Fastaval 2012 – call for games

If you want to present a game for Fastaval 2012, now is the time to submit your summary. Read about the details here.

Fastaval is held in Denmark each year in Easter. Fastaval presents a broad range of roleplaying games and scenarios from larps, story games to structured freeform. All games compete for the Otto Awards where a jury will honour the best games in different categories.

Usually games at Fastaval are designed for 5 players and a game master and takes 3-5 hours of play, but differentiation in playtime, number of players and game master less games are common. The final contributions should be instructions for a game session. The instructions are not required to be translated to Danish (English or Norwegian, Swedish is fine), but it should be self explanatory so a game master or a group can host/play the game from the instruction alone.

You are not required to attend the con to present a game at Fastaval but it is highly recommended.

Best regards,

Frederik J. Jensen
International Coordinator
Fastaval 2012


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