[Settlers of Catan] As Fiction

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I was disappointed to find that the Settlers of Catan novel doesn't have anything at all to do with the mechanics of the board game, since I have a lot of unanswered questions about those and was hoping to see some abstractions made more concrete. Let's play! I'll start with a couple of examples of what I'm looking for, in the form of excerpts from the better Settlers novel that could have been.
Tristan stepped into the glowing circle at the water's edge. Instantly, the un-voice spoke. 'YOU HAVE BROUGHT THE REQUIRED SACRIFICE?' Tristan struggled to hold the twin lambs within the protective bubble. 'My master, I have. I would enact the ancient bargain.' 'THEN TAKE YOUR USELESS ROCKS, AND QUENCH MY THIRST WITH BLOOD.' 'It will be as you wish, great nameless one.'
He squatted on his stout chair, muttering to himself. 'Two, two, two by two. God commands it, two by two. Give me two.' Brunhilde reached out to comfort him, but Eon slapped her hand away. 'No! Only logs! Only two logs! I'll give you anything, anything, for two exactly two logs two by two.' Choking back a tear at the old man's perfect isolation, Brunhilde connected with him in the only way anyone ever knew how, with timber on the scale.
Old Hansel spit on the ground. 'Tain't natural. I done sheared these sheep four times this month, and the wheat ain't grown an inch since June. And I think it's Tristan what done it, consortin' with the devil and taken to all wickedness.'


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    C'mon, folks! This can be fun!
    Victorious, Brunhilde stood on the shore and gazed out to sea. An idea took shape in her head, and she roughly took hold of a sheep and a two-by-four... TO BE CONTINUED
    Also, slash.
    "Our love is forbidden,' whispered Brunhilde. But the green meeple put a chunky paw to her lips - they were safe, lying alone in his vast field, the walls of the many cities on the plain rising all around them.
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