[Raleigh-Durham] Dinnertime!

I'm still looking to organize another dinner for the local gaming geeks. Clinton's pushed for Cafe Cafe, at 1110 Navaho Dr, Raleigh, NC, near the Denny's on Wake Forest, and I'm all for that. As for timing, how does Sunday evening sound? I think that works within Eric's parameters, but I'm not sure.


  • I can probably make it. Cafe Cafe is off the chain.
  • We need to make sure everyone has AWESOME directions, because the place is a bitch to find. Like, they got the advice of a Feng Shui master for shop layout and attraction, and did the Opposite of Whatever He Said.

    But damn, the food is good!

  • It's actually easy to find, once you realize it is buried in an office complex behind the state Division of Rehabilitation Services annex. Without a sign.
  • I'm in. I think.
  • Just double-checking with folks: we're aiming for 6PM tonight at Cafe Cafe. I'm hoping to hear from folks before 2PM, because we don't have a lot of commitment so far. I apologize for getting back to this so late; we can reschedule for another time if it's more convenient for everyone.
  • I'm going to stop by, I need to make a game store run and finally check out Lost Goblin first.
  • Dinner with Matt and Shane was awesome. We totally talked our brains out while we totally waited for our checks, and it was a good time.

    The only thing I have to watch out for is those Vietnamese Coffees. I had another tonight, and normally I'm totally OK with caffiene, but my hands were shaking and the world was moving in slow motion for at least an hour. People who drink one every day I bet would end up looking a lot like Juicers from RIFTS.

  • Excellent. Sorry I couldn't make it. I hope you guys enjoyed the duality-fuelled madness that is Cafe Cafe.
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