Going to the UK Games Expo?

Out of idle curiousity, and to remind the cognoscenti of the forums, a new thread. As mentioned earlier, I'm going to the UK Games Expo next week with a bunch of Collective Endeavour guys. My impression from prior scouting has been that the expo is not the hottest UK convention in terms of sales, but it's conventionally scheduled for me, and it's surprisingly easy to get to Birmingham from Finland. When Matt Machell promised to house our Finnish delegation it was a pretty easy decision to make. Besides, I am obviously supremely confident about my sales technique making this the best UKGE ever for the indie booth, especially as we'll also have Matt Machell, Iain McAllister and Andrew Kenrick with us. That's about half of my favourite British game designers right there.

But, my point was, is anybody else here coming to the expo? If you are, do show your face at the booth, buy some games and get into a rare pre-scheduled convention session of Zombie Cinema (I can't remember ever having done one, actually; usually I just do improvised after-hours sessions). If I read the lists pre-booking info right nobody's yet bought into my session, so there's plenty of space left in something that I'm thinking will become a recurring nightmare for every participant in the years to come. My only regret is that Matt censored my original demand of getting "6-36" players for my epic zombie drama.

I'm travelling with my brother Markku, who tells me that the recent volcanic soot is unlikely to foil our flight at this time. In addition to our own publications I'm planning to pack a shallow slice (whatever fits into our luggage) of the pretty impressive Arkenstone retail library, meaning that we will quite likely be displaying and selling quite a few small press games that you've never seen at the booth. I'd like the library to be more comprehensive, but my big retail fulfillment shipment is scheduled to arrive around the beginning of July, so we're suffering of a few embarrassing holes in our inventory at the moment. I'll still bet that we'll give Leisure Games a run for their money.


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    Expo is the biggest UK convention dedicated to RPGs, board games and card games collectively, unless there's another big show I haven't heard of. It's very sales-oriented. I think it quite likely is the hottest for sales. The only other likely contender I know of is Dragonmeet, and that's good but feels like it's in a gradual decline because the organisers aren't half as organised as the Expo guys. Maybe there are better RPG-only sales at other events.

    At the moment I'm thinking I probably won't go this year, but that could change. I've got a new product but the timing just hasn't worked out for having a sales presence at Expo.
  • Tim: if you can't come yourself, do at least get your product to the booth with us. If nothing else, I'm always interested in seeing new things myself so as to add them to our retail venue. And if you do decide to come yourself, let me know - I don't see any reason why you couldn't join us at the indie booth if you're interested.

    Regarding the organization, I have to say that I've been impressed by how on the ball the organizators have been so far. They've communicated efficiently about the practical matters, and they've been both prompt and flexible, without undue inflexibility that often plagues bureaucracies. So in that regard I have a good feeling for the event at this point.
  • Thanks Eero, but I'm not in the Collective Endeavour; and it's too late to get stock now anyway. I'm hoping that Leisure Games will be able to take some Albion softbacks along.
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