[Story Games] List of Cool Free Stuff like Demos, Hacks, Games, Ect...

List of Cool Free Stuff!
Below is what I'm hoping to be the "unofficial master list" of Cool Free Stuff that has appeared on Story Games throughout the years. I'm talking about game demos, quickstarts, mini-games, micro-games, full games, hacks, tools, toys, and whatever else fits the "CFS" catagory. If you think it was cool and we don't have to shell out any loot to get, post it here! At the very least, this should be useful for newcomers who want to get an idea of what types of games this site fosters. I'll kick it off with some of my own crap that I put out for free...

NYC2123 Characters and Simple Rules
This is a simple set of pregenerated characters and light rules for a pick-up game I was planning based off NYC2123.

I Am A Survivor - Character Sheets and Quick Rules
Another micro-game I released for free. Initially it was designed for a zombie-apocalypse game, but I later revamped it for general post-apoc craziness.

Legends of Fallenthrone
A basic hack for Danger Patrol that departs quite a bit from the source material with some terminology changes. Still, it should be easy enough to pick up and use if you're familiar with Danger Patrol by John Harper.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone for posting all these awesome links! Best idea for a thread I've had in a while...


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