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Please check out my podcast, New Style, about RPGs in development that you probably haven't heard of. Okay, well your here so maybe you have heard of them, but the point is to focus on new designers/games that don't have the august air of The Forge about their person. Also to talk about building and expanding the community. I try to keep it light on hardcore theory and actual design problems and decisions which is pretty easy since you can count on designers talk about the details of their games.


  • That's really neat! Subscribed!

    (And, you know, I have a few games in development a lot of people probably haven't heard of...)
  • you had me at "new".
  • This is exciting, Scott. Very cool. What are your criteria for talking to people? Have a published game? A playtest draft?
  • I plan to keep it focused on the not out yet or just came out games. My other criteria is that I'm interested in their game and I haven't heard of them before (or at least not from other sources beyond my own small circles). I realized that I was interested in a half-a-dozen games that fit those criteria so I decided that was enough to start doing something about it. I'm going to try and read the games if their available, but that might not always be possible. I just think I'll have better questions if I have read the game or learned as much as I can about it.
  • Had a short break for Gen Con, but now I'm back to broadcasting. I'm hoping to keep up a weekly schedule until the holidays.
  • New episode about a game I discovered at Gen Con, "Becoming Heroes".
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