[Technoir] Locked Adjectives

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The rules state:

▶▶ To remove a locked adjective that describes physical, psychological, or social loss to a protagonist, implant an object that replaces what has been lost. This requires purchasing or otherwise obtaining the object and having it implanted by paying 5 Kred or calling in a splice favor.

This appears to be pretty straightforward, but I'm imagining some "social" locked adjectives, like "Beguiled", "Lustful", "Shamed", "Horrified", "Estatic" or [insert particularly "powerful" adjective here], that could be Locked that I'm not really seeing as being able to be replaced by an object.

Maybe I'm just not thinking of stuff?

Any suggestions?


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    You seriously can't think of an implant that could replace Lustful? Maybe a robotic cock tied to an artificial amygdala that secretes androgens, dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin?

    What have I done?
  • Now, you've placed a fleeting Embarrassed adjective on me.

    What sort of implant replaces an emotion?

    Enlighten me!

    And, while you're at it, show me Shamed too! :)

    The only thing I can think of is some sort of software "re-programming", but that seems weird.
  • We're biological machines and it is pulpy science fiction, go ahead and have your hands.

    "They splice a thing into your brain that secretes chemicals that make you feel shame again. You're welcome."
  • So, most emotional adjectives would be removed by some sort of chemical treatment?

    "Help me, doc! I can't stop thinking about Suzette!"
    "I've got just the drug for you, sir."


    Any other ideas?
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    "They splice a thing into your brain that secretes chemicals electronically interfaces with your wetware to make you feel shame again. You're welcome."

    "They splice a thing into your brain that secretes chemicals electronically interface with your wetware overrides your broken theta-wave stators by connecting to the global hindbrain to make you feel shame again. You're welcome."
  • Nice!

    Good stuff. This helps a lot! I was searching for inspiration in the game and wasn't finding anything outside of the obvious physical "replacement" stuff. This is amazing.

    I guess I need to go back and read my Philip K. Dick novels.
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    It might help to read "replace" as "purchase and install some technology that fixes the problem".
  • Yup. I was reading replace too literally.

    "I need to replace my brain?"

    Heh. :)
  • How about the locked aspect "socially ruined"?

    My guess: "We're going to replace your face!"
  • That might be the best rule in TechNoir. Ima bask in it for a spell.
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    I think it's also worth considering that you can replace emotional damage with people. Are you 'lonely'? Well I hear you can hire people to help with that. Are you 'shamed'? Well maybe if you start hanging out with someone loathsome you will feel better about yourself by comparison.

    Obviously the game is pushing towards the whole cyberpunk my-heart-is-literally-prosthetic arc, which I do appreciate, but if you are for whatever reason not playing a game where everything is chromed-out or drugged-up, I think you can also take a subtler and frankly more-horrible approach, where the PCs start to use actual people as, basically, emotional prosthetics. It involves a shift in perspective on the part of the character towards that NPC, of course; it involves treating them not as a separate, autonomous person, but rather as an extension of the PC's own emotional needs. I think this tension is present in a lot of the literature, as well.
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