[world gone weird] benefits of fame, infamy, wealth, etc.

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I'm working on this sandbox adventurey campaign thing using MADcorp's rules as a base. The general idea is that there's all these situations out there in this world gone weird that the players can choose to insert themselves in, in order to leverage the situations toward personal gain. As part of that system, I want PCs (and the resources available to them) to be able to progress along several tracks: experience, wealth, fame, infamy, and recognizance of deeds by powers that be. Basically it's a pick-you-prize thing, once you've accumulated enough points in an individual category to earn a "Perk."

Experience I've got down. Help me think of Perks for the others.

When you get wealthier, you could:
- Buy some property (house, land, etc.)
- Buy controlling interest in a corporation
- Start a business

When you get famous, you could:
- Get a corporate sponsorship
- Star in a reality show
- Get a movie deal

When you get infamous, you could:
- Have an "in" with (insert shady/criminal group here)
- Have a badass reputation in (insert region here)

When you perform enough deeds, you could:
- Receive a title from a ruler
- Receive an official appointment from a ruler
- Rise through the ranks of a ruler's army or whatever

And maybe there's some combinations. Enough Fame + Deeds and maybe you could campaign for governor of some territory or other and get elected.

Any ideas?


  • When you get famous, you could just get more famous, sensu-Warhol*-famous, Paris Hilton-famous, with no additional benefit. (Seriously, I think that might be interesting.)

    * How would you decline that to genitive? My Latin is not up to a Polish challenge.
  • Sure, sure! Stuff with no clear benefit is fine. The players pick what they want, and I don't care whether they want it for benefit or just 'cause.
  • That's awesome, because if I'm going to play your (really cool!) game, I want to portray the Paris Hilton of competitive subterranean goblin murder-theft. He wouldn't be especially good at killing goblins, and wouldn't have a lot of stuff, but he'd always be in the writeups.

    So, some other stuff, riffing on this. I've always wished that bards mattered more in my games, that there were a meaningful fame mechanic just slightly more interesting than the stupid reputation rolls most games offer. I would love to have:

    When you get wealthier, you could:
    - Establish a brand
    - Extend your brand (sponsor other adventurers?)

    When you get sponsored:
    - Clothing/gear line (like MMA fighters and board sport athletes sometimes do IRL)
    -- this would be especially cool in MadCorp, with its look rules! IRL, I get a warm feeling when I run into people wearing Steelers jerseys... it would be fun if you could start off with +1 bond for other people wearing the same adventurer/team's gear. "Oh, so you're a Gwarl Ovenwhisper fan, too?" "Yeah, man, how about the way he ran the Flickering Exit Sign! So sweet!"
    - Perfume or potion
    - More famous, no other benefits
    - Internet highlight videos with properly licensed (or custom-commissioned) music
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    Infamy could be used straight as a bonus to intimidation but also to measure the price on your head when you get one. After all, a high price indicates difficulty/danger in catching you rather than urgency. From this you could derive how high profile any bounty hunters will be as well. Also getting threatened by someone infamous is way scarier than someone who just looks dangerous.
  • Yes! Excellent! Bounty hunters! Clothing lines!
  • In a democracy, there is often a path between fame and power... And this isn't just modern democracies, either. It worked that way in Classical Athens sometimes, too.
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