Crossroads: The Booth at the End RPG - it's here!

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If you've watched Chris Kubasik's awesome Booth at the End series, I know you'll want an RPG along those lines. Luckily I've written one. It's called Crossroads and has been accepted for the Danish convention Fastaval in April 2012. If you are facilitating it at the convention, you get a free copy from me. If not, you can buy it from Lulu very cheaply.

What it really is: it's a story game with predefined characters designed to run in less than two hours. It takes a facilitator and up to four players. It's been playtested like mad and it delivers. Every time.



  • I thought The Booth At the End rpg was Sorcerer? ;)

    Congrats, though. It sounds cool. Also, what does it mean to be "accepted" by Fastaval?
  • It is! - this is just my feeble attempt using a very lean Apocalypse World-based mechanic.

    Accepted means that you submit your scenario idea to the convention and if you get selected, your game will be played at the event.

  • Per, any chance you could post a small preview, like maybe a table of contents and a character sheet or so?
  • Joseph, there's a preview available on Lulu, one of the pages is the table of contents. Click "preview" under the picture of the cover.

    The character descriptions (not really sheets as such) are two pages short, with name, age, "job", "desire", and a short paragraph why. Most of the two pages for the players are a quick how the game works in play.
  • It's an awesome game and I can recommend it to anyone who's thinking of getting it.
  • I'm really excited for this, Per. I love the AW mechanics and I ADORE the Booth at the End, so I feel like I can't lose. I'll let you know after I muster up the cash. :)
  • I have included a free PDF version of the game if you buy the book. Email me or PM me if you buy it and I will send it to you asap!

    The PDF is good to have to print the cards and the player pages instead of ripping them out of the book :)

    (Lulu sucks - any suggestions for better POD services in the EU?)
  • This looks cool! I'm a huge fan of the TV show.

    Out of curiosity, what's your arrangement with Christopher and the TV show peeps? Just a wink and a nod? Something more official?
  • No arrangement at all - just a "hey I loved that series, here's my take on it in story game terms." I sent a copy to Chris Kubasik and he liked it :)

    I haven't used anything from the show as such, it was merely an inspiration, and I mention it in the credits. In fact I was trying from the start not to name it Booth at the End RPG, but everyone else seemed to think otherwise.

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