[NYC2123 RPG] Some Sample Character Sheets

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Hey Story Games,

Just wanted to share a new set of sample character sheets I've been working on. I'd love to get some curious souls to take a look and tell me if anything looks wonky. The game is based off of the online graphic novel NYC2123 by Chad and Paco Allen. You can find the sheets on my blog here.

I'm fixing on creating a one-page rules sheet and maybe a story-seed/scenario kind of like Lady Blackbird. What do you guys think?


Zack Wolf


  • This looks really interesting! I'd like to see what else you put together for this.

    Maybe just a few questions though:
    -The dice rolling feels a lot like some Cortex/DITV mix, though I'm wondering why the Skills are all 2Ds? My inclination would be to tell the player to take the dice from two Skills (say, you were gonna intimidate some guy, so you'd roll Fighting + Coax).
    This is more just for my own curiosity, rather than a criticism. Just wondering what made you decide on that method. As for the dice mechanic itself, I like it.

    -It looks like Edgar is the only character who gets Nxt+1 when rolling 5+ on two dice? Is that intentional, or do the other characters get that as well?

    -It says you underline a new Talent when you get an advance. Do you only start with one Talent? Or is this some Talent on some sheet of Talents yet to be made?

    -And how do Connections work?
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    Hey, thanks for taking a gander Gremlin! I'll try to answer your questions.

    The dice mechanic is actually based off of a different system I was working on that used "dice pairs", or a set of two dice that you roll to see if you succeed. I took that idea and decided to apply it AW style. In Apocalypse/Dungeon World, when you roll, there are essentially three different outcomes (Good Success, Partial Success, Complete Failure). Which one you get depends on whether or not you roll 7-9 or 10+. I'm not crazy about that. When you roll the dice pair in NYC2123, each die has a chance to show a positive result or negative result, effectively giving us one of three outcomes. Either both dice roll well, that's a full success. If only one die rolls well, that's a half success. If neither die rolls well, it's a failure. So, basically it's a different dice mechanic that results in the same question being answered (good, partial, or bad result to your action). So, to further answer your question, no, it doesn't work like Cortex. You don't roll one die from two Skills, you roll both dice from a single skill.

    Good catch on the Nxt+1 error. Every character is supposed to get +1 to their next roll of that Skill when they get a full success. That was a mistake on my end.

    The "underline a new Talent when you get an advance" thing is an old concept that needs to be editted out. That I need to fix definitely.

    Connections represent relationship seeds for crew members. You should role-play the relationship seeds when you interact with other crew members. When you bring in a Connection to your Roleplaying you can check that box and recieve a +1 bonus whenever directly assisting that character for the remainder of the session.

    To help sum all of this stuff up, I added a single-page rules document which you can download here.
  • Cool. That makes much more sense to me know that I see that.
    And the rules sheet helps a lot too, though I think the correct link, as per your blog, should be this. (Rules_Page as opposed to Rules_Sheet)

    I think I will print these out and bring them along to the game event going on tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm going to keep my eye on your blog for anything you might add.
  • Just out of curiosity, has any one happened to playtest these rules? Got a brand spankin' new baby in the house so my gaming time has be increasingly limitted and I have yet to try out my own game!
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