Need help with the anti-demon manifesto

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Queen Amethyst rules the shifting city of Misplaced much like a sadistic carriage driver. She and her 7 Demonic Husbands (each of which has a ministry) are often content to let the citizens live with a certain degree of material freedom, but punctuate this tolerance with acts of savage violence justified by reference to laws that are rarely enforced.

The Fifth Manifesto is a series of articles which collectively form a very persuasive and multifaceted argument against tolerating demonic rulership.

This pamphlet is usually reproduced by printing in small text on one side of a broadsheet.

Possession and distribution of this pamphlet is strictly illegal, as it is fundamentally a call to arms against the rule of Queen Amethyst.

(Please post articles of the Manifesto below!)


  • (I just want to say that this sounds really cool. Will be looking forward to reading the Manifesto.)
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    34. Demons, by their very nature, are opponents and perverters of mortal well-being. Their pleasures are derived entirely from sins, which are fundamentally actions that we take against our own interests, or the interests of our fellows.

    (Thanks Paul!)
  • More fodder: When the Manifesto was written the 7 husbands were:

    Cairn: A grub demon (a highly accomplished larvae), Minster of Taxation.

    Effete: A very thin man, extremely harsh and sometimes puritanical. Minister of War.

    Angry: A demon that appears to be an angel-winged, light-blue-skinned man. Minister of Justice.

    Prong: Unknown appearance, believed to be invisible. Minister of the Interior.

    Hopeless: A half-dozen childlike bodies with a single mind. Empty eye sockets do not impede his vision whatsoever. Minister of Foreign Affairs.

    Dorsal: Fat man demon, Minister of Industry.

    Patience: Body made of writhing eels constantly constricting one another. Minister of Public Works.
  • 18. If you want a glimpse of the terror that awaits us, consider the dozens of wet nurses seized from the districts and forced to suckle the Queen's recent litter.

    What future horror do we cultivate when we train these demon infantes to think of their subjects as food?
  • 30. Despite his angelic appearance, statues of Angry as the embodiment of 'Justice' make a mockery of the term. He is by his own admission a demon. That such a monster could be granted the title 'Minister of Justice' is an outrage that cannot be overlooked.

    31. Angry by his own admission enjoys collecting the souls of the executed. Not only are his laws unjust, but those who are killed under these unjust laws face unjust fates in a tormented afterlife!
  • Demons are bad, M'kay
  • Posted By: stefoidDemons are bad, M'kay
    And politicians are corrupt - what are you trying to say?
  • Sorry - south Park reference.

    drugs are bad mkay
  • :)

    So the 5th revolution needs money too. Anyone have ideas on how to talk about Cairn, the grub-demon minister of Taxation, and call for financial support?
  • Well, that's easy enough. Simply imply to him, subtly, that it's possible the revolution could take up the theory that "higher" orders of demons are "eviller", but that a "lowly" grub-demon like himself might come out quite for the better, especially compared to his condescending "peers".
  • OH! That gave me an idea.

    25. A Minister of Taxation must execute his duties in the public interest, but Cairn the Grub instead exults in the misuse of funds. He is carried through the streets on a gilded palanquin by a dozen slaves, and pays onlookers to strike one another for his personal amusement. By withholding taxes you help protect yourself and your fellows.
  • 22. The Ministry of the Interior's only function seems to be that of suppressing dissent. Their secret police may arrest any one, at any time, for any reason. There is no trial and no recourse except massive bribes. If the bribes are not paid, usually the prisoner is never seen again. In those rare cases where the prisoner is seen again, it usually actually Prong, wearing his or her flayed skin.
  • 1. Many believe that demons, while evil, are tolerable rulers of our city. This is manifestly not the case. By tolerating demonic rulers we are worsening our own suffering and the suffering of the entire population.
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    2. It is our common human duty to resist, oppose, and work towards the overthrow of the demons, and particularly their Queen. Any human who stands aside in our struggle, or worse, opposes our struggle, is as much an enemy of humanity as the demons are, and should be treated as such.
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    4. Demons do not age, if we do not act before they consolidate their power further our children and grandchildren will have no chance at freedom.

    5. The demons write laws in living demonic runes that can be changed at any time without warning or justification. This is worse than having no laws at all.
  • 3. The official doctrine that states the Queen is a human woman who bound demons to her service is an abominable falsehood designed to appease the masses. No human could rule for hundreds of years, take demons into her bed, and show no sign of age or weariness.
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    1A: There are those who who caper and preen for demonic attention, who gorge themselves at the demons' trough, who enrich themselves from the demons' purse, who enhance their standing with demonic patronage, and who exalt the demons as rightful and natural rulers.

    We will not flatter them by dubbing them collaborators. We will know them as traitors, and we will ensure that these lickspittles follow their masters into exile or oblivion.
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