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Hey folks,

The last time I was at Gencon was in 2009, and before that 2006.
I'm thinking about going this year as an exhibitor, as I will have a number of games to retail (Perfect Unrevised, Monsterhearts, Ribbon Drive, possibly a fourth).

What booths are happening? Which people are looking for boothmates and booth organizing support?
If you'd like to talk privately about this, we could start a whisper chain or take it to email (my last name at gmail).
If you'd like to talk openly about this, that'd also be awesome.

If I could find booth buy-in for an affordable rate, and crash space somewhere reasonable, I might be in attendance.


1.) Are booths still the best way to sell? Or should I be looking at running lots of games and vending out of a backpack? Something else?
2.) Other tips and suggestions? Is Gencon dead? Should I go elsewhere? Should I start my own convention in Indianapolis the week after? What?


  • Design Matters isn't happening this year (unless someone steps up).

    IPR does a fine job of just selling your stuff, low risk to you. Last year their space wasn't great and you couldn't actually really be an exhibitor per se, just sell stuff through them.
  • People said positive things about the Game Publishers Association:
  • Clyde Rhoer was mentioning a stand. I don't know what happened with it.
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    My advice: Don't 'vend out of a backpack'. Completely aside from the ethical reasons not to, GenCon takes that stuff pretty seriously (as they should) and if you're caught you'll get booted and banned.

    I definitely recommend the GPA. A membership with them also gets you good access to Origins if that's something you're interested in (we're running Indie Games On Demand there, in case you hadn't heard!). Selling through IPR will cost you significant margin, BUT they'll handle everything and if the idea of your game in retail tickles your fancy, they're a decent way to go, as is Impressions, who act as a consolidator for the hobby game trade.
  • Posted By: GrahamClyde Rhoer was mentioning a stand. I don't know what happened with it.
    On his G+ page, Clyde said he's not doing Clydebooth this year. Maybe next.
  • Hey Joe,

    I'm biased, but my suggestion would be to default to selling through IPR and then spending your time at Games on Demand running your (and other people's) games. If there's another booth option (Design Matters, etc.) that you prefer, by all means do that, but I still recommend coming over and running games instead of standing in a booth trying to hone your sales pitch.
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