious bridging of form and substance as well as potential and accessibility.

Possessed // BZ’at
by Frikard Ellemand

A scenario with a high ceiling that bleeds into the players. Among punks and squatters of the 1980s a possessing love story unfolds. An intense and elegantly composed story about power and loss of control where substance and form play passionately together.

The Family // Familien
by Max Møller

A mature and well framed scenario. The solid conflict invites the players to a game where the is no happy end - in a family not everyone can be happy at the same time. The players are given the responsibility to create a broken nuclear family and follow it into the abyss.

Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll
by Morten Jaeger

When Spruced Up takes to the stage the volume goes to 11; and when their diet of beer, vodka, and coke is spiced up with the newest brand of little faustian pills they loose all hint of restraint, stage fright, or even any semblance of connection to reality... and rocks the house. Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll is a well-designed scenario on exactly that. Sex. Drugs. Rock and Roll.

Fifteen Men // Femten mand
by Anders Troelsen, Niels Jensen, Simon Steen Hansen

A well-orchestrated tall tale of fifteen pirates and dead man’s chest. The players sail through a sea of blood while trying to fight their way back to their port of call on Tortuga. The scenario walks the plank to deliver their players a string of war stories brimming with hidden treasures, grottos, wild savages, and blood-thirsty shipmates.

Easter–A Tragedy // Påske
by Tim Slumstrup Nielsen

When this family sits down for the traditional early Easter Lunch and still cannot manage to talk of the things that really matter, the red herring more than gets stuck in the throat. It is also clue to start misleading the conversation and return it to safer straits... such as those on the dog, Bølle.


  • The Special Prize of the Jury
    Awarded to a scenario that in a profound way distinguishes itself from the rest of the field. Criteria includes innovation, a unique quality, courage or something completely different. The award is given for the overarching idea or a particular strong element of the scenario.

    The Children from Playing Field 7 // Børnene fra Boldbane 7
    by Sally Khallash and Morten Greis Petersen

    A grim story of a childhood touched by war. The scenario has an important message and insists on going about an otherwise challenging subject in a very nuanced way. Bridging an urgent and poignant theme with roleplaying it awards the players with an acute awareness of what it actually means to grow up in a city devastated by undiscriminating acts of war.

    The Youth // De Unge
    by Magnus Udbjørg og Rasmus Høgdall

    The inspiring photographs snaps the players right in as co-creators of both their roles and the story they are about to tell. The scenario paints a picturesque scenery and cool situations and recognisable roles are conjured up by pictures and symbols alone.

    Eiyuu Tachi
    by Michael Sonne-Jørgensen

    A fantastic imaginative world. In the Cluster’s mushroom realm we encounter a wide range of outlandish creatures and monsters. When the Iron Witch sow new fresh eyes onto the onion on her staff you will know that the Slump is on the prowl and if the Bone-skarrow is on YOUR tail then you had better jump the Feather-express and keep an open mind as to your destination...

    Adam and his Friends // Adams Venner
    by Michael Erik Næsby

    The players and the gamemaster each possess their part of the key to unlock Adam’s labyrinthine mind. None of them have the full picture of Perfect Adam’s deepest desires. Throughout this game the traditional roles are turned upside down and unbeknownst to the players they are in fact gamemastering the gamemaster’s own story.
  • Best Narrative
    Awarded to a scenario, that through roleplay creates the most entertaining, gripping and touching story. Narrative is here understood as both idea, content and narration. The judges also consider the originality and flow of the play.

    A Heart of Metal // Et Hjerte af Metal
    By Sigrid Svane
    Opera and Metal clashes in arias of inspiration and love, where the Muse's magnamonious world of heavy metal, stands opposed to the soft french fries of daily life. Art and love is at the same time identical and completely incompatible. An excellent adaptation of Wagner's Tannhäuser.

    The Family // Familien
    By Max Møller

    A subtle depiction of an unhappy family, where the dreams and ambitions of the individual family member, is used as a piece in a unsolvable puzzle. No one can ever be happy in this family tragedy, where eveeryone is dependant on each other. A very relatable story for anyone.

    The Shadow of the Hero // Heltens Skygge
    By Louise Floor Frellsen
    Daily life is interrupted for a while, when the hero passes by. An epic journey is the backdrop for a series of everyday stories, where heroics doesn't really matter. In this social realistic story the fantasy narratives of battles and magical castles takes the back seat-even the dragon dies with much notice.

    Hunted Down
    By Andrej Tokarcik

    Two stories of expectation, rearing and neglect crash in a car accident. From birth to burial, a father and son cast their focus on the great questions of the meaning of life. Which bad decisions do they make, when they are hunted down by fate.

    Scrapbook // Scrapbog
    By Eva Fog

    The dream of a child drives Mona towards madness and crime. Reality and imagination melts together on the pages of the scrapbook. In gray and pink snapshots a recognizable portrait of a desperate woman, that you never fully can understand.
  • Best Roles
    Awarded to the scenario that gives the players the best possible starting point towards roleplaying within the framework of the game and helps the players to play their part in the experience. Emphasis will also be put on whether the roles are inspiring, engaging og convincing.

    Adam and his Friends // Adams venner
    By Michael Erik Næsby
    Adams invisible friends all fight for their survival in a battle between childhood and adult life. Pressed for time they keep themselves alive and Adam in check, because when Perfect Adam enters the play, the game is all of a sudden different. A crazy wierd language conveys the energy and spirit to characters full of popcultural referenxes all forged in the childish mind of Adam.

    Possessed // BZ'at
    By Frikard Ellemand
    The frontlines are drawn sharply between The Possesive and The Pleasing love in a fight, where The Main Character is the battlefield for a merciless possession, that is as brutal as the nightsticks of the police. Truce is not an option in a tragedy, where the characters stands so naked, that the players has to put their own clothes and experiences on them - and by doing so they themselves become naked and battered at the end.

    Fifteen Men // Femten Mand
    By Anders Troelsen, Niels Jensen og Simon Steen Hansen

    The fifteen pirates only fear the black sign and what the others will do to get their hands on the treasure. Dirty sailors, boatswains and first mates are full of rum, sea foam and death. In a short and concise way the players gets lots of atmosphere and inspiration to brutal murders.

    Memoirs of a Hitman
    By Johannes Daa
    With the landscape as only judge, the rifle, the bullets and the icelandic bedrock melts together in the memoirs of the hitman and becomes living metaphors in a fogged memory of war and loss of innocence. Objects, people, and diffuse dreams all play a role in the man's total despair.

    Leaves of Destiny // Skæbne-blade
    By Cecilie Balling og Tine Arbjørn

    Classic roles are painted as deathmasks in minor. A velconstructed intrigue, where everyone has something on everyone, erects a gravestone to a story larger than life itself. The past is in play and gived all a new destiny, if they dare turn the page and go back. It is rare that such depraved people has been conveyed with such great immersion.
  • Best Game Devices
    Given to the scenario that most successfully ensures development and interaction during play. The award covers all forms of staging, physical props, game mechanics and storytelling tools that enhances the experience for both player and gamemaster.

    Possesed // BZat
    By Frikard Ellemand

    When infatuation takes control the lover loses power and the aspects of love takes over. With physical play and the real-life experiences of the player the obsession creeps under the skin. The lover slowly loses possibilities and personal space as the loss of power becomes complete.

    Eiyuu Tachi
    By Michael Sonne-Jørgensen

    The colorful and bubbly world comes to life when the historians tells of the Cluster and what is really at stake. Storytelling, curious traits and the Number of the Slump creates play and dangers for the poor creatures on a hapless quest for fantastic tales.

    Fifteen Men // Femten Mand
    By Anders Troelsen, Niels Jensen og Simon Steen Hansen

    The black sign, counter attacks and changing roles creates an effective game mechanic making each killing unique and colorful. By keeping other characters alive tactics, game and story becomes an integrated balance.

    Easter–A Tragedy // Påske
    By Tim Slumstrup Nielsen

    Traditional Danish smørrebrød and the repetitive Easter lunches becomes suffocating as the silence grows each year. The dog, the car and family cottage are safe subjects when keeping up appearances. If you talk about anything else the game stops and you are scolded - for you wouldn't want to spoil the good mood, would you?

    Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll
    By Morten Jaeger

    Cue cards and tight scene structure creates twists and grotesque situations when the Rock'n'Roll universe takes over. The star stereotypes of the band explodes in roaring solos forgetting the other band members. For as the drugs enhance creativity the characters change perspective in completely different directions.
  • Best Presentation
    Awards a scenario that in an accessible and inspiring way presents subject and matter to players and gamemaster. The award considers text, structure, layout and presentation. Takes into account preparation and use during play for both players and gamemaster.

    Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll
    By Morten Jaeger

    True to form the mood from backstage and in the tour bus springs to life. Cool lixx introduces players and gamemaster to a universe of sex, drugs and the hunger for stardom.

    Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained // Hvo Intet Vover
    By Jonas Sandberg

    Solid text work presents a writers block flowingly and with high readability. The tight structure makes it easy for the players to focus on creating a theatrical drama about love, art and friendship.

    Fifteen Men // Femten Mand
    By Anders Troelsen, Niels Jensen, Simon Steen Hansen

    With a text as sharp as a pirate's cutlass the mechanisms of the game are communicated so that even the slowest landlubber understands. A complex task is solved instructively and with great energy that deftly inspires and prepares the gamemaster to set the scene.

    The Family // Familien
    By Max Møller

    Using a clear premise the story is set sharply from the beginning and becomes an effective tool for running the tale of a family in conflict. A well written text and a very functional layout makes the scenario easy to understand and run.

    Leaves of Destiny // Skæbne-blade
    By Cecilie Balling and Tina Arbjørn

    A well written scenario using a sombre and sad tone to capture the occult spirit in a Victorian drama. The workings of intrigues, storytelling and seances at the ouija board are easily handled with clearly structured outlines and a solidly structured text.
  • Thank you, Frederik.

    Fantastic stuff. Sounds like another great season of games at Fastaval. Shadow of the Hero and Adam and His Friends are two that sound like ideas for games I've thought about or heard others want to write. I'd love to see how they play out. Another intriguing one is A Heart of Metal, an adaptation of Tannheuser. And Leaves of Destiny.
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