tell me what you've heard about the world gone weird

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I heard that the Holy Republic of Texas has a totally badass military, because they have to, being surrounded by all those warlords and despots all the time. I also heard it's not a good place to get caught committing a crime, and that they have a pretty broad definition of "crime." What have you heard about it?

I heard that the Denver Wolf likes to blow smoke like he's big time, but he's really just an upstart, penny-ante daimyo. But, then again, that's what they said about Nobunaga. What have you heard about him?

I heard that Hammurabi Musashi II, the warlord who just hegemonized the entirety of what used to be New Mexico, is actually a really fair and just ruler. I also heard that, before he was "Governor" of New Mexico, he had been a soldier, a slave, and an ascetic monk. Have you heard anything about him?

I heard that the Electric Light Overland Stage, a network of cable car trains ranging from most of the Rockies to the Mississippi and from the Great Lakes to the northern borders of the Holy Republic of Texas, secretly records conversations held in their cars, and sells any useful intelligence to the highest bidder. I also heard that, if you were to fly over it in a plane at night, it would look like an electrified spider's web. What have you heard about it?

I heard that the Valley of the Spill used to be home to the city of Holy Wood, a place where the young demigods of the old days congregated, before it was obliterated by the Spill. I also heard that it's full of vagrant, hungry ghosts who will murder you if you stay there too long. What about you?


  • Denver Wolf is a puppet of the Kiowa Kaigwa and the Big Shields up in the foothills. I was up there with Shiro Hattori and a bunch of his scabby ronin looking to either trade a truck full of solar panels for Kiowa gold or take the place over, depending, but ol' Denver Wolf was braced with Kaigwa medicine and carries a holy lance. I saw it with my own eye. So he's nothing, less than nothing, but the Big Shields have got his back and he got a pretty good deal on them solar panels.
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    I heard that the Electric Light Overland Stage, a network of cable car trains ranging from most of the Rockies to the Mississippi and from the Great Lakes to the northern borders of the Holy Republic of Texas, secretly records conversations held in their cars, and sells any useful intelligence to the highest bidder. I also heard that, if you were to fly over it in a plane at night, it would look like an electrified spider's web. What have you heard about it?
    Hah! You know why it looks like a spider's web? 'cause it darn well is. Turns out, there's some giant man-eating thing down there, some say a machine and some say a beast and some say a demon. Say it rides the rails looking for cars or loners to feast on. They say the people running the ELOS runs some sorta scam with the thing, right? It gets food and they get... well, who knows what they get out of it, but they haven't hired any wild old ronin to clear it out yet. 'course, I don't know if it's true, but that's what I hear.
  • I, personally, am not surprised at all about the recorded conversations within the Electric Light Overland Stage, given that it's been rumored to be under the control of the Ghost for a while know, that interconnected series of brains-in-a-jar network. Ever since the majority of the grid went down, their cred rating has fallen pretty far with the loss of the easy access to information; this makes the most sense to get the rev stream back up and running until the grid is rescued. Some say that Musashi engineered the whole fall of the grid simply to get the Ghost control out of New Mexico; but I'm going to call bunk on that.
  • I've heard you cannot sell souls anymore, even souls from before the war are banned in The Free Markets. TFM claims that these souls have been scheming to take over the world, or at least the east-coast, by possessing their owners.
  • Yeah, I saw that weird kid, Sora the Younger come out of a market stall the other day - not to be confused with Sora the Older, who's a different man entirely. Sora the Older lives up there in the hills, in that small temple he built with the antennae on top. Says he can talk to the God in the river up there. All I heard was static, mixed with an old jazz tune. Anyway, Sora the Younger bought a soul, and swallowed it. Last I heard, Control was taking him away. Did you hear that too?
  • I've heard the the Holy Republic isn't that bad - they know they can't bring in a Scanner on every person in Texas, so they mostly don't care if you're sincere. You follow the outer forms, you stay quiet and bow your head during the prayin' times, you keep your hat on, you keep a paper bag on your bottle, and you show a decent fear of whatever god you've got when a Scanner does show up, and they'll suffer a fella to just live.

    Everyone I talked to says the Rangers are a myth, and if they're not, it's not like you'd survive meeting one anyway, so no sense in worrying about them.
  • Everyone knows that the President has been dead for at least eighty years (despite all the speeches and bullshit they send out on the wave), but I heard that what's left of the Secret Service and Joint Chiefs of Staff has been preserving his seed in an underground bunker, waiting for their breeding program to produce a perfect mother to bear the new heir. I wonder where that bunker is?

    Everyone knows that the best thing about wavecomm technology is that nobody can ever trace your signal within the wavespace, since the transmission is superpositioned throughout that wavespace. But I heard that there's no way you can keep anyone from accessing that transmission and listening in, or simultaneously broadcasting a corrupted version and nobody would know which was which. No wonder nobody owns personal computers anymore. I've never been much use at communication tech, so y'all are gonna have to explain to me how people defend against such bullshit long enough to get anything done.

    (ROCK ON, guys, this shit is awesome.)
  • The clandestine pope, high holyness Bobby the Third of the Holy Republic, has stated that Texas is the holy land. The myth of oil originated there, so it reckons. And the pope says that the anointed John Ross Ewing will raise again! And when he does, the Holy Republic will be established on earth, and J.R. will sit on a glorious throne in Dallas! Next week is global prayer week for the resurrection of J.R.Ewing. All believers should gather to strengthen the message! Each and every believer registered in prayer will generate more commercial value in wavespace! Come join us in prayer!
  • Don't go to Monkeytown, they'll take you as a slave, if you're lucky. If not... well, pieces of people turn up now and then. Yeah, they say it's just a big market place and anyone's welcome to trade there, but that's just a scam to catch fools.
  • They may have renamed the place to the Greater Bermuda Co-Prosperity Sphere, but it's still the same old Undersea Republic of Atlantis that invaded Iceland, Ireland and the Caribbean with orca-mounted Sea Rangers supported by magnetic-powered flying submarines. They do cook the best sea food, though.
  • They say if you climb to the observation deck of the Sears Tower and make the proper offerings and responses, then the Sears Dragon will grant you a wish. It's foolish to try, though. Everyone knows that part of Chicago is Squid turf, and you know how those bastards feel about us humans. Still, I wonder what the offerings and responses are...
  • New thing: tell what you've heard then ask a question for someone else to answer. Frex:

    What's this that I hear about the resurgence of the Toltecs? Are they seriously sorcerers?
  • The Frankite cult now rules most of the Valley of the Sun in Arizona from their Great Temple at Taliesin West. While architecture remains their first "law", they have absorbed most of the region's biotech and medical industry, and are designing "improved" human beings. Strangely, while strong, healthy and highly intelligent, these designed humans are universally short for some reason. But despite this small flaw, ambitious potential parents make ELOS trip out to the Great Temple in the hopes of having an improved child.
  • You bet your mother's innocence the Toltecs are sorcerors. Now, it's nothing that the Holy Republic of Texas will ever admit to, but the Toltecs have found a way to tap into the Spine of the Land. They use that stuff to do all kinds of stir-crazy things. Last I heard was that they've set up shop right across the Mississippi, after the Cabal War ended, and that they've started building again. Don't go there to see for yourself, if you know what's good for you. Last I heard from a fella from upthatways was that they'd sent a Preacher out to deal with 'em, but he never came back.

    I heard that a girl in Omaha can Speak with the Great Beast of Winter. D'you know anything about that? What does she want?
  • As I heard it, the Girl (her name is kept secret by the Elders of Omaha) is an orphan, and lonely. One winter's day she got away from her foster home, and lost in a blizzard. She should have died in that storm, but when she thanked the storm out loud for covering her tracks so she could run away, it answered her. The next day she was made a ward of the Elders. She only wants to be the Beast's friend, nothing else. If she had wanted something more, it would have likely never answered her. Now, the Elders probably want to use the Beast as a weapon. Good luck with that!

    I've heard it said that the ghost of New Orleans can be seen some nights floating on the waters of the Gulf, and the if you're lucky (or unlucky) enough you can enter the City and take part in the Eternal Mardi Gras, but you can't ever leave. Any truth to that, you think?
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    I had a guy in this very bar that swears he got all the way to the Pyramid in Lost Vegas. Fella must have been a damn liar though, since y'all know the Burners and that Kingpriest a theirs sends all the folks n' critters they can find ta "Heaven" on that big sky-burner up top of big Black. Yeah, the one you can see cooking the ghosts off the damn sky every this they fire it up. But that fella had a whole necklace a slot tokens from the wayback fer payin' his way, so maybe he weren't such a damn liar after all.

    Damn shame what they did ta that city. Used to be a fine place ta wet yer whistle n' pecker both 'fore they plowed it under. Near all of it anyways. So what if a few folks had done a Deal, cast in with the other side. It ain't like our folks was angels zackly, what with the scourgin' 'n that Containment Act and the Blood Conscript Army folks snatchin' up any body they could find ta brew up them Hellhounds n Reapers n' such. Sure, we don't want the other side up in here, but what they did ta Lost Vegas....... Makes yer bones weep. Half a million souls, all flared off in one sweep.

    Anyway, here's ya bottle. That'll be two bits even, two n' a half fer Union scrip.
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    *****SYNC 66 KCDS*****
    *****CARRIER OPEN*****


    [1728.30] {E26} This is ExFor Team 26 to Cathcart Station, please respond. Over.

    [1729.05] {E26} Cathcart Station, please respond. Over.

    [1730.48] {E26} Cathcart Station, we are not receiving you. This is Captain Grummand, Exfor Team 26. Please respond. Over.

    [1732.02] {E26} Cathcart Station we are approaching gate seven. That is gate figures seven. We need immediate entry protocol and decontamination, over.

    [1735.41] {E26} Cathcart Station, we need immediate entry protocol and decontamination for figures five team units. Please respond, over.

    [1742.12] {E26} Cathcart Station, we are enacting emergency entry protocol five. I have men who need decontamination damn you, we got hit by the Blessed. PLEASE RESPOND, OVER.

    [1751.39] {E26} We are now cycling gate seven Station, please respond.


    [1751.43] {UNK}

    [1751.48] {E26} What the fuck was that? Anyone on this frequency, this is ExFor 26 requesting communication handshake and response, over.

    [1752.09] {ECA} Ik. Ukkk. Tak. Tak. Takkkkk. TaktaktaktaktaktaktakTAK.

    [1752.16] {E26} ExFor Command, this is ExFor Team 26, please repeat transmission. I say again, repeat your transmission.

    [1752.33] {UNK}

    [1752.40] {E26} ExFor Command, what is that sound? Please RESPOND! Wha..... No. YES!

    [1752.48] {E26}

    [1753.21] {E26} Please. Please. Oh God please don't.......................... Yes, I........ Please don't. I don't understand. But we.... everything you asked us to.

    [1753.58] {UNK}

    [1815.22] {E26} We're sorry. To anyone who can hear this, we are sorry. We didn't know. We didn't FUCKING KNOW! ... lied to us. They all lied. I'm so sorry, so sorry. Molly...... I lo..

    [1815.58] {UNK}











    [1816.25] {CORE} ALERT - GENERAL EVACUATION ORDER - YOU HAVE ONE MINUTE TO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    [1816.58] {UNK} Ours. Always ours. Ever ours. Go.



    Drone overflight of Station LV426 "Cathcart Station" revealed the complete absence of all facilities and material previously deployed there. There was no evidence of seismic, radiological or environmental activities capable of eradicating the station. No signs of enemy activity or UFG weapons activity were present. ExFor26 were not present.

    This report is classified Blue Ultra. Failure to obey classification is punishable by banishment or execution.

    Dated 12/25/12 Anno Rex

    -Aspen Prevails-
  • It seems that the Disco King has gone off on a cocaine bender and declared war again. This time he's off against the Cobainite cults on the West Coast.

    Some folks say that the Squids are aliens, but the way I hear it, they're just mutated fish, barely sentient at all. Would explain the way they talk. It's all, "fork off bastardo!" and "Eat a scargo, beetch!" Whatever "eat a scargo" is s'posed to mean.

    I heard that the recent Super-AIDS epidemic in the New Jersey region resulted from the recombo-DNA therapy they've been pioneering at the body mod clinics. Now, I've got nothing against those body mod perverts -- differ'nt strokes and all that -- but somebody oughtta take some responsibility here.

    I heard that the last Pharaoh of Arizona, Great Tucson Two Sheds Eight, was entombed in an inverted pyramid buried in the heart of Death Valley. The pyramid holds many perils, including a curse, but it is said they also buried all his wealth with him. Given that he had conquered all of Nevada in his time, that's probably a lot of wealth...

    Way I hear it, there's nothing left of Nawlins but those damned Dreaded Black Voodoo Snakes. Supposedly you can survive their curse-bite if someone sucks out the venom after coating their mouth with sacramental olive oil, but they'll probably still die unless you can appease Papa Legba, who is said to rule the boundaries between life and death 'round those parts. And who could've guessed that Nawlins was spelled "New Orleans"? Crazy shit. Didn't believe it myself 'til I saw a sign on the highway.

    I heard that the Brick Golem of Toronto is on a rampage again. What set it off this time?
  • (Hey, Jason Morningstar? I gotta call you out. I totally need more cool Native American-themed stuff your post up there. I can come up with Disco Kings and Sears Dragons all day long, but I haven't got enough knowledge of Native American history beyond my home state (Oklahoma) to come up with any stuff in that department, and it really should be in there. The more cultures, the better.)
  • When North America fell to static and crazy ramblings, there were some among us who didn't know what to do, there were others who claimed that it was about time, and there were those who militarized in case the Resurgent Imperialists of China decided to take advantage of the situation.

    When the Resurgent Imperialists went quiet, many of us fell to infighting as the paranoia increased. Perhaps we self medicated to get some good rest, perhaps the spirits of the land infected us, but the paranoia grew and our dreams blurred into our waking world. The Cult of the Rainbow Serpent grew into the Holy Church of the Sky Leviathan, religious wars were fought through the shattered remains of the rusted cancerous cities.

    The wayfarers came to cleanse the ancient highways, road, paths and songlines across the continent. They still have much work to do.

    Most of the young have forgotten about far off lands with exotic names like such as U-rope and Armour-Eeka. Life in Oz is an eternal struggle, and the occasional tidbits of information that filter in from the rest of the world make it seem just as dangerous.
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