Online tool handling simultaneous choices for PBP?

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Hi S-G, I hope you can help me.

I have started a Burning Empires PBP game - I was wondering whether any of you have come across some kind of online or email tool that enables two players to send off their individual choices for them to be revealed simultaneously?

For example for scripting: I choose attack, attack, defend and send it off somewhere where I can only see it when my opponent has made his choices.

Does that make sense? Any such thing exists?



  • Roll your own. Have everyone write a sentence with some extra content* and hash it, then post the hash value. Once everyone has posted, everyone reveals what their original sentence was, and everyone else can verify that when they hash the posted sentence, it matches the previously-posted hash.

    * Just writing "attack" doesn't help. You have to write something unpredictable along with it: "attack blargh woot" or something like that.
  • If you're on a forum, post your choices in whispers to yourself and when all the participants announce that they've done so, everyone un-whispers theirs. The system could be cheated, but is it likely to be?
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