Non GenCon Awesome - 2011 edition

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It's that time again! If you couldn't make it to GenCon this year, tell us about the fun and awesome things you're doing instead.

For my part I'm going to finish a book or two (Ghost Story!) and try to read through some of these Game Chef games that are sitting on my hard drive. What about you?


  • Go to my normal Friday game, hopefully go see a concert (Matisyahu) on Saturday, and do the standard Sunday lunch thing

    Business as usual
  • This weekend I'll be having a booth at a local anime convention called Kin-Yoobi Con, selling copies of Maid RPG and some stuff for my webcomic. And holy crap but it starts tomorrow. 8[_____]
  • This weekend: shop for baby shit adorable accessories for my unborn child, maybe get in a round of Through the Ages, maybe watch Cowboys & Aliens, consider a fresh non-3k-draft of my big fat loser of an IGC game.
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    A couple of other podfolk and I plan to jump on Skype and record the 2011 edition of the Not Going to GenCon Podcast on Saturday. :)

    BTW, if anyone feels like joining in, feel free to drop me a line. We'll be doing it around 2:30 PM or so (EST).
  • Went to an amazing overtime soccer game here in Seattle, where we just barely beat a team from Panama to slip into the North American Champions League finals.

    Working on at least three long-term game-related projects right now, all of which I've made breakthroughs on while running Game Chef and haven't had time to work on. Inspiration is contagious, apparently.

    Not sure if we're playing Apocalypse World tonight because Christian Griffin's in town, but I'm sure there will be fun happening one way or another.
  • Played The Drifter's Escape last night. Mostly working this weekend, with some small hope of squeezing in a game of Star Trek Expeditions.
  • Playing Grotesque Tactics/Cortex Command tonight, Fringeworthy on Friday, some QAGS homebrew on Saturday, and Panty Explosion Perfect and Zorcerer of Zo on Sunday. Who needs GenCon? :-)
  • Yesterday, I tanned in the sun for a few hours while reading The Outsider, then went swimming along the river, and then watched much Vampire Diaries.

    I imagine that my weekend will follow in this pattern, as it was pretty much the perfect day.

    Also: eating smoked cashew & tofu pate. It sounds like weird hippie food, obvo, but it's pretty much the tastiest thing ever. Ever.
  • Trad Gaming Overdose!

    Tonight, possibly LFR. Tomorrow, second to last regular session of our long-running DnD game. Then it's the latest iteration of the 4e Game Day on Saturday.

  • I'm going to playtest Left Coast tomorrow, and (hopefully) finish this article about My Life with Master so I can send it to Jonathan and he can make more progress on one of his long-term game related projects.
  • Tomorrow I'm taking the day off to take my son to the oral surgeon for wisdom tooth extraction and then -hanging out with- or -taking care of- him for the rest of the day, probably playing quite a bit of computer games. Then Saturday it's taking the bathroom sink apart to clear the drain, and maybe the toilet to stop a leak which has enabled a massive colony of mold in our garage that I just discovered this morning. Later that day, Cowboys and Aliens. Sunday I'll get together with my fellow gaming buddies and play Fiasco and probably something else.

    Sounds pretty awesome, eh?
  • Posted By: Steve HickeyI'm going to playtest Left Coast tomorrow
    I'm going to help with that, which I am looking forward to.
  • I'm chiefly not going to GenCon this week because I rode my bike across Iowa last week.. Also, I'm changing jobs. This weekend, I hope to catch Cap't America and/or Harry Potter and finish reading my playtest copy of Nights Black Agents.
  • Posted By: Joe BeasonPlayed The Drifter's Escape last night.
    Hey! Me too! Funny that...

    I'm working saturday, and then seeing Harry Potter with the lady, then sleeping as hard as I can as long as I can on Sunday. Time not spent sleeping will be spent finishing the final touches on a long-overdue PDF thing, which since I didn't release it before Gen Con should probably wait until everyone gets back.
  • I'm going to "buy local" and go to Dragonflight (, which is actually a very nice con with all kinds of games played, and doesn't require a plane flight for me to get to.
  • I'm in Seattle for a conference. The food here's great, plus I got to hang out with lots of amazing people I don't see often enough. Tonight I played Barbarians of Lemuria, in which my physician-turned-sorcerer was looking for secret magic in a ziggurat ruin with which to revive the girl he loved but couldn't save. So he took over the dark power of the ziggurat, melted another PC's head, turned his nemesis into a flaming pillar, and then missed his high-level spell attempt at reviving her... so she dragged him to hell instead and she entered the world as the Goddess of Death. Good times!
  • Working on finishing the alpha draft for Rise Above, my punk RPG. Then tomorrow night I'm gonna go catch a couple of film noir movies at the local rep cinema and on Saturday night I'm going to stop fireworks attendees from using my building's parking garage as a restroom. Yay!
  • [Rise Above 1 ] Oooh...that sounds awesome. Can you tell us more?
  • I'm going to run some 4E Dark Sun tomorrow, work on revisions to my Game Chef game, and prepare to run my next play test session of Night's Black Agents. I'm also going to try and drum up some folks to play Witness the Murder of Your Father and Be Ashamed, Young Prince (if not this weekend, then soon!).

  • [Rise Above 2] I don't want to derail things too much (or even talk about it too much before the draft's finally done), but basically it's an RPG where the group plays a houseful of punks. It focuses mainly on their inter-relationships as well as trying to keep their various personal problems and larger scene issues under control. The rules are a stripped-down and modded version of the Cortex+ system (but using a deck of cards instead of dice) and a modded version of the Technoir playbooks helps generate tense situations for the players. Oh, and you start the game by generating a punk house together as a group. I'll probably post a playtest link when I have something worth showing.
  • Game day at Sages tomorrow, Reading the Gentlemen of the Road, Working on the bicycle game.
  • I'm tweeting about what I imagine i would be doing at Gen Con if i went this year. #notreallyatgencon

  • It's the Portland Zine Symposium this weekend. There is always somebody doing something cool and unexpected around gaming... and also a ton of great comics, art prints, and even some good old-fashioned zines!
  • I have working air conditioning for the first time in this hot, hot summer.
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    Posted By: Christian Griffenso she dragged him to hell instead and she entered the world as the Goddess of Death. Good times!
    And you rocked. I stole your summary for the post-game discussion thread on Story Games Seattle:

    What We Played: Ziggurat of Death (Barbarians of Lemuria)

    We had a packed house of non-GenCon going story gamers:

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    Left Coast playtest completed.

    It was good, and I'm still reeling a little from the craziness of it all - the key conceit is that each player's author character is a character in a book being written by the author character of the player who is your GM. But then... then you have the things like the two authors chatting over drinks at a SF convention bar, or playing characters in the novel being written by your author character, or the possibility that one of the characters from what you are writing becomes a real person.

    Overall: two hallucinatory alien thumbs up. I'm eagerly awaiting what Steve does next with this game.

    Edit: I am amused to see that I couldn't keep the players/author characters/other characters/deeper levels straight even in that quick sketch.
  • Since the aforementioned Kin-Yoobi Con runs Friday and Saturday, it's all over now. I posted up a report on it. It was exhausting, but a really interesting experience. It taught me some important things about the anime con audience, and I got to introduce a fair number of people to Maid RPG for the first time.

  • I spent all of Saturday writing my own version of Basic D&D, cuz the world needs another OSR game. Or really, what I'm calling "Post-OSR," because it takes OSR and adds ideas from 4E and storygames.
  • Adam, that sounds really neat. I'll be looking forward to seeing what comes of it. :3
  • Thinking about a nascent play-by-forum game of Mouse Guard.

    Thinking about what Adam described above and realizing what I really want is an OSR Babel Fish that would allow me to immediately play any original D&D / AD&D / OSR character or module or supplement using whatever rules I want. Currently that means I want to use the Vornheim setting with Fate rules.

    Thinking about mowing the lawn.
  • Finished our Exalted game that's been running for two years. We saved creation, of course.

    Drank a lot of Grum (rum that we spiced ourselves) and playtested my gamechef creation A Beautiful Death. It was fun! And i'm figuring out how to make it work better.

    Overall, a win.
  • Steve:
    George Strayton's The Secret Fire RPG claims to be the universal translator for D&D games. Take with a grain of salt.

    I want to make sure something comes of it before I share it. So far, I have chargen procedures, fighter and rogue class write-ups, skills, and the skeleton of combat. Not enough to call it a game yet.
  • The other night, Will came over with a six pack of really good porter. We were joined by my fiance Kaleigh, and we watched a phenomenal movie called The Fall.

    If you like any of the following, you should def rent and watch The Fall: Princess Bride, Neverending Story, Pagemaster, Mirrormask, Paperhouse.
    It's in that similar "child whisked into magical kingdom via a story" vein, but shit gets very, very real in The Fall.
  • Watched Seattle pull off another improbable win, scoring twice in stoppage time.

    Read all six Game Chef 2011 finalists, writing up my comments right now. Some smart, talented newcomers at work here. Very exciting.
  • Posted By: Adam DrayI want to make sure something comes of it before I share it. So far, I have chargen procedures, fighter and rogue class write-ups, skills, and the skeleton of combat. Not enough to call it a game yet.
    Oh, totally. I'm just saying, a game kinda like D&D4e but simpler and with some story games style? I'd be all over that. (My own Slime Quest project could be summed up as that but anime style.)
  • Lessee.
    I went to go see Rise of the Planet of the Apes with my girlfriend (which was actually kinda quibbles with how they progressed time were outweighed with gorilla awesomeness).
    Finished up a story arc with my Sunday group in a sandbox style game of High Quality Roleplaying...which was amazing, and I really need to write up the APs and post the maps when I have the chance.
    Am continuing what was supposed to be a one-night, one-shot game of Cthulhu Dark with EIGHT people that has stated to take on a life of its own. We started using the Arkham Horror game board for a map reference, by my personal Insanity as a Keeper got to the point where I ended up taking over 120 screenshots of Google Maps satellite view of the area just south of Salem, Mass., and Photoshopped them all into a giant 6 foot (2 meter for you metric people) map, that I then shrunk down to about 18"x34" (...uh...about 1/2 meter x 1 meter??) and labeled with important locations.
    AND making a bunch of play-aids for Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple and Fiasco, for GoPlayPDX North's first event. In fact, if anyone is interested, here are my PDFs of the Fiasco Game mat, 12"x18" in size, that include the Normal and Soft tilts and aftermaths for playing convenience!
    (...I'm not sure if that's actually kosher to post. Just tell me, and I'll zap them from the face of the earth.)
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