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Ran a one-shot of Dragon World. A Nutjob Cleric of the Four Winds and an Angsty Shadow Warrior sought adventure and eldritch lore in a glacier-surrounded, Vampire-ruled Kingdom at the North Pole of a fantasy world. A drunken sage was encountered, the depths of an arcane library plumbed, and unwise sermon was preached in a vampire cathedral and a whale fell from the sky for no apparent reason. Also much stew was eaten, much raw alcohol was consumed, checkers was played with a dragon and and an inter-dimensional dungeon popped up from nowhere.


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    Lies Lies and Lies!

    Xhenyu (the Sparrow) and Yu-Chen (the Horse) return to the tea shop to discover it's on fire! The Panda who runs it rushes out to them to enlist their help. It's not that the tea house is on fire, it's the "Five Assassins... I mean, Warriors... I mean... Thugs in there. They're looking for you... I mean, they've already found your companion Kian Hwe! He's in trouble! He might burn alive! There just men looking for money."

    What made the session stand out was that I told them flat out that the Panda was lying to them, but that they would need to roll to see through it. And as players, three of them chose not to roll dice. They chose to have their characters convinced by the lie. And they maintained that separation of knowledge for the rest of the night. Little things like that make me so happeh!

    In other news...
    Xhenyu rushed away from the tea house to find Nanwu (his former master) and discovered her meditating over Kian Hwe's unconscious body. Xhenyu asked about Kian Hwe, and why Nanwu wasn't assisting with the tea house fire.

    "Xhenyu, we need to leave." she patiently intoned. "Your companions will only slow us down, and they have brought the Duke's Assassins to our heels. Abandon them and follow me through the old paths, and we can live."

    Xhenyu nervously considered his options, just as Kian Hwe (finally passed his rolls) and woke up.

    .. awkward...

    "He's dead weight and we can't afford to carry him. And his slave has too big a mouth." Nanwu continued, and all three of them nodded in agreement: master, pupil, and barely conscious Kian Hwe.

    "But he saved my life" Xhenyu started.

    "And I owe mine to another" Kian Hwe finished as he shook himself to standing and began shambling towards the tea house.

    ... a blink of time later ...

    Kian Hwe took a sweeping attack to the abdomen and collapsed to his knees, dropping his noble sword in his own blood. His own assailant finally succumbed to the smoke and collapsed unconscious. Xhenyu tried desperately to take down the other, the Boar, but he couldn't pierce his armor and thick hide. The Boar lifted Kian Hwe's broken body and ran from the tea house, trailing blood through the streets.

    Elsewhere, Nanwu left the city walls and blended into the brush.
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    D&D4E, session 45, "The Gardener."

    The Gardener is a reskinned sea kraken who nests in the cold sleep facility of the crashed Rhennee starship Odyssey.

    It treasures its patches of mouthgrass and likes to keep them well fed, so it regards the band of adventurers who are exploring Odyssey as a great convenience!

    I had fun during this session, but I feel grind creeping in. The Gardener was a 12th level solo soldier and its hit point score probably eclipsed some attention spans. I need to revisit my 4E anti-grind techniques.
  • The One Ring
    The companions capture Smeagol trespassing on Beorn’s land. The punishment is trial by combat, to the death. To make it fair, Smeagol will face Trotter, a Halfling. Trotter wants nothing to do with a fight to the death and manages to free the prisoner by appealing to the guard Beran’s sense of justice and honor. Fuming, Beorn orders Beran to track the prisoner to ensure he leaves beorning land.
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    Monsterhearts seductions:

    Zoey, a Hollow who was once a cat turned human by accidental witchcraft, sees her fellow barista gets her way with the boss by sleeping with him. So she decides to seduce the boss as well, but what is this foreplay stuff? Why doesn't he just take her? And when Lydia comes in, in the middle of things, she doesn't see why it bothers her boss so much. And afterwards, when she asks her boss to fire Laura, she doesn't understand why she's the one who gets fired. "But - but my scent is on you now, just like hers was..."

    And, the ultimate revenge on a gay-basher: Crow the Fae seduces Chuck, the bully football player who used to torment him in high school. They get a room. Afterwards, Crow uses 'manipulate' to get the football player to admit he's always been gay. "I'm ... I'm gay?" Chuck cries. And then, Crow uses his sex move to ask Chuck to promise he'll come out of the closet. But no, Chuck isn't ready for that, so Crow gets two strings on him.

    Later, though, when Lydia the witch is in her darkest self, she hexes Chuck to tell the truth, and because she's darkest self and the hex had unfortunate side effects, Chuck just won't stop talking about it.
  • Do not do it because it is right. Do it because I command it!"
    Xanthius, Russell's character to Doug's character, Vaneer, on speaking the Word of Unmaking in Lost Days of Memories and Madness (or the Elf Game with Long Name).
  • Reminds me of one my favorite gaming quotes of long ago: "Don't listen to your conscience! Listen to me!!!"
  • A Monsterhearts first session that started with a bang:

    In the home room, before we've even introduced one of the PC's, Trevis's Ghoul goes Darkest Self and starts chowing down on a poor NPC while the Chosen tries to restrain her.

    Yeah, that pretty much kept things moving all session. The ghoul killed herself in an interrogation room later. She came back to life while being autopsied, scared off the coroner, stuffed her guts back in her body and ran.

    So the police think she's dead, which could be a good thing. But it seems pretty clear she won't be going back to school this quarter...
  • Fiasco, New York 1913. Ernest inherited all the family money, Imelda got none, and he refuses to share. She gets by working at the department store in the jewellery section; she's been stealing bracelets and necklaces here and there, but she's planning on taking home a larger quantity soon by doctoring the shipping invoices so nobody will know the jewels are even missing. Ernest is a rich playboy who hangs around with crooks and organizes heists for the fun of it. He has an unhealthy obsession with Frankie the waitress, who is stringing him along in hopes that she can steal the take from his next heist. Turns out his next heist is a sadistic plan to have a couple of his goons rob the department store and pin it on his sister Imelda, whom Frankie has already witnessed stealing from the store.

    The night before the Ernest's heist, Imelda sneaks into the department store after hours to doctor the invoices. Frankie follows Imelda into the store, and Ernest follows Frankie, stalker-style. Ernest trips an alarm and hides, but Imelda spots Frankie and when the cops show up she uses her status as an employee to pin it on Frankie. After the coast is clear, she confronts Ernest, who confesses that he was plotting a heist (but leaves out that the wheels are already in motion for it to go down tomorrow). Frankie grows a conscience and turns herself in to the police, hoping to reveal Ernest and Imelda's larcenous activities, but they throw her in a holding cell.

    The next day, (while the store is closed for Sunday), Ernest's goons catch Imelda sneaking in again to finish what she started the night before, and force her to let them in. The goons, being none to bright, decided to bring dynamite with them to blow up the safe, which was never part of Ernest's plan. A big explosion in downtown New York on a Sunday causes the city to go crazy, and after a short chase Imelda gets taken in by the police. Against all odds, Ernest's goons get away scot free, and he reaps the profits. Both Frankie and Imelda get put away in the slammer - doing time makes Imelda harder, but Frankie just goes to pieces. A couple months later, when Ernest comes to visit his sister at the women's penitentiary and gloat, Frankie screams and begs him to help her, but he looks at her with distaste, the very sight of her in such a state curing him of his obsession - he leaves her to rot.

    Ten years pass, and a tougher, meaner Imelda emerges from prison, armed with new criminal connections and a voracious appetite for revenge. Meanwhile, at his summer home in Nantucket, Ernest lounges happily with a harem of red-headed girls who look an awful lot like Frankie. He has no idea that his sister is coming for him...
  • Over dinner tonight, some roommates & friends suggested we should play Monsterhearts. So we jumped in right after clearing away the dishes. Of the four players, only one is an experienced roleplayer (the others have played a single structured-freeform game, and that's it). It went really well, and they're stoked to play again.

    Best 1.5 scenes:

    Party at Kara's. Cassidy (the mean werewolf chick) decides that this party sucks and Kara is an asshole, so she's going to go trash some bedrooms upstairs. She's surprised to find Kara's dad is at home, secluded in his bedroom watching Saturday Night Live and pretending that his daughter's party isn't out-of-control. Quickly revising her revenge plan, Cassidy seduces Kara's dad (Rudy), and then convinces Rudy to kick everyone out and shut the party down. He does, and then returns to his bedroom, and he and Cassidy have some growly sex that Kara can't help but hear.

    Meanwhile, Kara's trying to score with Marcell (the vampire lacrosse player). He came to the party straight from the hospital, where they put his arm in a cast after he sustained a lacrosse injury. "The doctor give you anything for the pain?" she asks. "Yeah, T3s." "Do you think they could fuck us up? Like, should we take some and get wasted?" So they take a couple T3s and drink some more. Kara turns to Marcell and says, "I'm getting pretty sloppy, so... if we're going to do this, we should do it now." Marcell's player nods, about to describe how Marcell takes Kara right there on the couch. Then he glances at the Vampire's Sex Move. When you deny someone sexually, take a String on them. So, instead, Marcell says, "You know what? I've had a long night, and I really just want to get wasted and hang out. We should just put on another episode of friends, okay?"

    A defeated Kara sets up the next episode of Friends. Marcell gains more power over her. The two of them sit there staring at the TV, the sound barely audible over the loud sex that Cassidy's having with Kara's dad in the next room.
  • Posted By: McdaldnoCassidy seduces Kara's dad
    Monsterhearts: the game of seducing people's dads.
  • Mister Proper is flustered. Tomago, that asshole biker chick just stormed into the Commonwealth and stabbed Cookie, his manager. There's a naked girl on the table, and those unclothed heathens that just walked out of the desert are chanting over Cookie's body as he bleeds out on the table. Proper is, however, most concerned with the affront to his dignity. There's blood everywhere, Tomago kicked down the door, and class was likely disrupted! He shouts her down, demands she reimburse him for the losses caused here. Tomago stands her ground.

    Then her lover and former first-in-command, the girl on the table, breathes her last breath. The biker girls begin to wail, and the sounds of mourning fill the town.

    In the other room, Lark, the leader of the Tongues, spills her blood into Cookie's mouth, and he is healed.

    Other bloody details: Tomago's gang steals boards off of the town's houses to build a funeral pyre. One of her girls is seduced by the Tongues in their pleasure yurt, and then has her hair chopped off for fucking outside of the biker gang. Proper does his best to maintain the reputation of his center of learning, and hauls a drugged-up student back to the Commonwealth. Lark sees the whole of the world slipping into the sea, kills a junkie to amplify her connection to The Murmur, and begins to plan the next cannibal blood frenzy.
  • Dungeon World via Google hangout: Austin/Durham/Turin/Milan. I build this "fetch it" quest dungeon, with the added spice that only one can return with the McGuffin and will become the new Duke or Duchess. A suspicious wizardly vizier is int he mix as well, waiting int he wings. My plan was to have him come down and betray them once they located the McGuffin. I build a map and cover it with black boxes, revealing as they explore, it felt very old skool.

    Half an hour in the evil thief gets killed by ravenous fire beetles! GIulia decides she'll return to the action as the vizier, happily derailing my "betrayal by evil vizier" plan but basically doing it herself.

    Traps are triggered! Levels are upped! The ranger cleverly frees the McGuffin from its undead owner, only to die beneath a horde of his own undead ancestors! The dwarven cleric dies, too, but Death makes him a deal. He agrees to avenge the insult all this undead nobs are to Death, by destroying the necromancer who made them. In the process the cleric swaps alignment and makes a deal with the evil vizier - the vizier gets to be the new Duke, but the cleric gets to overlay an evil theocracy on top of it. They are both good with that. Problem solved.

    I liked playing with distant friends. Google hangouts worked flawlessly, at least for a fairly low RP game like Dungeon World. Next I want to try something all emo.
  • Played some Zorceror of Zo with the Sunday Skypers crew this weekend and had a blast. New characters all around; Peter was a mix of lost boy and Peter and the Wolf, Kidd was about the same age and a mixed up sorceror, Flynn was Oliver Twist with a magical hat, Maestro Monkey was a child-sized cymbal swinging sapient toy. With orders from the Zorceror, our intrepid band of adventurers set off to Giallo to save a royal wedding from an evil mage. It very much came off as like a Disney story with kids as the heroes. Kind of nice to get away from the grim and dark role playing for a bit.
  • Fiasco.

    We killed Stephen Hawking.
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    School Daze

    Students plan to break into the school to steal the answers to their final exams. School has beefed up security, with German-esque guards, and dogs. Students end up in the boiler room, fighting pesudo-Nazis that turn out to be theater students working on their own final. Digital companion of reclusive nerd gains moderate sentience and tries to take over the school so she can be with her love For. Ev. Er.

    Test answers successfully recovered, AI threat neutralized by turning off the power button on nerd's phone. Everyone parties at the house of the football captain, because every student passed their finals (thanks to the recovered test scores).
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    D&D 4E Session 46, "Floating In A Most Peculiar Way"

    The Crimson Blades fight a beholder in the zero gravity cargo hold of the starship Odyssey.

    The Snake Druid leaps across the hold and wraps itself around the beholder, constricting it! The beholder, unused to fighting up-close and personal, tries to shoot the Druid with its domination beam, and hits itself. The psychic feedback dazes it!

    Later, the beholder comes to its senses and bellows "LAUNCH FIGHTERS!" Beholder broodswarms eject from its oversized aberrant pores, and they make the Snake Druid wish he'd just stayed home, molting...

    Damn I love 4E.
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    Johnzo, you had me at "LAUNCH FIGHTERS!"

    Microscope at Story Games Seattle. We play the rise and fall of a noble family.

    “…and they flee to the colonies to escape oppression.”
    “This family is always fleeing things. That should be their family crest: Fugit Omnis!”

    Lots of juicy human drama. I'm fascinated by the parts of the game where everyone knows there's something we know we don't know in the history, but we haven't shined a light on it yet:
    It’s strange, but I actually love those “mystery” moments, when everyone at the table can see some central unanswered question. I think it’s great stuff, because we’ve pointed this huge spotlight on a critical juncture in the history, and we all know the question is sitting there unanswered, but no one has gone quite so far as to shine the light right on that moment and reveal the truth. That anticipation, everyone’s brains’ churning over what it might be, that’s good stuff. It’s like xmas morning.
    Fugit Omnis
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    Fiasco at Story Games Seattle: Crocodile Tears
    …what started as a seemingly normal story of political corruption, high school grudges, drugs, racial insensitivity and wetlands conservationism turned into a sordid tale of forbidden love, hot-blooded passion meeting cold-blooded reproductive cycles… and then getting eaten in the middle of the Columbus Day parade while the baton-twirling tweens of the Young Girls Hiawatha Auxiliaries scream and flee in terror.
  • my brain keeps imagining "LAUNCH FIGHTERS!" is followed immediately, in the same voice, by "FIND THE HALFLINGS!" image
  • Finally picked up a long-dormant Faery's Tale game with my kids. Glad I kept notes!

    Escape from the Hornet's Nest turns into a falling/flying fight sequence - the nest, torn apart by Pooka turning into an eagle inside, is plummeting to the ground, above also-falling & fighting Sprite, while Pixie dodges zillions of very angry hornets. Essence is spent, kids learn the joy of mistaken identity as a Complication, and everybody gets to work with sharing spotlight time, and not overshadowing others.
  • [Faery's Tale 1]
    Woo Faery's Tale! Sounds like the kids had a blast. Always fun times.
  • Our Nobilis AW Hack:

    Mazoud, the True King of Cats, is blessing an arabic extended family party in London with his presence and his cats, holding court in the living room. Sir Crane from afar, the lord of Winter, is there and brings the winter with him (a bit early, according to everyone else; just on time by himself). Old, the power of Love who's a really creepy person (sex unknown) arrives and starts asking the King for favours. Lilli, just a mortal, believes she's here on her own accord but is actually the anchor of Ariadne, the power of Delusions.

    Not much actually happened, because most of the session was used for character creation. But it felt like a good start!
  • Posted By: johnzoLater, the beholder comes to its senses and bellows "LAUNCH FIGHTERS!" Beholder broodswarms eject from its oversized aberrant pores, and they make the Snake Druid wish he'd just stayed home, molting...
    Wow. Ur-Quan Beholders. I'm impressed.

    Now, if they were at war with Kohr-Ah Beholders for the fate of the planet, that would make me excuse myself from the table to change my pants.

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    More good PTA in our show 900 Days, season One:

    Yulia is my guy's grandma and her issue is "The family must survive". I'm a black marketeer/loser who can't seem to connect with the only eligible young lady in our Kommunalka, nice-girl Galina, who is also being courted by Nicholai Zolatov, dashing and well-connected son of a Party stalwart. I ask for granny's help dealing with Nicholai and she agrees, but her condition - "I want that girl pregnant". No pressure, granny.

    The little kids in the Kommunalka are slowly starving to death, and a switch flips in Yulia. There's a great scene where she's preparing the body of the dude shot by the NKVD last episode, and she keeps looking at his hand, and the then smash cut to the children drinking soup with some meat in it for the first time in ages.

    And later granny's idea of "helping me deal with Nicholai" is to put a gun in my hand and order me to murder him in an abandoned building, which (cards!) I do.
  • [900 Days 1]

    A game about life in the Siege of Leningrad? I'm torn between really wanting to play this, and so very much not wanting to play it. It's a good tension.
  • Tonight's D&D 4e session was an off-night for me as DM. But this makes up for it.

    Oomami is a Half-Orc Ranger who has, over the course of 11 levels, found faith in the sun goddess, Sarenrae. He has little idea of proper religious procedures or the specifics of her teachings, but he gets by on his own intuition and sense of right and wrong.

    While discussing tactics for entering a room on the second floor of a building where they can hear footsteps:
    Me: "Okay, how do you enter the room?"
    Oomami: "A follower of Sarenrae would come in through the window. Like the sun."
  • Oh man, Chris. That one got me.
  • We're playing Monsterhearts right now!

    The Chosen kills an NPC Vampire in the Vampire's house. They're taking the body out when the Ghoul shows up. The Ghoul asks: "Are you going to eat that?"
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    Paranoia, a published adventure involving sporks and the walking dead-

    Four troubleshooters are locked in a small room with A/V equipment, tasked with creating an add campaign for sporks. The team leader is armless, a result of the happiness officer secretly polymorphing into a giant alligator and biting his arms off. Team leader is taking everything in stride, but by the time they're locked in the room he's pretty much sick of the jokes-

    Happiness officer [singing]: "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!"
    Team Leader: "..."
    Happiness officer: "Treason!"

    The team starts filming take 1 of spork commercial, BSing slogans and working in subtle anti-computer propaganda.

    Team leader, after some joke is made at his expense: "You know what? I crush my own heart into a tiny ball of flesh. I die"
    Team: "....... Is that your mutant power?"
    Leader: "Gravity manipulation."
    Team: "You should roll for that."

    I decide that yes, team leader should roll for gravity manipulation. He rolls a 19, horribly failing at the d20 roll under dice mechanic.

    Team Leader: "Shit, I just really want a new clone. One with arms."
    Me: "How do you feel about collapsing into a miniature black hole?"
    Team Leader: "Fuck yes."

    Team Leader dies spectacularly, on camera. Polymorphing Happiness officer fails horrible at an agility roll, tripping over his feet and falling headlong into the black hole. Loyalty Officer succeeds, plastering himself against the far wall. Camera holding Hygiene Officer fails agility by a hair, and watches as his arms starts to spaghettify in front of him.

    Hygiene Officer: "I activate absorption!" (mutant power)

    He rolls a 2. Hygiene Officer's entire body turns darkest black as he sucks the black hole into his body. The room has gone black, but Hygiene Officer pulsing with strange ultraviolet light. He turns the camera around and looks directly into the lens


    Loyalty officer throws up, earning a perversity point for playing his tick. They used that video raw as the spork commercial.
  • 900 days, episode 4. Some context:

    My guy, Tima, has murdered Boris Zolatov's son Nicholai, my romantic rival and a total dick. I let Boris know I can "recover his son's body from the bandits and wreckers who slew him" for two ration cards. He agrees and swears eternal vengeance. My guy laughs.

    Galina, the girl my guy just killed for, has an eager beaver 11-year-old brother, Kostya, who idolizes me. He follows me surreptitiously and gets busted by my gangster friends, who want him killed. I convince them to bring him into the gang, with the understanding that my own life is forfeit if he fucks up. OK.

    Later, I go to the NKVD and rat out my gangster buddies, pretending to be Nicholai and using his papers. I'm off scott-free! Awesome! Kostya, too!

    Many good scenes, but the best, fulfilling a "next week on" ... the NKVD (same guys I talked to) show up and accuse Kostya of Nicholai's murder. Boris stares me down and grins. I can take the rap and get executed, or I can let an 11-year-old die. My issue is "Courage", and in that moment I know Tima is a coward down to his bones. In the end Granny Yuliya takes the fall - she still has the murder weapon on her - leaving Tima in shame and Kostya confused but alive. They execute her on the Kommunalka front porch.
  • Playing my first play-by-post RPG in aaaages. Trying out the new Marvel game. I am Daredevil. I punched some guys in the face. It's fun and simple and feels like an awesome superhero game, so far.
  • Night's Black Agents, 4th Session.

    Madrid. One player who hoards resources failed a cover roll and his character met the first proper vampire, and didn't damage it enough to be able to run away. This failed cover test was their first real failure of tradecraft. It went to his hotel room, took him down and bit him but left him alive. The agent, with lover in tow, is on the way back to the safe house. They don't know the rules for my specific kind of vampires yet, so they were quite excited scared.

    In session three we tried the Thriller Chase rules, with a Russian character fleeing a dog-thing across the narrow alleys and apartment roofs of central Madrid.
  • Last game of my 4E hack.

    In order to get XP, the PCs have captured the leader of a local settlement. The PC cleric of the "Elder Elemental Eye" (not really) wants to sacrifice her for more XP, as well as the half-orc death mage they promised her to.

    Meanwhile, the fighter PC goes off hunting for her allies ("the most dangerous game") as they ran off into the mountains. He hopes to gain some XP by convincing the half-orc hunter and scarthane - allies of the death mage - to join him. They talk, he learns about their goals, and the DM learns about their goals too. The fighter randomly encounters the goblin patrol guarding their lair, which is in the hex, and negotiates with their leader for the men he's hunting. In exchange for the men the fighter agrees to close a shadow portal, where the goblin leader lost his ten wives. The DM notes that he has to detail the hex that holds the shadow portal.

    The PC cleric returns to the hex where they plan to build their own settlement. The half-orc death mage starts to raise a gravehound in order to protect him while he sleeps. He gets jumped by the PCs anyway. The cleric, aided by henchmen, attempt to subdue the death mage so she can get more XP by sacrificing him to the "Elder Elemental Eye" (not really). Deadly battle; at one point the death mage curses the cleric, and she nearly gets dragged to the abyss when he attempts to kill himself. But in the end they win.
  • My first ever DMing of D&D, this time Adventurer Conqueror King. They raid the Temple of the Colorful Newt. One henchmen is slain with a fight against three painted crocodiles and the players curse their own rashness when they realize they were on leashes (and that they hadn't instructed the henchman mage to save his sleep for later). They examine a room with an occult drawing on the floor but are very very cautious about it and decide to tear down a newly made brick wall instead. Ominous sounds. Behind is 8 prisoners chained to a wall who clamour for freedom and warn them of the spike trap in the other entry to the room. Being wary of the ominous sound they start freeing the prisoners in order of social status and post their two mercs to watch the doors behind them. The ominous sound again, like a fornlorn bagpipe. One of the mercs report it sounds close to his door. Having nothing to barricade with the burly fighter presses against the door while the cleric and mage tries to free the last prisoners but something tries to push the door open. The clerics player being read up on the D&D meta game yells for hurried evac and they leg it like hell but not before the door is pushed in the the fighter sent sprawling.

    Lucky for them the Stiltophant is so large it has to crawl on its knees and elbows to get through the doorway and the fighter survives to run past another doorway with only a 4 damage wound to remember his luck by (he had 7 hp, everyone else in the party either 1 or 3).
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    Monster of the Week, a one-shot to test some new playbooks: the team is a Luchador, an Action Scientist, and a Summoned.

    They're investigating a lot of UFO-type clues, and they spot a shape hovering in the air watching them. Of course, they do the most obvious thing:

    1. The Action Scientist starts ripping pieces out of their (stolen) truck to make a containment force field.
    2. The Summoned throws the Luchador at the flying thing.
    3. The Luchador power slams it.
    4. The Summoned follows up by hitting it with a tree.
    5. The (disappointed) Action Scientist traps the remaining fragments of the dead creature with his gadget.

    Ultimately, they did save the world, but they messed up the region they were in pretty badly: they caused earthquakes, a volcanic eruption, created a portal to Hell, and broke a huge rift in the fabric of the universe. The rift got closed afterwards, so that's something.
  • Stars Without Number.

    I put a nuke in the game. It was in the possession of a secret agent working for the Psychic Academy. The Academy needed to do a thing, and they had an asset in range to do it, so they gave him the nuke and sent him out (this is part of the Faction game the GM plays on the side). Before he could complete his mission, he died (the Faction roll was a total bust).

    Tonight, the PCs found the nuke.

    So... now they have a nuke.
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    900 Days, S1EP05. Galina's spotlight episode. End of season.

    Her issue is hope and all the "next week on" pointed to some big reveals. Her in a wedding dress. Her in a more intimate situation with Nicholai as a flashback. Well, be obvious, right? Turns out they'd been doin' it, and they were secretly married a few days before my guy put one in Nicholai's dome. Awkward.

    The whole episode focused on getting the four children of the Kommunakla out of Leningrad - on the train to Lake Ladoga and from there across the ice road to maybe-safety. Galina had scored four tickets. My guy, rat-faced loser that he is, tries to make nice with Galina (who hates him), and takes all the food and money she saved up to grease the wheels at the train station. His secret plan is to get on the train himself, possibly dressed like a little girl.

    The Party-perfect Zolatovs, who have lost both Nicholai and his dad, grab the tickets and sneak out early - Mom is going with them and they'll sell the fourth ticket. We chase them down! Galina finds them and bullies Mrs. Zolatov into relenting. Complications ensue but all four children get on the train. Then my guy Tima shows up! He's arranged to hide in the caboose, but at the last second he changes his mind and tries to get Galina to go instead - she's given up literally everything and she'll die if she stays. He loves her. It's very touching. She totally refuses Tima and rejects him. Her job is done, the kids are safe. It feels very Tolstoy.

    Then the NKVD show up for Tima. Galina holds him close and whispers, "who killed Nicholai?" Tima, honest for once, tells her that he did, and she stabs him with his own knife. The NKVD just shrug and walk away, leaving him to bleed out and her to starve.

  • Lamarckian Kobold Quest (working title) playtest.

    We had two members of a small kobold hole explore their environs in an attempt to find healing properties of mold and develop the begginings of rat-husbandry.

    The game is mostly about problem solving - getting food, building traps, making sense of things. Problem solving is *hard* when all you have to work with is twigs and mud and a pair of grubby hands. It's funny in that sad sort of way.
  • Improvised Lady Blackbird hack for Shadowrun, ran twice over the week-end.

    First run: the cyborg basically forced everyone to join his vendetta against the back-stabbing Johnson. Ended up destroying an Archology to get him, but died when the ghosts of his former team-mates all conspired to prevent his escape.

    Second run: players managed to isolate the nano-bomb they were infected with, and though they died, put it for sale. The money raised was used to pay other teams of runners to deal with the people responsible for the operation, not to mention securing proper living standards for their relatives/friends.
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