Morning Head

I stumbled across this awesome Kickstarter and figured that those of us who love to go to cons but who shower at night (or who wake up late for their slot with a hangover) might want to consider the benefits of getting morning head.


  • This doesn't seem like it serves any value.

    It's actually really easy to put your head under a tap without getting water everywhere. It involves strategic use of a towel.
    The other option is to shower.
  • Nothing gets me up and at 'em like morning head.

    Wait, what?
  • I personally prefer to shower at night, and I have trouble getting my head under, well, most taps. I guess I must be suffering from big MFin' head syndrome, lol. But in any case, I'll be receiving Morning Head for that reason, and so I thought it'd be neighborly of me to share the link.
  • I take a sheet before a long road trip.
  • Just because it's more comfortable to sleep while covered in your own sheet than someone else's, no matter how much they claim to have washed it?
  • this thread is not what i hoped it would be about ^_~

  • Your own sheet always smells better, too.
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