Accountability vows for october

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J.Walton started this last month so let's keep it up!

My vows for october:

- Finish the resource-sheets for Fabula
- Compiling the game anthology Vortex
- Bring my four campaigns in "Colonial Fabula" further, and start a fifth
- Write four new cycles of poems for my book "Dozendotes"
- Set down in stone the new character-building in Fabula
- Decide on what setting to use in the new edition of Fabula
- Start writing the leader-book for Fabula


  • For October:

    - Make MonkeyCon Zero the best virtual convention that I've ever organized. [OK, it's the only one, but I'm still going to do my best.]
    - Shamelessly post a link to MonkeyCon here. MonkeyCon Zero (it's free!) [Done!]
    - Read Clover.
    - Come up with a second game to run for slot 2 at MCZ.
    - Write up one or two more play sets for The Trouble with Rose game.
    - Play more of my Magical Burst solo game, Yuki's Tale (chapter two.)
    - Start up a new solo game (either New and Magical Land or Total Eclipse, if I get the beta package this month.)
    - Do some audio editing for Porcelain Llama and/or Sunday Skypers post MCZ.
  • For October:

    - Complete Four Playbooks and Scenario Booklet (including layout and art) for 11 11 11 con.
    - Playtest and write-up AP for Murderous Ghosts.
  • Rewrite chunks of my game to work with a new social challenges system
    Finish a demo Goblin World character and intro for Wightbred's Goblin World scenario
    Rewrite characters for Black Sun based on the new social challenges system
    Do a layout for the Black Sun module
  • Fxaa, Social Leaderboards and some way to make money off of 'sixty second shooter'
    Playtest Ben's game, for reals
    Playtest murderous ghosts
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    * Release the damn Rustbelt music CD that I was supposed to release like a week after the game came out.
    * "Scratch rules" (super-double-alpha) draft of Skeleton Krew, which is about skeletons sent on suicide missions in the future, but it's really about guns.
    * Possibly, maybe, scratch rules draft of The Continued Adventures of the Dream & Shadow Huntsman Group (AKA Lunar Notes done right, 'cause it turns out Ron was right when he said the original was a mess.)
  • - Produce a new, massively simplified version of Left Coast that makes it easy for people to read, understand, and organise a game.
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