anyone using mindmaps?

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I might try using these for player and GM hint sheets. Heres my attempt at GM hint sheet

for some reason I cant seem to embed images so click this link


  • If I do prep before playing, it's usually in the form of a mind map. Once I've figured my stuff out it's usually condensed to a few character names on a scrap piece of paper right before I hit the table. I haven't used them as a way to present information like you've done, but it seems pretty accessible.
  • You mind map looks just like a creative writing tool I learned back in the 70's in a book I think was called "Writing the natural way"

    Great book and this looks like a great tool for gaming.

    Chris Engle
  • Not sure how long its been around wiki

    I originally was looking at something like mindmaps for organizing data on smartphones. Not the graphical representation, but hierarchical branching folders with cross links so you could follow trails of concepts and arrive at a particular destination by multiple routes (trains of thought)

    I think ti could be useful for scenario or module notes for GMs like DeBracy says. A big graph of NPCs, motivations, bangs and setting hooks visually linked rather than just a page of text.

    This was done with iMindmap.
  • I use Thinking Spaces on my Xoom for damned near everything these days. Great tool.
  • I've used mind maps for setting up games for almost 20 years now and I still find them really useful, especially for complex situations. A friend of mine way back when introduced me to the idea and I'm glad it stuck.
  • I use FreeMind for a lot of work stuff, and I have a bunch of notes for the new stand-up comic game in that form. I find it very helpful.
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