[Balance of Powers] Sample characters Fred came up with

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Just because we're mean:


Secretly Rasputin, under a new identity, he is the undying
spirit of Russia, always protecting the country from
whatever may come its way, no matter the regime in charge.


* Body Control: Unaging (1) -- Rarely expect this to be
something I need to draw dice from
* Body Control: Regeneration (6) -- Red Eye is the
Wolverine of this universe as regards healing factor.
* Body Control: Limited Facial Reconstruction (2) -- He
can do some minor disguise tricks by rearranging the
muscular tension in his face.


* Russia: Ex-KGB (4)
* Russia: The Red Eyes, a loosely organized band of
"neighborhood watch" style affiliates (2)
* Mandatory: Brazil (1)
* Mandatory: United Nations (1)
* Mandatory: Peacemakers (1)


* Nationalism: Russia May Change, But Must Never Fall (5)
* Justice: The Underdog Always Has a Champion In Me (3)
* Ruthlessness: Necessary Sacrifices (1)



Brazillian native Tidal is the water-elemental superstar
of that country. She has a recording contract, and her
first album is rocketing up the international charts. Her
swimsuit calendar is an annual hot-ticket item.


Near a source of water, and as someone who transforms into
a living tidal wave herself, she is unchallengable.

* Water Elemental: Human Tidal Wave (6)
* Water Elemental: Tidal Control (6)


While her will is not strong, she's chock full of beliefs
-- mostly having to do with her celebrity persona.

* Passion: I'm going to be a star (6)
* Responsibility: My fans come first (4)
* Pride: I'm the prettiest (2)
* Justice: Wrongs must be set right (2)


Her fame gives her strong connections, but they're not
personal ones, thus she has limited extents.

* Fame: Music Contract (1)
* Mandatory: Brazil (1)
* Mandatory: United Nations (1)
* Mandatory: Peacemakers (1)

Edit: "Peacekeepers" to "Peacemakers," the metahuman equivalent of UN peacekeepers.


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