Anyone up for a Dragon Age Skype game?

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I'm getting a Dragon Age Skype game rolling with a few people and had a couple bail on me the other day - so I've got two open slots. We're kicking off the first session Wednesday, October 5th at 10pm EST...probably will run 2 hours or so. I'd like to do some character generation before Wednesday's session. So far we've got an Orlesian Exile Rogue and a Ferelden Freeman Warrior.

Here's the Obsidian Portal page for the campaign: Shadows Over Ferelden


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    Count me in! I'm johnpowell6 over on Obsidian Portal.

    What do I need to know for Character Gen?

    I have the first set in print and pdf, but only the playtest pdf of Set 2.
  • Cool - invite sent! Any of the character backgrounds from sets 1 or 2 are fair game - I don't know how set 2 differs from the playtest pdf, but if you want to use one of those let me know and I'll make sure we're on the same page. There's a forum set up at the campaign page where we can hash out chargen.
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