AW hack - court intrigue "Uncle Louis" anyone... anyone..?

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I have only played one session of AW, and I really liked the way that moves impose a structure on the game.

I had a Ronny entry 'Uncle Louis' about intrigue in the court of King Louis that really demands a strong structure to the game, and I was hoping the game could be without a GM.

An AW hack seems perfect. I wonder if anyone would be interested in partnering up to do an AW hack on based on the text I have so far. I am up to my ears with another game at the moment, and I cant spare the time / headspace.

Here is the very short text I have on Uncle Louis.

Uncle Louis


  • I LOVE the card layout in this game! Whatever you do don't lose this.

    I love a good AW hack, but not sure I have time / the right XP to make it work.

    What do you want to use from the move structure of AW? I see the moves, playbooks and fronts as strong structures. The free-wheeling actual play of the game drives from these structures, but I don't see how you could use this approach in Uncle Louis without radically changing your game.
  • Playbooks and specifically moves. I would keep the card layout - its basically a mixture of situation and character sheet / relationship map.

    I would keep prestige and use the dif between target character prestige and acting character prestige as a variable target number for moves rather than always 7-9 and 10+.

    The moves are just a really easy way of defining the types of activity and conflict that occur in the game - thats what I mean by structure. And that really fits the overly ordered and structured rules of etiquette and behavior imposed by Louis the 15th on the court life. Its seems such a great fit.
  • Ah, got it. I'd be keen to pitch in ideas for this and see if our thinking is lined up. Do you want to do that here or on the AW Hack forum?

    Some initial ideas:
    - Stats: what about Prestige from the layout and then a couple of other ones for different moves.
    - Hx: this would be a very cool addition. Could there be four families (suits) and numerical connection to determine Hx, or should it vary in play?
    - Playbooks: heaps of good options in this.

    I really think this could work. I may not be the right person to help you, but I'd sure like to pitch in.
  • The game is all about increasing your influence with other characters, so that is like Hx.

    Prestige could just be a stat starting at -3, I suppose.

    Im happy for anyone who wants to run with it to do so.
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    Cool. I'm going to do some research on the time period and have a think. Did you have some Ronnies feedback you can share?

    Not sure I would stick with GM-less as this is going to be tricky with so many NPCs. To get GM-less I'd want to make it a factional game (each player plays a whole suit of cards in characters) or develop a rule to enliven the NPCs, otherwise it seems pretty static with lots of PC vs inactive NPC.

    Very interested in seeing what status specific moves this could have. I seems to me that there are a number of moves you could do only at certain status (eg: introductions if no status) and only on higher or lower status people. I did something like this in my Goblin World hack ( and I'm interested to see where else this can be taken.
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    The idea would be that other players play the NPCs when it is your turn, but I have no idea how well that would work. Obviously a dedicated GM is a fallback position.

    Ron said it wasnt really a roleplaying game, more of a board game as it is, so I told him not to worry about feedback because he was pushed for time and I was busy anyway.
  • Stefoid and I have started to whisper some details, but anyone else still feel free to jump in. Hopefully we'll do a bit of "design in public" so we can get some feedback.
  • OK, the Barf Forth topic is up:

    I think I've got some great ideas going, but anyone is welcome to come over and help out!
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    Oops meant to be a whisper to Stefoid.

    It's weird, but we keep getting a phantom bump as Stefoid and I are using this thread for communication.
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    shouda been a whisper
  • :) there's also a AW hack without GM, something about mathematicians. I'm quite sure you know it.
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