The Supercrew, Have You Played It?

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I'm thinking of running The Supercrew this Thursday at a local indie game night, and I'm just wondering if there are any pitfalls I should avoid.


  • Remember that you're playing yourselves. :-)
  • Uh oh, does that mean we get to larp? This could be dangerous.
  • No real pitfalls that I can think of. I've played it once, Eric Provost has run it a few times and loves it, lemme see if he has advice. Quite a fun, simple game about as complicated as RISUS.

  • I love Super Crew!

    When I ran it, we ignored the "You're playing yourself" / "This is what you play between your -real- game" implications. It never seemed necessary or useful to me.

    The random power-type roll in character creation is a bit fuzzy. Ignore it or go with it full-tilt, it doesn't matter. But don't let yourself worry about granular details like "I'm The Lumberjack, I cut things in half with my mighty axe" - is that a skill or an item? Doesn't matter. It's awesome, go with it.

    When I ran it, and the PCs were up against over the top enemies and natural disasters, things worked out awesome. When there was an excess of thinky / moral issues, the thing bogged down. So I suggest you bring on the exploding volcanoes, eye beams, and renegade robots and never let up.

    Awesome-ocity is imminent.
  • Excellent!

    I'm excited about the random power-type, and I figured it's basically there to inspire rather than restrict. You may take Laser-Breath as an attack power, but once the game get's rolling, there's nothing stopping you from using it to weld things together, heat up some leftovers, remove unwanted hair or communicate in over great distances. Hopefully I can convey that.

    And my plan for the play-yourself aspect is to simply let the group decide.

    It's good to know that moral issues bog it down. I'll definitely focus on volcanoes, eye beams and renegade robots.
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