[HotB] Monster Blood Tattoo

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So, I've been reading these books since the beginning, luxuriating in the wonderfully bound and plated hardbacks and have always done the RPG 'what if'?
Until today...
I'm visiting in Canada, went to local game store in Edmonton and picked up Houses of the Blooded since I've been meaning to for a while (though its hard to get a hold of in Australia), and gave it a good read. I like the way John thinks, a lot. I really do think that there is a great story game merge between these two brilliant creative works. A shared narrative game built around tragedy, on sedorners and bogles, lazhars, skolds, scourges, and any other kinds of terotologists and their nicker antagonists. Of noble intrigue, politicking and revenge....

Anyone else thought about this? Anyways, I'm going to jot some notes into my journal and once I get home and cross reference my MBT books I'll post a few concepts on running a HotB game set in the world of the Half Continent.


  • Wait, why on Earth is it called "The Foundling's Tale" in the U.S. and Canada, but still Monster Blood Tattoo elsewhere? Some sort of weird copyright conflict?
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