random tables for near-future world-gone-weird dungeoncrawling

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I need random tables to supplement MADcorp, the game of corporate dungeoncrawling horror in a world gone weird. Unfortunately, my table-fu is weak; I look at a blank chart and go, "buhhhhh..." for hours before I can fill it, and I get a headache from smoking too many cigarettes. Soooo, gimme a hand here.

Let's start simple: items. Setting is a near-future version of our world, gone weird, and slightly (only slightly) postapocalypso, so just think of stuff that exists these days and you'll be fine. Nothing magical is needed at this point; just regular stuff. It can be unusual, but keep it mundane. I don't have targets for how many entries per table; let's just come up with as much junk as we can and I'll figure out what/if/when anything needs to be thrown out.

The categories for now are given below. I'm filling in what I can think of to get us started.

knife; spoon; fork; marbles; matches; twine; tape; electric filet knife; wrench; screwdriver; nails; screws; bolts; claw hammer; batteries; bullets; coins

book; bookend; picture frame; figurine; radio

shirt; coat; suit; dress; blouse; pants; shoes; wig; hat

lawnmower; satellite dish; rake; hoe; shovel; weed eater; gas can; roll of fencing; fencepost; post-hole digger; pick-ax; ax; hatchet; saddle; bucket

canned vegetables; cereal; broom; towel; light bulb; condensed soup; spices; salt; sugar; flour; cooking oil


  • Try playing Last Stand Union city for half an hour to give yourself some ideas, it's full of stuff like that.
  • What are the random tables for?

    When I look at tables in most games, I look at them as a list that I want to use for inspiration, rather than something that I'm going to actually roll. In other words, the list is there to expand my knowledge of the setting. The nice thing about a near-modern game is that I don't need such a list. Because I know, from real life, what sorts of things a person might find in a nightstand or on a shelf.

    In other games, lists are used as an intentional limiter in order to give the game a certain flavor. Like the tables in a Fiasco playset do. They force a certain flavor into the game.

    So in a game of near future gone weird, I think what I would want to know as a player/GM is not the normal mundane stuff I already know, but the stuff that's different about this setting.

    It's near future - so tell me what things have changed. What advancements have occurred? Are cars running on electricity or hydrogen or something? What advancements have been made in battery technology, which is currently the main limiter for technological miniaturization (not to mention those electric cars)?

    It's weird - so tell me what's weird. Are ghosts actually visible and able to be spoken to? Do minor psychic powers actually demonstrably work?

    Those are the sorts of things I feel like I would need a game to tell me. A game that gave me a chart so I could randomly determine what items are in a nightstand is probably not the sort of game I would be interested in playing, to tell you the truth. I'd rather see something like "Here's your Scavenging skill. Use it to look for stuff. Tell me what you're looking for. If it's something really common or really rare I'll modify your roll."

    Some games are high on the exploration factor, where the GM knows much more about the game world and how things work than the players do. And the GM dribbles out details about what the world is like through little details like what is found in a nightstand.

    But with a near future game, I don't expect that sort of thing to be the case, except for the slightly weird and the slightly future-y stuff.

    So I question the need for the charts in the first place.

    Unless you have a super amazingly awesome reason why they need to be there. In which case, that's great.
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    That's not helpful. Let's assume here that I know what I'm doing, that these tables will serve a function, and that I and my peeps are interested in charts for randomly determining what items are in a nightstand.

    As for the reason the tables exist: if you're playing people scavenging through abandoned buildings looking for things of value, you're gonna be opening every damn drawer you can. As Referee, I do not wanna have to make up the contents of each one from whole cloth.

    Excellent, excellent. This stuff is very useful.
  • I have some lists made up but can't access them right now. Are lists of monsters/criters/random dungeon rooms wanted as well? My great sadness is that Sweden is devoid of roleplayers who are up for challenge based roleplaying.
  • Random dungeon rooms are definitely on the want-list. And some kind of dungeon idea generator, where you roll for a word in column A, and one in column B, and end up with "haunted mall" or "partially-submerged museum." Critters are good too.

    Monsters are tricky. I'm still not happy with the way the game handles monsters, to be honest. That's gonna take some hammering out yet. I'm probably gonna have to rip off Vincent's monster generator.

    Another thing I want is random weird magic effects. The old weird magic table is boring; I want something more random and more weird. I figure there'd be two rolls, one for how much of a wound it inflicts and one for weird side-effect.
  • Marshall if you haven't read Roadside Picnic you must (I'm pretty sure it's listed in MADCorps inspiration bit but it's very much MADCorp and Rustbelt). Steal the strangeness from it like crazy.

    Some critters:

    Great at climbing. Can use weapons and do not fear death but they do fear fire.
    Roll D10 to see what each fight with
    1-3: teeth and fling poop (risk of infection if it gets in wounds)
    4-5: knives edged short
    7-8: sword edged medium
    8-9: revolver gun short ammo:3
    10: frag explosive medium (doesn’t throw it just pulls the sprint and chases you)

    From Half-life! Person sized creature attached to the ceiling. When close their tongues attempt to grab you. On a result of 11+ both of your arms are restrained. On a 15+ they grab your throat and you must endure each turn or die. Each turn after the grabbed turn they pull you 8 meters minus your weight in heavies up. When you reach their mouth each turn they deal damage on the When animals attack table. Killing a barnacle they puke but their tongue is intact but limp. Cutting the tongue requires a hit with an edged weapon.

    Blood snails
    Most blood snails are red snails that feed on fresh corpses and get a rich red color doing so. Thousands of them gather around fresh kills. A few grow to melon size. These are dangerous and can with a successful check squirt acid blood up to three meters into someones eyes (snap defense to protect eyes). Glasses give good protection. If it hits the eyes it will inflict a grievous wound and blind the character. If the wound isn’t treated ASAP the character will be permanently blind.

    Too old to die these senile people give the impression of being undead. Gasping and muttering under their breath they shamble around or ride wheelchairs. They are too feeble to attack but they pose a danger that when they notice dungeoneers they get scared and make alot of noise.
    Mode of transportation roll D10:
    1: cane, does attack brawl medium
    2-6 shambling
    7-9: regular wheelchair
    10: electrical wheelchair battery: 20 fast heavyx4
    LOOT roll D10:
    1-2:bottle of mixed pills, can be used by Croaker to make other drugs
    3:one hit of a random tripper drug
    4:one hit of a random hard drug
    5:injector of tranquilizer
    6:injector of insulin (ENDURE or go critical unless your blood sugar is really high)
    7:roll twice
    8-10:sugar free sweets

    Box jellyfish
    Get stinged by one and go critical immediately. Require a successful SEE check to see even if you look in the right place. Fucking scary shit. Also killing it won’t make it non deadly. Pick it up and fling at foes!

    Living chalk statues
    Deal brawling damage but when they land a hit (or get hit) they shatter and powder.
  • Random dungeon stuff:

    An old machine to give people super skeletons like Wolverine. oldTech and sort of non obvious to operate despite a nice UI. Target sits in the tank and it takes an double extended time to do the procedure. The experience is Horrifying if conscious and causes a Severe injury but you become Unbreakable and never suffer amputation of mangling of your limbs (though crippling) and get +1 ENDURE vs all wound effects like going down or going critical forever. Also your skeleton is worth top dollar.

    Chamber filled with man sized cocoons. They all begin to hatch at the same time and pale bald humans with feathery wings emerge. This is harrowing. They obviously can’t speak but they are healthy although naked and scrawny and covered in slime and blood. Given time their wings will dry and they can fly. If taken outside they will fly towards heaven. If mistreated they might become violent and kick and bite. They love the taste and smell of cigarettes.

    A red bolt of semi sentient lightning bolts between two statues. If a person approaches closer than the statues are together it bolts into that person dealing electrical damage and the next turn it bolts into the closest person or statue dealing electrical damage to both the new host and the old.

    A vending machine. Requires a hit check and a moderate time to open if you don’t have spare change. It has 2D20 soda cans left, each worth a point of food. A few are not coke or orange soda though. Roll 6D6. Ignore duplicates of no. 1.
    1. A blank can with the words DRINK ME scratched into it with claws or knife
    Drinking it causes severe hallucinations, the drinkers seems completely catatonic to the other party members while the GM describes to him being transported to another realm with endless plains of green grass and a few tall trees. A monstrous centaur appear at the horizon and will hunt him with bows and arrow (medium range). It is fast. Each hit it inflicts will not cause any damage but will be rattling and painful and very armor piercing. If slain the centaur and its bone bow will rot quickly but after a moderate time it will appear on the horizon again. If you manage to steal its bow and shoot it once it will die for ever. The only way to escape it to climb a tree and spot the mirror (reflexes in the sun) far off by the horizon. Running like hell it will take 5 turns to get there. The mirror shows the catatonic body of the trapped dungeoneer and stepping into it will cause you to awake. Shattering the mirror traps you forever. The centaurs name is Tasos.
    2. A colorful can that says “CRACK!”
    Drinking it makes you crack instantly.
    3. A matted gray can that says Cyclosarin.
    When opened nerve gas will start pouring out filling the room after 1 turn. Getting it on your skin means you’re poisoned.
    4. A yellow white can that says “I can’t believe it’s not butter!”.
    It is blood of a virgin.
    5. A rainbow colored can that says “Unicorn jelly’s potion of extra healing”.
    Drinking it heals the two worst ticked wound and effects relating to them but the drinker gives off a sweet smell that alerts any monsters, critter, dungeoneers etc. of your position.
    6. A white can that says Dr. Salt.
    The drink is super salt and thick.

    An animated statue of a muscular naked athlete on a chair in the middle of the room. If statue will try to make eye contact and will follow the characters movements. If they walk behind it it will turn its head to face them but not the rest of its body. If the characters try to destroy it it will not resist but it can’t be hurt by edged or brawling weapons and have 2 armor versus all attacks.

    A heavy leather bound book. Understanding the text requires a THINK check and an extended time. Each page tells about a monster and it’s abilities but the book is magically intense and reading about a certain monster is one step worse than seeing it (rattling becomes harrowing). More fun if you start with a non scary monster and step it up once every time!

    A river of mercury. Changes direction of flow each time you see it.

    Heavy old typewriter of average worth. Invisible ghosts types if you provide paper. It is rattling. Roll a die.
    Odd: provides helpful but short instructions on how to navigate dungeon or solve problem or find treasure. Signs off as Elizabeth.
    Even: tells a story on how the writer hid treasure or constructed a trap or similar. The directions are false and lead to further peril. Signs off as Bertrand.

    A room in which time runs at half speed. This effect is magical and pours out from arcane glyphs sprayed on the walls, floor and ceiling. When performing actions inside the room the rest of the dungeon moves twice as fast. Reaction based checks against things acting outside the room are at -1 and vice versa. So if you spend an extended time inside the chamber the ref gets 6 points. The fine thing is there is a magical control panel with stuff lying on the glyphs on the floor. A burning wax candle, a dried up eyeball and a silver coin. Each is placed on a different glyph, one representing slow, one stop and one fast. The coin is placed on slow and if you move it to fast the time in the chamber instead runs twice as fast as the rest of the dungeon. If you place the coin on the stop glyph time in the room freezes completely! Super dangerous and the only way to unfreeze is to cool the magic. Nothing can enter the room when time is frozen because the air won’t budge. The eye is also on the stop glyph together with the candle and controls what people outside the room see when they look in. If the eye is put on fast the room will go dark because all light escapes and no new is being reflected because the old light is not caught up with the future. Stop will make the room appear to be frozen and the outside as well from the inside. The candle neutralize the effect of the glyph it’s standing on (as long as it is lit).

    Room with heavy steel doors starts to flood with water till it’s completely full when the doors are closed. There is a drainpipe but it closes as well and to open it you need to drop explosive into it: dangerous! To open door from inside you need blunt or explosive damage causing a deadly wound to it. It takes 5 turns before it gains 1 armor thanks to water and another 5 before the room is completely full. Monsters or evil people trick you into room and close door behind you. An old water damaged computer is the usual bait.

    Fountain with dead fetuses floating in it. Not fountain of youth, fountain of abortions. Their umbilical cords move as tentacles trying to find something. If touched they start sucking blood and eventually the fetus will come back to life. Fetuses belong to women in town and it is possible to "nurse" one to life given blood and time.

    Floor on the verge of collapse held up by a bunch of boards duct taped together. It’s possible a small safe with treasure is part of the contraption. Holding the pillar up while getting the safe safety is a check vs ENDURE -2 or you drop it before you get a replacement for the safe.

    A room full of colorful balloons. Roll D6 to determine gas.
    1. air
    2. helium
    3. hydrogen
    4. laughing gas, like choking but you laugh instead of choke if you fail ENDURE
    5. nerve gas poisonous on skin contact
    6. roll twice, half the balloons have either gas

    Waist high grass is growing through the floor here. Stuff it can hide:
    poisonous snakes
    small treasure!
  • LOOT by value. Obviously this varies by campaign and time.

    1. Donald Duck pencil-box
    2. crayons
    3. soccer ball
    4. pack of short joe bronze smokes
    5. cook book with courses on human flesh added by hand
    6. bouque of plastic tulips
    7. car tires (heavy)
    8. giant styrofoam cowboy hat
    9. computer keyboard
    10. computer screen
    11. condoms (probably in a vending machine)
    12. ping pong table (double heavy)
    13. cigarette lighter
    14. tiny hour glass
    15. pokémon card Mr. Mime
    16. broken glasses
    17. wooden baseball bat blunt medium
    18. wooden stake piercing-1 shortest
    19. plastic sandals
    20. dead dog
    21. bubble gum machine (heavy)
    22. empty assault rifle magazine
    23. dud grenade
    24. baseball cap
    25. drivers license belonging to I WILL KILL YOU I WILL KILL YOU rattling
    26. rubber glove
    27. photo album, all faces are missing rattling
    28. glove two fingers missing
    29. stringless cracked guitar
    30. canned meat gone bad

    1. innards of TV with broken screen
    2. pair of sneakers
    3. sun glasses
    4. rusty bicycle (heavy)
    5. bottle of whiskey smelling cologne
    6. radio that only play commercials
    7. large painting of unicorn puking rainbow (the frame is heavy but worthless)
    8. weak red laser pointer
    9. sixpack of elephant beer
    10. large bag of dog food (heavy)
    11. pack of twenty single use razors
    12. brass watch going backwards
    13. swedish wrench
    14. rectal thermometer display in Kelvins
    15. silver bracelet engraved flowers
    16. briefcase full of obsolete money
    17. globe from 1985
    18. pack of dromedar smokes
    19. aluminium baseball bat blunt medium
    20. bottle of mouth wash
    21. blowdryer
    22. single shot flare gun fire short
    23. disco ball
    24. red boxing gloves brawl-1 shortest
    25. three darts piercing-2 thrown
    26. can of tiger balm
    27. hairy rug (heavy)
    28. hand mirror
    29. toy ray gun
    30. life jacket floats (light street armor)
    31. frying pan brawling+1 short
    32. puzzle D100 pieces missing
    33. hardhat (light street armor)
    34. harmonica
    35. sleeping bag
    36. electric iron
    37. christmas lights
    38. leather boots
    39. rubber boots
    40. sheep skin
    41. riot shield (light shield)
    42. fire axe edged medium
    43. motorcycle helmet (light street armor)
    44. jeans
    45. pretty firworks fire medium single use
    46. stuffed falcon
    47. blood stained revolver gun short ammo:3 reliable 5
    48. single use camera D20 pictures left
    49. pen pistol gun-1 shortest pocket ammo:1
    50. tooth paste
    51. ice pick piercing short nasty
    52. guitar missing D6 strings
    53. set of wine glasses
    54. waffle iron brawling+1 short
    55. bucket of glowing paint
    56. pack of 30 nicotine plasters (worn, like cig but no smoke)
    57. sterile first aid from 1972
    58. instruction manual for VCR
    59. programmable remote
    60. cane

    1. swiss army knife edged shortest pocket
    2. bottle of aged wine
    3. leather vest that says WARRIORS (light street armor)
    4. green laser pointer strong enough to light fires close
    5. aluminium scale model of lunar lander
    6. table fan
    7. set of kitchen knives edged short
    8. stack of dirty magazines
    9. warm fake fur coat
    10. hour glass with red sand and skull on top
    11. full body mirror (heavy and fragile)
    12. large painting of dogs playing poker (frame is heavy but worthless)
    13. blowtorch with gas tank (heavy)
    14. wind up phonograph
    15. blender
    16. gameboy with tetris
    17. outboard motor reliable 5 gas:20 (double heavy)
    18. box of twenty cuban cigars
    19. chromed watch going double speed
    20. plastic torso with organs
    21. vacuum cleaner (heavy)
    22. gasoline string trimmer edged-1 long nasty noisy gas:40
    23. NES with Battletoads
    24. football gear (heavy street armor)
    25. inflatable life jacket floats worn
    26. vinyl records of Beatles oldTech
    27. gasoline chainsaw edged medium nasty big noisy gas:20
    28. ceiling fan heavy
    29. gorilla costume
    30. sack of coffee beans (heavy)
    31. soda streamer
    32. ice cube machine (heavy)
    33. adrenaline pen
    34. box of insulin pens
    35. shopping cart full of lightbulbs
    36. can of gasoline (heavy)
    37. hockey gear, mask & skates (heavy street)
    38. book of astrological charts
    39. microscope
    40. Trabant automobile fast+1 reliable 5 oldTech
    41. gas mask
    42. stuffed lion (heavy)
    43. digital camera
    44. pearl studded pipe smoke smells like the sea
    45. jet pack worn heavy reliable 5 gas:3
    46. wasp knife edged or explosive short gas:3
    47. hand crossbow piercing short
    48. typewriter
    49. pair of walkie talkies battery:20
    50. stick grenade thrown explosive medium oldTech
    51. sledgehammer blunt+1 long big heavy
    52. hedge clipper sharp short nasty
    53. power drill piercing short nasty noisy battery:20
    54. nail gun piercing shortest
    55. bag of powdered milk (heavy)

    1. hand carved frame to a painting of fat women (frame is heavy, painting is worthless)
    2. 23 gear mountain bike (heavy) oldTech
    3. small refrigerator (double heavy)
    4. bottle of 30 viagra pills
    5. ruby encrusted sabre edged medium
    6. flatscreen TV (heavy)
    7. persian carpet (heavy)
    8. Skoda automobile fast+2 reliable 10 oldTech
    9. cloak with gold thread scorpion pattern +1 endurance vs poison
    10. mail hauberk (heavy clink armor)
    11. full plate armor (heavy clink armor)
    12. vinyl records of Black Sabbath oldTech
    13. scuba gear (heavy)
    14. fine leather sofa (double heavy)
    15. Ibanez electric guitar oldTech
    16. cello haunting melodies are one step more scary big heavy oldTech
    17. laser carbine fire+1 long battery:20
    18. jar of antibiotics
    19. ornate bronze shield (heavy shield)
    20. soul eating greataxe edged+1 big medium hits suck the soul from the victim
    21. tactical shield (heavy shield)
    22. luger gun short ammo:3 oldTech
    23. nightvision goggles oldTech battery: 20
    24. motorcycle fast+2 reliable 10 oldTech
    25. laser pistol fire+1 short battery:20
    26. segway fast oldTech battery: 20

    Top dollar:
    1. Fission bomb explosion mega (double heavy) oldTech
    2. Land Rover fast+2 reliable 15 oldTech
    3. locked briefcase of gold bars (heavy)
    4. 3 skilling branco error of color stamp on postcard oldTech
    5. atmospheric diving suit (double heavy clink)

    1. Mjolnir electrocution+2 thrown returns to hand oldTech
    2. Space marine bolter gun+2 medium ammo: 5 oldTech
    3. Rolls Royce fast+3 oldTech
    4. Lightsaber red edged+2 medium oldTech
    5. Mosa Lisa (not the painting)
    6. Hind helicopter oldTech
  • Some more dungeon stuff. I can't take credit for all of these since I pilfer blogs and stuff.

    Teleportation discs
    A large techno throne is the teleporter. A dial with different designations control which disc the person sitting in the throne is teleported to when the lever is pulled. The discs are meter wide and a decimeter thick and heavy. Some discs can be placed in dangerous locations and some in hard to reach areas. Also remember that the dungeoneers can carry the discs with them for puzzle solving.

    Electrified door knob
    Door with metal handle and some sort of grounding underneath it, perhaps a shallow puddle or a metal plate. On one side of the door is a car battery wired to the handle in such a way that when someone touches it they take electrocution damage.

    Electrified floor
    Metal plated floor and roof. Smells of ozone. If you pass between you take electrocution damage.

    Room of nooses
    As many nooses as there are dungeoneers in the party hangs from a tree, balcony or in mid air. Hemp rope. If you stick your head in it strangles you, stupid.

    Conveyer belt
    A trap door leads down to a conveyer belt rolling at fast speed with a meatgrinder medium distance away from where the dungoneer landed. Hope your buddies brought rope!

    Blanket ghost
    A huge blanket covers the floor. Something is moving under it. If you shoot it it will sigh and keep moving. If you try to catch it it moves away. If you lift the blanket there is nothing underneath.

    A bee hive and a swarm of bees
    The swarm moves fast and anyone caught in it will be chocking and poisoned unless they have protective gear. If someone has been marked by the swarms pheromones that person is more likely to attract the swarm again.

    Rising waterfall
    It falls up from a pool or stream. If large might be used as an elevator.

    Dinner feast
    20 points of food is set on a table. Exotic fruits, roast fowl, a pig with an apple in its mouth, lots of gravy and cream cake. The food melts when touched but still tastes good and can be drunk or eaten with a spoon.

    Facestealer mirror
    A full body mirror, when you look into it you see the reflektion of a stranger. It smiles and its face warps to become the lookers face. If the mirror is hurt the dungeoneer takes edged damage as if cut by the shards because the mirror has stolen his soul. If the mirror is destroyed the soul will return. Multiple souls can be stolen by the mirror and each one will generate a new image in the mirror.

    The last disco
    A nightclub is housed in the dungeon. Loud music is playing and beautiful people are dancing. If the dungeoneers enter armed everyone panics and runs screaming. If grabbed or pursued the spell is broken and the club people are mannequins

    Frozen monster
    A monster is frozen into a large block of ice. That is melting slowly. In five turns the block will be weak enough for the monster to explode with its muscles/psychic powers. The dungeoneers could try to shoot it now but the ice prison gives it -1 to gun damage for every turn there is left of it melting. With a big edged or blunt instrument a dungeoneer can reduce the number of turns it takes to melt by chipping away ice by one turn extra per turn so four dungeoneers with sledgehammers could break it in one turn (extended). Heat can melt the block slowly but a well placed explosive could make it crack and tear the monster apart. Also there might be loot frozen into the block.

    Black pool of leeches
    A pool of black water is blocking the way. It’s completely black so you can’t see what’s in it. It’s leeches. Wading or swimming through the pool will make some leeches crawl inside and start sucking blood. Minor wound.

    A wall of fire is blocking the way. Either the source is a spell and the fire is purple or it’s physical and yellow/blue and due to a leaking gas pipe. You take fire damage jumping through it. Remember that loot and equipment can catch fire too!

    Glass stairs
    A staircase made out of glass. Requires a MOVE-check or it will shatter and everyone on it will fall and take accidental damage.

    Horde of zombies
    Walking dead and D100 of them! They are critters and require only a single successful attack each to be killed. They are slow and attack on the brawling table with shortest reach attacks. If someone goes down they pile on that poor fucker and up to five get to attack each turn. Watching them consume someone is horrifying and seeing the horde is harrowing unless from a safe distance then it’s only rattling. Hearing them moan in the distance is also rattling. In the dark their eyes glow red and they have nightvision. They can’t see through smoke though.

    A large white tube and some computer who control it. It’s oldTech medical equipment and using it will give a +2 bonus to surgery checks. A scan takes an extented time. It can also be used to diagnosis of unknown internal problems like chest bursters.

    Lurifix the Magician
    Lurifix is a magical dungoen denizen who dresses like Mandrake. He makes all his checks with the dungeons WEIRD stat. He usually sets up some sort of stage and a horrifying show for an audience of enthralled children. Seeing that is rattling. He start with conjuring fruit and coins and stuff before exclaiming he will pull a rabbit out of his hat. He does. Then he pulls his hat out of the rabbit. That is rattling. He will then ask for volunteers from the audience for his next trick. A beautiful woman enters the stage and is put into a box. Then he saws the box and her in half in an obviously non magical manner with guts and blood and screaming. The audience is hooting and cheering. This is harrowing. Then he throws the corpse into the audience and it starts to feast on it, this is horrifying. Should dungeoneers interrupt the show or protest Lurifix might grow angry with them and order his audience to make them dissappear. The audience is fifty+D20 children. Each die in one hit and attack with the WEIRD stat. They cause minor wounds. Lurifix can teleport anywhere with a magic gesture and a puff of smoke with a successful check or shoot a magic missile that does damage on the Weird Magic table. He is not keen to die and will teleport to safety if the dungoneers seem to focus their combat efforts on him.
  • Machine gun nest
    In the middle of a stretch of cratered wasteland lies a concrete pillbox surrounded by barbed wire and some tank stoppers. Inside there’s an undead or maybe timelocked soldier from some world war manning a machine gun gun+1 long ammo:10. He has the suppressive fire skill. The pillbox counts as great cover (-2 to hit). A shallow crater or tank stopper is poor cover, a deep crater is good cover. Getting past barbed wire takes a MOVE check, failre or a poor success nets you a minor wound. Failure also means you end your turn standing by the wire trying to untangle your clothes or skin.

    Mine field
    This might be combines with the Machine gun nest for greater effect. Land mines are explosives medium that go off when you step on them. For each range step you change while on a mine field the Ref rolls HAZARDOUS and on a hit you step on a live mine and take explosive damage+2 and the limb that triggered the mine is mangled. Crossing a mine field safely with a metal detector takes a moderate time and clearing a path takes an extended time. Crawling across with feeling with a sharp object Rambo style takes an extended time and a MOVE check but failure results in triggering a mine (explosive+2 damage).

    Rotten floor boards
    Walking over rotten floor boards either provokes a HAZARODOUS check if falling through will net you accidental damage or INCONVENIENT if you are running like hell and being chased or trying to be silent or something like that.

    Territory of the Rat Clan
    The Rat Clan are a dungeon dwelling people, they try their best to stay out of sight and harms way but like to protect their territory with traps and the help of the numerous rat friends. You know you’re in their territory because you always hear rats crawling under the floor, in the wall or see them scutter across the floor. Each turn you spend there the Red makes an INCONVENIENT check for each dungoneer carrying something remotely edible. Each success means that persons pack is invaded by rats and they have eaten anything remotely edible including food, cigarettes, paper (the map?) or rubber. Packing stuff in bite safe containers makes it safe. Bite safe containers does not include plastic, leather or fabric containers but glass, metal or thick wood. Each turn the Ref pays a THREAT for he gets to make an INCONVENIENT roll and the rats grow aggressive and start to gnaw on the dungeoneers. Roll for each player, success means they take a minor wound. Also all wounds have+1 threat of infection while in the territory.

    The Clan has one stash with all of their treasure in it. It can be anything and the rats respect it enough not to eat it or shit on it. Roll a bunch of D6 depending on the size of the stash and pick from this list if you want some typical LOOT:
    1. bottles of moonshine D20 points of booze, worthless
    2. silver coins D10, each cheap
    3. hairbrush, worthless
    4. set of files to sharpen teeth, cheap
    5. Rat Clan baby
    6. fine moldy cheese wheel, average

    Rat Clan Member
    HIT 11, MOVE 17, ENDURE 12, SEE 14, THINK 6
    Roll D10, 1-5 scrawny, 6-9 wiry, 10 beefy
    They grow a patch brown fur and some have long fat tails. Brown rags cover up areas of their body where their fur is thin or absent. Their front teeth are like those of rodents. The Rat Clan varies greatly depending on the size of the territory but seldom number more than ten.

    Immune to all but absolute darkness.
    Double slippery bastard, +2 when struggling, slipping past someone or running through winding passages
    Double sneaky bastard, +2 when sneaking or hiding
    When brawling they do damage on the When animals attack table thanks to rodent teeth
    Yellowbelly, they all suffer som the ASD and have to ENDURE or run when facing danger

    They still speak human among themselves but quickly and squeakily.

    Rat Clan traps
    The first trap is actually not set by the Clan but by their enemies and usually mark the boundary of their territory. It’s a large very obvious mouse trap baited with D6 points of food, usually cheese or crackers. It’s easy to spring the trap safely with a stick or something but the food is laced with rat poison. Should someone somehow trigger the trap in an unsafe way it deals crippling damage.

    The second trap is a shit pit. Under some rotten floor boards or maybe a carpet they place a board with metal spikes covered in shit. Stepping on it causes a minor wound and the distant threat of infection at no cost. Spotting the trap is -1 when not searching for it specifically and anyone walking over it gets a HAZARDOUS check to step on it. If the check is 15 or better the wound is crippling instead of minor.

    The third trap is a rigged rat nest. It’s a saggy piece of ceiling being supported by a stick or something. A thread is tied between the stick and a wall, when stepping through it the stick dislodges and the cieling piece collapses and a nest of hundreds of rats fall down. They are angry and cause minor wounds to anyone close by.

    Anti aircraft battery
    Either an old AA cannon or missile platform, both oldTech. In either case it has D10 munitions left which are heavy and of average worth if a shell or expensive if a heat seeking missile. They go up in large explosions and have long range. If you dismantle the battery you either get mechanical or electronic gear of average worth.

    Cave of special mushrooms
    A dark cave with weakly glowing mushrooms. Their spores have the properties of hard drugs and spending an extended time in the cave without gas mask has the same effect as if you used the drug including risk of overdose. The mushrooms can in an extended time be harvested to yield D6 hits woth of mushrooms. Roll to determine type of mushrooms growing in the cave:
    1. black (cures migraines or suppresses one source of pain)
    2. white (+1 HIT)
    3. blue (+1 THINK)
    4. red (+1 ENDURE)
    5. yellow (+1 MOVE)
    6. spotted (+1 SEE)
    7. green (poison)
    8. orange (antibiotics)
    9. pink (sleep, same as going down)
    10. light green (Weird magic damage)

    Flesh eating thorn bush
    Bush with big red fruits that smell wonderful and taste even better. Each fruit is worth a point of food and no matter how many you pick there always seems to be more of them. If you move into long reach when trying to take a fruit the bush will try to grapple you (using the WEIRD stat). It has +1 to all grappling and struggling activities. If someone is grappled it starts tearing their flesh up for edged damage each turn. It can grapple multiple victims at the same time.
  • And the tables for random classrooms and lockers in the only dungeon I've actually run (my grade school but overgrown with jungle, invaded by monkeys and also prison to drought spirits. Releasing them is really fucking dangerous since they try to consume all fluid but it might clear the jungle given time. I ran it for two friends both of which went to school with me but they didn't recognize the place. One was shot by the other on accident (instant kill) and the other was mauled by a chimpanzee. They should have brought more dudes.

    The empty medium sized rooms are classrooms. Since it would be a pain in the ass to decide what is in which room and mark it on the map here is a general description of every room and a random chart for what’s unique about it. Roll or pick from the list, same result can’t come up twice, or can it?
    1. Rabid chimp picking through a fresh kill, another dungeoneer?
    2. Mummified class, all chairs are occupied by mummified students and the teacher is leaning against the whiteboard, her mouth yawning open. Some pencils and a couple of readable geography books only worthy loot. It’s rattling being in the classroom.
    3. Door is booby trapped with a frag grenade which goes off when you open the door. The door is good cover though so whomever opens the door takes explosive+1 damage. Inside the classroom is a good cover made from tipped over benches with two mummified dungeoneers sitting behind it. They have a very dry baguette a crossbow piercing medium average and an automatic pistol gun short ammo:4 and one extra magazine in her breast pocket and her partner is still clutching five arrows.
    4. On the whiteboard DONT OPEN IT and a symbol that looks like a door with an S on it is written with a whiteboard marker.
    5. A ring of chairs, a piano, an electric keyboard heavy oldTech expensive and two smashed guitars and a set of drums worthless cheap heavy.
    6. Wood crafts, lots of workbenches, a fixed circular saw, planks and pieces of wood and glue and stuff. D10 tools of cheap worth (knives, files etc) and locked inside a small adjacent room is a blowtorch fire+1 short melee with acetylene gas of expensive worth and a welding mask and coat of average worth (heavy street armor).
    7. Two playful chimps tearing up books, might get aggressive.
    8. A dried up corpse falls out rattling, inside is a stock of old soda cans and a water canteen all empty, some despite not being opened.
    9. Bullet holes in the door, some empty shells inside 9 mm. A dried smear of blood on the wall.
    10. In the teachers desk a confiscated phone. It’s oldTech and worthless since the net has been down for years, can be used for parts or something though.
    11. The jungle is growing in through the windows and cracks in the wall. Big juicy blue fruits grow here. They taste milky and smell sappy. None have been eaten by the apes because they are poisonous. Each fruit is worth 1 point of food but you get poisoned. It’s weak poison though so you are +1 to ENDURE it. The jungle grows so thick you can actually hide in the leaves here and picking all the fruit requires a machete to hack up the vines.
    12. Like the earlier room this one is overgrown. There are plenty of red fruits here, they smell and taste like paprica. Some have been eaten by the apes and there is an ape in here, it might attack. If it hears the players it will try to hide for an ambush! The fruits are edible and worth 1 point of food each and ten of them can be sold for cheap.
    13. More vines and a few spider webs between them. Risk of getting bit by a poison spider! A skeleton is clutching a stick grenade thrown explosive medium of average worth. The bottom is unscrewed though so put it in before picking it up!
    14. Fabric crafts hall, you can find a box of needles of average worth hidden in drawers here. Two people have been mummified and covered in mummy wrapping here, one is clutching a gold ring of average worth under its wrap. A heavy sewing machine of average worth is here and a bunch of rags and a few rolls of thread of no worth.
    15. Door is barred with planks, nails and all the desks stacked up on the inside (side door too), inside is a hammer blunt short of cheap worth and a box of nails. No trace of a body, there is a hole in the wall though and outside there is an old stain on the ground.
    16. Some toppled shelves and ape shit.
    17. A car has driven through the wall here. The engine is filled with leaves and vines and roots and the monkeys have taken the car battery and thrown it into a corner. It is still half full. The gas has leaked out through a rusted hole in the tank. A roadmap over Finland lies in the glove compartment.
    18. Chemistry room, sinks and drafted drawers and lots of vines growing up through the sink. Broken glass and a can of gasol.
    19. Another chemistry room but this one is filled with chloride gas! It is chocking and blinding and unless the door is closed it will spill out. Deals damage on the burns table each turn unless you wear protective mask and tight clothes. Inside the room is shriveled vines and a couple of dead apes and two canisters of hydrogen.
    20. Lots of chalk dust and a black chalkboard as opposed to the whiteboards in the other rooms, if disturbed it is blinding and choking. Searching through the dust will net you a Pokémon card of Magneton and a copper coil of no worth.

    A small L means a locker area which can be looted in a moderate time if you only try the unlocked ones and an extended time if you pry the locked ones open with some kind of instrument. Random chart for stuff you find inside. Just looting the open lockers gives you one roll, prying the locked ones open gives you another for each area.
    1. Box of D20 pencils worthless
    2. Training jacket casual cheap
    3. Moldy shoes worthless
    4. Torn book of history or sociology cheap
    5. Decent condition book of math, chemistry or physics average
    6. Backpack cheap
    7. Mummified child rattling
    8. Candy bar worthless 1 point of food
    9. Pack of smokes hidden under some papers cheap 14 smokes
    10. Some papers worthless
    11. Dead watch cheap
    12. Gameboy with Pokémon Blue average D100 Pokémon caught
    13. Empty soda cans
    14. A single short pencil with chew marks
    15. Smelly hoodie worthless and rugby gear light street cheap
    16. Pocket mirror and dried makeup cheap
    17. Soft air gun looks real tough cheap
    18. Lots of papers, all worthless
    19. Pictures of happier times
    20. Stapler cheap
  • Shit fire and save matches! Wilmer, you've got issues and this stuff is beautiful.

    Clearly what is needed here is not canonical tables found in the book but a gorram wiki. Clearly.
  • Posted By: KripplerMarshall if you haven't read Roadside Picnic you must (I'm pretty sure it's listed in MADCorps inspiration bit but it's very much MADCorp and Rustbelt). Steal the strangeness from it like crazy.
    What is this Roadside Picnic? I'm not familiar with it. I don't think I listed any books other than game books in the influences. If there's a book with the same kind of vibe as this, I'm all over it.
  • Roadside Picnic is a Russian sci-fi story by the Strugatsky brothers. It was made into a movie by Andrei Tarkovsky called Stalker. Dudes go into dangerous areas altered by aliens and collect items so high-tech humans have trouble figuring out what they do.
  • This started out as a monster but I think it would make a pretty cool class.

    Clickeroo (needs better name)
    A camera magician.

    Occult weirdo. Roll D10 for physique: 1-4 scrawny, 5-6 wiry, 7-10 fat.

    Take a magic photo
    To take a magic photo of a thing you need a successful SEE check and a camera with film in it. This takes a quick time but can be done carefully in a moderate time or very carefully in an extended time. You must develop the image to actually make magic, the photos reliable score is equal to the SEE check when taking it. If you tear up a developed photo anyone in it suffer psychic+0 damage. If you burn it they suffer fire+0 damage and risk catching on fire, also the scene catches fire no check needed. A miss means the desired targets are out of focus and thus the image is not magical.

    Darkroom manipulation
    When developing a photo you need complete darkness, some chemicals from your kit, an extended time. You can manipulate the image in powerful ways but for each of these you require a THINK check and extra time on top of the extended time it takes to just develop the photo. Each of these can be done hastily, carefully or very carefully.
    - vanish an object or a creature (moderate time, creature takes weird magic+0 damage, objects vanish as long as this picture retains its magic)
    - add a terrain feature (extended time, maybe bridges, doors, chasms or bomb shelters, they have a realiable score equal to the picture)
    - create an object or creature (moderate time, the object or creature looks real enough and has reliable score equal to that of the picture)
    - retouch wounds (moderate time, make any single wound that is visible in the image one step worse or better, yes you can kill people this way)

    If the picture is destroyed or otherwise lose its power the changes are undone. The ref can introduce the distant threat of a picture losing its power.

    You can manipulate images after they are developed (such a polaroid images). This doesn’t require a darkroom but all THINK checks are -2D. Take more images!

    All of the THINK checks need to succeed or the magic doesn’t happen and the image turns blank. A total fuck up might make things change for the worse with obstacles and monsters being made tougher or even things turning into monsters.

    Stealing souls would be cool but I think that intrudes too much on the Root doctor.

    Capture gaze
    With a SEE check you can capture a monsters gaze attack if you get a better margin than the monster. Also you must suffer the full effect of the gaze to get a really good angle. When developed the photo can be used once as the same gaze attack using the dungeons WEIRD score, then it turns blank.

    Money shot
    A picture of a beautiful place, object, creature or scene can be sold for money. Examples are works of art, flowing lava, fairies or a gory fight. The ref judges the maximum value (cheap for stuff like works of art, average for dramatic scenery (people nowadays don't appreciate ruins or run down shit) or expensive for a beautiful strange creature. Pictures of monsters are worth more the scarier the monster is, pics of Horrifying monsters being expensive. Getting a good shot takes a moderate time but can be done hastily in a quick time (-1D) or carefully in an extended time (+1D). Make a SEE check and check your margin, 1-5 value of shot is downgraded two steps, 6-10 one step, 11+ you get the full value. You can never a picture of the same thing twice and pictures of LOOT only count if you don't bring it out of the dungeon. Who would want a picture when someone else has the real thing?

    Say cheese!
    Any camera flash used becomes magically supercharged and dazes anyone close to it and in its way. Risk of burning out the lamp though. Can be used while taking a photo.

    Starting CRAP
    casual, hip, sharp or rugged clothes
    proficiencies: none
    holsters: 2

    choose 2:
    - view camera on tripod (photo+1 medium big)
    - system camera (photo+1 short)
    - polaroid camera (photo+0 short, develops automatically in a quick time)
    - disposable camera (photo-1 shortest pocket)
    - video camera on tripod (photo+0 medium big, can be set to record and left someplace, film is developed in the darkroom)
    - camcorder (photo-1, has a shitty nightvision function, can be set to record and left on some place, pictures are developed instantly but can’t be manipulated sans a computer program)
    - telescopic lens (equipped camera takes pictures at far range)
    *development kit with chemicals and one of those red lamps
    *darkroom manipulation tools, colors, scissors, tape and other crap
  • Whoa, that's a really cool idea!

    Note to self: wiki must include a "Custom Classes" section. Rock the fuck on.
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